How to Tell Your Parents You Want an iPhone - Convince Them with These Reasons!

Last updated on April 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You’ve been dreaming about owning an iPhone. But you’re not sure how to buy it on your own. You still need your parents help.

Check out these tips on how to tell your parents you want an iPhone right away:

1. Complain about Your Old Phone

Complain about your old phone in a smart way. Being too whiny might upset them. You won’t get an iPhone.

So say things such as, “This phone takes so long to charge” or “Sorry, I can’t read your messages because my phone lags”.

2. Say All Your Friends Have Them

Say that all your friends have them. You want one too.

It makes you sad that you’re not using an iPhone like others. Here's also How to Make a Guy Fall in Love with You Over The Phone that you might be handy.

3. Show Them What You Want

Do you have a particular type of iPhone that you want to have? Show it to them.

Tell them how cool it looks and that it’s a great investment. By being specific about what you want, they will think that you’re serious about it.

4. Talk about It Often

Talk about iPhone at dinner. While doing chores. When you’re watching TV with your parents.

Make it seems as if you’re obsessed with it. They might give in and buy you an iPhone.

5. Drop Hints

Here’s also how to tell your parents you want an iPhone. Just drop hints. If they have an iPhone, tell them how nice it is.

If a commercial on iPhone comes up, be enthusiastic and wish for it out loud. Dropping hints also work for How to Tell Your Christian Parents You’re Bisexual.

6. Get a Part-Time Job

If possible, get a part-time job. This is a subtle way to tell them that you’re also taking part of paying for the phone. Your parents will be proud and they won’t have a problem buying you one.

7. Send Them Pictures of Iphones

Don’t forget to send them pictures of iPhone. It’s a constant reminder that you really want an iPhone. Persists and they’ll eventually buy you one.

8. Keep Them Updated with the Features

You can also update them with the newest iPhone features. Tell them how it’s going to help make your life easier. It’s also a great way to keep up with technology.

9. Have an Amazing Report Card

Nothing makes a parents happier than an amazing report card. Study hard and really work for your grades.

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They might reward you with an iPhone for all your effort. Your report card is also your best weapon on How to Tell Your Parents That You Cracked Your Phone.

10. Save Up

If your only source of money is allowance, save up! Resist the temptation of buying other things. Soon enough, you’ll stack up those money and own an iPhone.

Reasons You Can Give to Convince Them

What’s the best way on how to tell your parents you want an iPhone? Convince them with these reasons:

1. iPhone Lasts Longer

An iPhone is not cheap. But it’s worth the price. The customer service is outstanding and the phone will last for a very, very long time.

2. Keeping Up with Trends

You want to keep up with the trends. If you don’t, then you’re going to get left out by your friends. It’s important to have an iPhone for your social life.

3. You’re Responsible

You’re a responsible kid who can take care of an expensive thing. You’ll make sure that you’re going to take good care of your iPhone.

After owning it, you won’t bother your parents ever again. Responsibility also plays a big part on How to Tell Your Parents You Used Their Credit Card.

4. You Want to Use the Learning Apps

Your iPhone will help you in school. There are endless learning apps that are available on the iPhone. With those apps, you’ll be able to ace all your exams for sure.

5. They Can Track You

There’s also the tracking feature on the iPhone. Your parents can know where you are which will make them worry less. It’s a great feature so they have to say yes.

6. Support Your Hobby

Is taking pictures your hobby? Tell your parents that an iPhone takes way better pictures than other phones.

You'll be able to upload quality shots on Instagram. With your impressive feed, you'll improve on How to Make Someone Famous Notice You on Instagram.

So those are the different ways how to tell your parents you want an iPhone. Work hard and be in your best behavior to earn your dream phone.

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