17 Things A Libra Man Looks For In A Woman

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Do you have the hots for a Libra man?

Are you wondering what you can do to impress him and make him want to be with you? 

The good news is: there are plenty of behaviors that women can do to drive a Libra man wild, and I’ve listed them in the guide below. 

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However, if you’re only interested in Libra-specific tips, scroll down for my list of 17 things you can do to drive a Libra crazy with desire.


What A Libra Man Looks For In A Woman

1. Compassion

Libra men tend to be on the sensitive side; this can be a good or bad thing, but they know that they need someone who will be able to understand this about them. For this reason, Libra men search for compassionate women who have loving, warm hearts. 

If you are looking to win the heart of a Libra and don’t know if you are compassionate or not, consider volunteering some time with a local charity or do something nice for a stranger for no reason at all. After that, ask yourself how that made you feel. If you had a positive experience, you probably have a huge heart that will welcome the love of him!

2. Fashionable


Another trait of a Libra man is his style; he loves to look sharp wherever he’s going in life. He wants his wardrobe to match and looks for a woman who thinks the same way. This woman cares about her looks and how she appears to other people. She makes sure she looks hot for her man!

3. Fun-Loving

Libra men tend to be very charming and flirtatious; they need women who are able to have a good time, be playful, and flirt right back. Libras express their love through their charming, charismatic traits that make them the men of our dreams! We just have to have a fun-loving nature to appreciate this about them!

4. Trustworthy

Libra men are incredibly honest and expect the same in the women they choose to date. It’s important that you are open and honest about who you are; otherwise, successful relationships with Libras will be near impossible. If you aren’t truthful with them and they find out, you will forever destroy the love you thought you had with them. Be true to yourself!

5. Patience

One of the more notorious traits of a Libra is his indecisive nature. He has trouble making up his mind at times; other times, he just likes to take his time when making decisions. Because of these things, it’s crucial that the woman he chooses to be with be patient and not rush him when he’s making up his mind. She needs to be easy-going.

6. Appreciative

A Libra man tends to think a lot, often getting lost in his thoughts. He’s just really reflective; there’s nothing wrong with that, but the woman he ends up with should appreciate this trait in him. She needs to understand his nature and be a woman of great patience. Give him the time he needs to think things through. 

7. Confident


A Libra man is quite attentive and tends to be an excellent listener. Being a good listener means he pays attention to detail and knows what a woman is trying to say. He provides feedback and asks follow-up questions to everything that’s been said; a Libra may even hang on a woman’s every word. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this man?

However, to truly appreciate this trait in him, you must know what you want to say and the point you are trying to make. In other words, be confident when you talk. Know what you need and want in a conversation. Confidence can lead to great relationships, even if they aren’t with Libra men, so know what you are trying to communicate proudly.

8. Romantic

You may already know this about a Libra man, but he tends to be extra romantic. Even though this is a highly desirable trait, not every woman appreciates it. If you are a woman hoping to be with a Libra, you should enjoy being romanced. Be creative with your appreciation. Send a thank-you note, give him a hug, or kiss him on the cheek!

If you love Libra men because of this trait, you should also know how to enjoy being romantic. Even though this is one of those zodiac signs that won’t expect you to show gratitude, it’s still a nice thing to do in life. If someone does something nice for you, indicate your interest by responding in a thoughtful way.

9. Open-Minded

Libras tend to think about things and ask a lot of questions. They are curious creatures who love to figure out how things work or why things were done in the way they were. To appreciate this quality in a man, the woman he ends up with should be very open-minded and able to carry on an intellectual conversation with ease. 

10. A Good Listener

Because a Libra man is often talkative, it’s a good idea for the woman he is with to be a good listener. It makes for a well-balanced form of communication. Indicate your interest in what your man has to say by summarizing what he had to say and asking follow-up questions. Positive communication is a great sign of love in a relationship!

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11. Accepting

Libras are all about fairness. That means if there is only one piece of pie left, he’ll probably say you should split it with him. To win his heart, you just need to have a soft, accepting heart and be willing to give in from time to time. 

If you think it’s fair, go along with it; if not, explain your side of things, but also think about whether the argument is worth the trouble or not. Is that piece of pie really all that important to you?

12. Enjoys Quality Time Together

enjoys quality time together

Libras are also very intimate creatures; they just love spending quality alone time with the woman they love. This type of intimacy is a sign you have truly won the heart of the man you were after. Enjoying each other’s company intimately in a meaningful way can mean the difference between a happy ending or the end of a great romance. 

13. Self-Awareness

As mentioned earlier, Libras like to know the reason for everything. They want to understand things fully. Because of this, the woman they choose to be with needs to know why she does what she chooses to do. Why does this woman enjoy folding socks rather than rolling them in a ball? You never know what kind of question he may ask!

14. Sweet

Libra men are polite and have manners. A Libra man wants to be with a woman who knows her manners and can act classy. He doesn’t want to be with a woman who will tear him down, curse him out, or not appreciate the wonderful things he does for her. If you want to be the woman for him, show your sweetness and kind nature!

15. Soft-Spoken

Of course, a woman is welcome to speak her mind whenever she wishes, but a Libra does tend to be charismatic at parties and social functions, which means the woman needs to be able to be soft-spoken at times, allowing him to have the floor. All a woman really needs to do is to allow her Libra man to talk freely without interruption at times.

16. A Sense Of Humor

a sense of humor

A good Libra probably tries to make you smile and laugh quite a bit. He just enjoys seeing you happy! Make sure you have a sense of humor and can go along with it, even if it is a dumb joke that you don’t think is that funny. It’s good to compromise on stuff like this every now and then. It’s smart to pick your battles and all that, right?

17. Agreeable

Libras are not very confrontational people. They enjoy getting along and having a good time, not debating over every little detail. It’s a good idea if you are an argumentative person to tone that down when you are around your Libra man. You don’t want to constantly fight or argue over the little stuff in life, do you? It’s really not worth it.


How do you know if a Libra man really likes you?

Luckily, it’s not too hard to determine if a Libra man likes you; he will let you know in an obvious way. Often a Libra will pursue you persistently if he wants to be with you. You just won’t have to do much work if he’s very interested. Good news!

What does a Libra look for in a relationship?

A Libra man is very loyal and attentive when in a relationship. He wants to see the relationship work, so you can bet he will put in a lot of effort. It’s up to you to meet that effort and have a successful relationship with him! 

What are Libras so attractive?

Libra zodiac signs are very well-rounded; they just have a lot to offer. From their sensitive, beautiful nature to their excellent listening skills, why would you not want to be with a Libra? Watch out for the silent treatment, though; that can mean he’s unhappy.

How do you know if a Libra man misses you?

Libra men are persistent, so if he still wants to be with you after everything, he will show it by making contact with you. If you were having problems, he might call you up with solutions to what he thinks your relationship needs to get back on track. 

How do you know when a Libra man is losing interest?

He may become distant and back off. These aren’t the best signals to receive from this zodiac sign. He may spend more time in other areas of his life and spend less time with you. Either way, make sure you put forth the effort to understand what’s going on.

To Sum Things Up…

How have you worked to win over the heart of a Libra? What tips can you share with the readers? We’d love to hear from you. Please comment, and share this post!

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