The Best Dating App for Gay Relationship

Last updated on February 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In the era of dating apps, everyone has full access on it. Whether you are straight or gay, you can find your best match through it. When it comes to choosing the best dating app for gay relationship, it can be though. You can just pick any app since you don’t want to fall into the wrong one. It’s good to have a little research. Surely there are many that you can choose in the market, but here we present the best dating app for gay relationship.

  1. Jack’d

Connect with men near to you with Jack’d. Even though the app was said to be racist since it diverse the user based on their racial origin. 30% of the users are black, 25% Asian, and 20% are Latino or mixed. Jack’d is the most diverse gay dating app with 1.2 million download and 450.000 users logging in everyday. It’s not the average hookup app you usually come across to. It divided by 50/50 for dating and hookup.

If you want to access more feature in this app, go for a premium membership. You will have access to unlimited swipes, send more photos, and enable anonymous browsing.

  1. Hornet

Claimed to be the no. 1 dating app for gays, Hornet has more than 4 million monthly active users. It doesn’t contain ads, enabling unlimited message, and provide lot of features for free users. Hornet was created for men who are looking for a serious relationship with the tagline “A community that comes together around shared experience and common interests.” Ever since the launch in 2011, Hornet has gained more than 25 million users worldwide. See also How to Get a Gay Guy to Like You over Text

  1. Scruff

Scruff is a dating app to connect gay, bi, trans, and queer guys. You can form any relationship you want from networking, dating, making friends, to no-string-attached sex. Launched in 2010, Scruff now has more than 12 million active members worldwide. One unique feature of this app is face picture is not necessary if you don’t want to put one. You can choose either your face, your body only, or nothing of you when you upload a photo.

During the account completion, your account will be categorized according to the answer given on the questions. Only those who put their face on the photo can be included in Scruff Match.

  1. Growlr

Growlr described itself as “a free and fun social networking app to help find friendship and dates within the gay community around the world or in the neighborhood”. It’s a place where gay bears gather to socialize, make new friends, or getting a date. Gay bears are the masculine gay who belong to a broad gay community. Growlr creates an environment where a bear can meet other bears in a place. See also How to Get A Gay Guy to Like You If You're A Girl

  1. Tinder

Tinder has experienced meteoric shot from the first time it was launched. It has soon become the most popular dating apps for people with any preference. Whether you are straight or gay, you are free to use Tinder. As Tinder is widely famous as a hooked up apps, it’s perfect for you to find a gay partner. Just be straight with your sexual preference and search for people who has the similar interest with you. Using Tinder is pretty much the same, whether you are straight or a gay, with 3,25 million from USA. See also How to Tell Your Mom and Family You are Transgender

While it takes only 5 minutes for registration, you need to connect to your Facebook or Google account to be able to access Hornet.


More than app, is an online community for gay and lesbian adults. It soon become a popular place to start instant chat, forums, and mail to contact each other. You can stay up to date with events and activities around you that being posted online. This site is among the first one that provide space only for gay. You can register for free, but to be able to access premium features, you need to pay for subscription. See also Signs Your Boyfriend is Gay for His Best Friend

Premium member have access to talk with staff to consult your problems with.

  1. GrindR

If you are looking for a short, casual hookups, GrindR is the right place. Recently GrindR becomes more open with users. Not only limited to gay, more girls are signing up on GrindR as well guys who look for trans. It accommodates personal preference on how would you like to refer: “he/him”, “she/her”, with multiple gender identification like “transwoman”, “non-conforming”, and “queer”. This app was made for LGBTQ and has been famous as a hookup app for them. Despite the reputation, the app doesn’t allow any nudity in profile pictures and open up for a deeper, more serious connection between users.

  1. Chappy

Another app specialized for gay, bisexual, and other curious men. If they are looking for some serious relationship with other men, more than just a short hookup, Chappy is the right place. It provides greater option that GrindR, so that you can found a perfect match. As if it can read your need immediately, Chappy provides option such as “Mr. Right” and “Mr. Right Now”, and if you are still unsure of what you’re looking for, just hit “Mr. Who Knows”. See also Signs of a Guy Being Gay

Make sure you fill your preference so that Chappy will find the best match who share the similar interest with you. This app has more than a hundred and fifty thousand active users monthly.

While searching the best dating app for gay relationship, read about the features they provide carefully and make sure you choose one that match your need. Once again, be a smart user that always stay alert and careful with everyone you meet there. Wishing you the best of luck.

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