Scientific Reasons Why Does Being in Love Make You Lose Weight

Last updated on August 13, 2022 by Michelle Devani

While people say that falling in love can make you gain weight faster, some have it the other way around. At the beginning of a relationship, someone might gain some weight since you dine out more than usual. But over time you will find out that you actually lose some weight.

Several researched have proven why does being in love make you lose weight. It is related a lot to hormones and the change in your mindset. Here are the scientific explanation regarding that matter.

  1. You Become Happier When in a Relationship

When you are in love or starting a new relationship, you must be happier than before. This happiness brings a lot of change to your body. It produces more serotonin that usual. Serotonin is highly associated with happiness and somehow makes you eventually lose your weight. Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

  1. Love Boosts Your Mood Fast

When you are happy, nothing hardly brings your mood fast. In fact, your mood boosts numerous time. Preliminary research shows that a mood boost has a lot to do with your newly found partner. You become at ease and always in a good mood if you’re click well with them.

  1. The Sex Diet

This is it. Many people experienced lose weight when being in love and dating because they do or get affected by the sex diet. Making love did burn calories and reduces certain amount of fat. Even though only 3.1 calories per minute, you calculate the amount with your sex intensity. Also read Why Your Boyfriend Doesn’t Want To Sleep With You

  1. You Want to Look Better in front of Them

Everyone who is in love want to look pretty and handsome in front of their lover. You will never be satisfied with the way you look and you want to look better. You start to take a better care of yourself and want to lose weight to shape your body.

  1. Your Body Releases Certain Hormones

Another reason why does being in love make you lose weight is the hormones your body produces. It has been mentioned that your body releases more serotonin when you fall in love and it is connected to lose weight. As the serotonin levels soar, your brain gives signal to the cells to turn your body fat into fuel. Next, all the fat was burned while you are moving. Also read Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World

  1. Love Suppresses Your Appetite

Do you ever feel like you always full all the time when you like someone? Yes, it can happen. Love can suppresses your appetite somehow because you feel enough just by looking at your partner and being happy in a relationship. It’s a perfectly normal process for someone who is falling in love.

  1. You Tend to Turn Down Desserts

It’s impossible to eat a lot when you are eating with your partner. Research shows that the power of love helps you to turn down desserts when you eat. The oxytocin hormones makes you eat less and help you lose your fat faster. Also read How to Impress a Cancer Man on the First Date

  1. You Have Something Else to Think About

Especially at the beginning of a relationship, everything seems wonderful and you become stress-free. All these happy feeling builds happiness inside you. Your focus is only to your partner and your relationship. There are many hopes and expectation so you hardly ever think, “What to eat next?”

It’s clearly different with someone who is not in love. Their emptiness makes them want to kill the time by eating something, waiting for the time to have lunch and dinner while thinking what they are going to eat.

  1. You Try to Meet the Expectation of Your Partner

Not everyone explicitly say what they expect from their partner. When your partner is mutually falling in love with you, they will never stop praising how perfect you are for them. It’s a praise but at the same time you bear it in your mind. You unconsciously want to make yourself look perfect all the time that you won’t let any single fat added to your body.

You want to be perfect—just like they said. Even when they don’t actually want you to lose weight, you do it to meet their expectation.

  1. You Wish for a Positive Feedback

This point is related with the previous. When you hear your partner praise you for becoming perfect for the first time, you want to hear it again next time. As you wish for a positive feedback, you have to meet the expectation first.

Not only from your partner, but you also want feedback from everyone around you too. This often happen when they want to introduce you to their family and friends.

  1. You are Affected by Their Habits

Being in love and in a relationship means a lot of compromises and adjustments. You don’t always fall in love with someone who has similar hobbies and favoritism. You and your partner can be magnet who attract the opposites. Say that you’re someone who didn’t care much about workout and eating healthy.

If someday you date someone like that, you will follow their habits. Since it’s impossible for them to follow yours, so you have no choice left. This new habit makes you lose weight, but it’s good for you!

There are many more reasons why dose being in love make you lose weight. The most important thing is to keep your body healthy. You don’t have to lose all the weight to make yourself look perfect. Remember that if your partner loves you for the way you are, they will never make you to change anything but for your own good.

Don’t be stressed, just enjoy the process.

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