Things You Must Know Before You Marry A Pastor - All The Hidden Facts

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From a religious point of view, marriage is a sacred thing. You are tying the knots not only with human, but also committing to God. It' all the same no matter to whom you are married and what does he do. For sure, things get more religious if you are going to get married with a pastor.

Pastor occupation alone is incredible, not to mention becoming his wife. Just like everyone else, he has certain standards which he expects his wife to be able to meet. It's why there are many things you must know before you marry a pastor.

Someone's job, culture, and family background affect his way of thinking and living so much. It's the reason why people have different expectations even in the marriage. When someone is unable to meet the other's expectation, there come problem.


Here Are Every Little Things You Must Know Before You Marry A Pastor

1. It Will Be A Terrific Adventure

You will be going into a terrific adventure when you marry a pastor. Good and bad things walk side by side with you. First, everyone only think of good on a pastor. Who will ever thought pastor is a bad person? His positive image affects you positively as well.

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But you will be surrounded by devil who whispers all the bad things to you, triggering you to commit some wrongdoings at times. You have to resist the will for the rest of your life because of two things: you don't want to hurt your husband's image and you are aware that God is watching you all the time.

2. He Serves God, Not The Church

he serve god not the church

Before marrying a pastor, you might not worry about financial problems since church is a place with a lot of money. One thing you must understand is, it is God who he serves not the church. He will never spend church money on you since it's forbidden No matter how many congregation he supervised, he doesn't own the church money. Your household financial situation is pretty challenging in the future.

3. He Will Be Surrounded By Number Of Women

As a pastor's wife, you shouldn't be jealous. Fat chance of him cheating on you since it's forbidden by the religion. However, he will always be surrounded with many woman who he supervises. He should entertain all these ladies, showing them the light when they lost, and console them when they sad. Understand that it's a part of his work and it just doesn't make sense if you're jealous out of that. 

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4. It Requires A Big Heart

Your husband has a image to maintain so you have to do all things necessary to keep his reputation good. To be able to do so, you must have a big heart that enough to accommodate everything may coming on your way.

5. Get Ready To Be Lonely

Pastor's work is more than you can ever imagine. His overloaded work often makes him busy that he has to travel a lot. This will be happen not once or twice, you you better prepare yourself to be lonely and sleeping alone without him. 

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6. Don't Expect Overflowing Romance

don't expect overflowing romance

Here come another thing you must know before you marry a pastor. If you wish to have number of romantic moment with him, you better wash it off now. He would have to do many worshiping action which needs the limitation of romance. In religious view, romance is a worldly thing that might distract your devotion to God.

7. Everyone Else Expect You To Be Perfect...

It is sad to say but, yes, everyone wishes you to be as perfect as your husband. Thus, your every move will be watched and you will be judged by the society. You have to appear with good image all the time and, just like how society is, they don't tolerate any single flaw. 

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8. ... While He Doesn't

Thankfully your husband never demand you to. It lowers your stress level, knowing he has your back. You don't have to be reserved. Instead, you can speak up for yourself and set a good example to others. As the wife of a pastor, people look up at you for inspiration.

9. Have A Blessed Friendship

If you feel like things are already hard, find a mentor or experienced person in this. You may ask your husband-to-be's colleague's wife, asking her to share her real experience so you can get a little glimpse of your future. Learn to trust her so you can always lean on her and running to her to discuss about your problems. 

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10. Be His Biggest Supporter

be his biggest supporter

Even though his work is very exhausting, he is unable to show any of the sign in front of his congregation or the church. Once he gets home, encourage him to show his humane side to you. Let him know that you are always there no matter what and that you will always be supportive of him.

11. Leave The Expectation To God

Expectation is the worst danger for every relationship. It cause disappointment, separation, and resent to our partner. Avoid having expectation to your husband to prevent it. Leave everything to Go and let Him take care of it. As a pastor's wife, you should believe in Him too, right? 

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12. Prepare Yourself To Move Out Of the Comfort Zone

Strongly related with the first point, marrying a pastor will bring you to a whole new experience you never know before. You can only enjoy the ride if you are willing to move out of your comfort zone. Take the challenge and let your life brings you to unexpected places.

Everybody knows pastor is a noble job. Serving God and letting go of worldly life is not something everyone can easily do. Despite all the many things you must know before you marry a pastor, you have to be grateful to meet such a wonderful person with a beautiful soul.

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