How To Tell If A Pisces Girl Doesn't Like You And What To Do

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Pisces (February 10 – March 20) is the last zodiac regularly praised for its kind, friendly and compassionate personality. Pisces girls in particular are described as sensitive. They care about other people before themselves. But those things don’t mean that they get along with everyone they meet.


How To Tell If A Pisces Girl Doesn’t Like You

Pisces girls will turn their back on you and come to dislike you when you’ve done something really horrible. Here’s how they’ll act towards you:

1. Tells You Straight Away

A Pisces girl is not afraid to tell you straight away that she doesn’t like you. She thinks that it’s better to be honest rather than leading you on. Though this may seem harsh at first, it’s actually better than pretending to like you. A Pisces girl will not want to waste her time acting as if she’s actually interested.

2. Avoids You

On other cases, a Pisces girl may avoid you instead of being truthful to how she feels. She doesn’t like you but deep down, she doesn’t really want to hurt you by admitting it. So, she will not give any chances for you to meet her. In her perspective, this will discourage you from ever wanting to contact her again. Her avoidance to confrontation and passive aggressive behavior are some of the Reasons Why are Pisces Hard to Keep.

3. Gives Short Answers

How to tell if a Pisces girl doesn't like you? For some people, receiving a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer is annoying and disrespectful. But that’s exactly what a Pisces girl is willing to do to get you off her back. No matter what questions you give her, her answer is short and cold. After all, she doesn’t like you so she feels it unnecessary to be too nice.

4. No Eye Contact

no eye contact

Eye contact is one of the best signs to know whether a person likes you or not. You see, a Pisces girl will make no eye contact to the person she dislikes. This way, the two of you won’t be able to make a meaningful connection at all. She hopes that you’ll get the message that she’s not into you.

5. Ignores You

Being ignored can be an unpleasant experience. However, a Pisces will do that to you so you’ll leave her alone. That's just one of the many Reasons Why Pisces Woman Ignores You.

So for instance, if you’re in a group of people with her, she won’t talk to you at all. She’ll find someone else that she likes and completely act as if you don’t exist. She will keep doing it again and again with no guilt. That's how to tell if a Pisces girl doesn't like you. 

6. Throws You Dirty Looks

To tell if a Pisces girl doesn’t like you, notice how she behaves around you. Ever feel like she’s staring at you as if she despises you? The dirty looks she’s throwing at you is letting you know how much she is actually sick of you. A person who likes you will never do that to you.

7. Being Mean

Pisces is a zodiac known for their gentleness. However, a Pisces girl can turn into a mean one to the person she highly dislikes. She will say the rudest things just to hurt your feelings on purpose. In fact, you may even start to dislike her. Read more on Pisces Woman Weaknesses to know the downside of this particular zodiac.

8. Let Her Anger Out On You

A Pisces girl will let her anger out on you for no reasons. She will blame you for things that you’ve never even done or get involved with. It’s as if she’s turning you into a scapegoat. If she keeps repeating this behavior, then you know for sure that she doesn’t like you.

9. Acts Withdrawn

Being open and trusting with the people you like is a natural thing to do. Once a Pisces acts completely withdrawn towards you, then you know that she just doesn’t want to deal with you. She’ll be very private of her personal life and won’t let you in.

10. Gives No Response

gives no response

Don’t be surprised when you realize that a Pisces girl is not responding to you at all. Not to your calls, messages or e-mails. This is a huge hint that you’re just not the kind of person that she wants to hang out with.

In fact, she may even go as far as to block you from everything so you can never contact her again. This attitude is perhaps one of the upsetting Reasons Why Pisces are the Most Difficult to Understand

11. Doesn’t Care About You

A Pisces girl knows that it won’t be wise to waste her time on someone that she’s not interested in. She won’t ask questions regarding your life, your health, your friends and anything else. You got a problem at your workplace? That’s not her business. She doesn’t want to know either. The main point is that she doesn’t care.

12. Pays No Attention

Try to initiate a meaningful conversation to tell if a Pisces girl doesn’t like you. If she pays no attention at all then you know the answer yourself. Instead of paying attention to what you have to say, she’ll play with her phone or things that are near her. Moreover, her eyes will be looking everywhere but you.

More Things That Show A Pisces Girl Dislikes You

Below are other telling signs that you should know right away:

  1. The Pisces girl will become more and more distant with you.
  2. She’ll make excuses not to see you or talk to you.
  3. She will lie to your face about many things because she doesn’t care.
  4. She gets irritated around you as if you’re the last person she ever wants to talk to. Learn the Ways to Make a Pisces Woman Happy with you.
  5. She slowly disappears out of your life and you’ll never see her again.

Not everything here is a reflection of a Pisces girl who doesn’t like you. They may be acting in other different ways. But still, these are the common things that you will notice about a Pisces girl who deeply dislikes you.

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