Difficulties and Other Things to Know Before Marrying a Foreigner

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Love overcome many differences, get rid of distance and culture. Now that we live in the internet and social media age, international marriage become a common thing. People doesn't put much consideration while marrying a foreigner, saying that love is all matters. All they want is to live happily ever after.

But interracial and intercultural marriage is not as easy at it seems. There many things to know before marrying a foreigner. At first everything seems new and exciting. As the time passed by, things feel hard since your life completely change in all aspects.

Before getting married, make sure you have gone through all the possible differences that may arise as problems someday. Make your marriage is the best adventure ever in your life.

1. Wedding Cost

Wedding is the door of marriage life. While getting married within the same country is already expensive, you can imagine how much an international marriage would cost. You must be getting married in either yours or their country. First you have to think about the accommodation for the attending family. It will add up the bill for your wedding. See also Reasons Why You Should Not Marry a Foreigner

Consider how would you have it and where. Make sure it's convenience for both of you and your family. And the most important thing is, the wedding worth it.

2. Communication Barrier

Communication is more than language. As you know people use all sorts of things to communicate. You might have mastered each other's language, but there are other communication customs you won't understand. You may have feel left out when their family addresses each other using body language, having a lone judgement that they may badmouthing you when they are not.

3. Cultural Differences

Let's say that you fall in love to your partner for who they are, not because where they come from. But cultural differences is nothing to be ignored. Culture plays a big part in someone's personality, that is why people from different cultures behave and react differently.See also Unspoken Dating Culture in US

For example is the difference between West and East culture about family involvement in marriage. In Western culture, people can make decision to get married on their own. They will notify their family later. Only notification. Whereas in Eastern culture, family takes an important role in marriage, where they should be involved from the very beginning. Asking for a family's permission is a common thing in the East.

4. Family Visitation

Another things to know before marrying a foreigner is that you have to get ready to live separately from your family. Family visit will soon become a privilege. Not only it costs much money for a one time visit, but the time needed is a big consideration. If you are living in the other part of the world that takes half a day flight, you can't see your family that often.

5. Language Differences

Communication is the most important thing to keep the relationship going. The first and biggest barrier for an international couple is language differences. You can't always depend on Google Translate to speak to your partner. Even if he's okay with that, their family probably find it unacceptable. It's weird to have your phone translates anything you'd say. There might be some error that cause misunderstanding between you and your in-laws.

6. Current Job

So you have found a fix job with comfortable payment in your country. One day you fell in love with someone from another country. No need to say, love wins. Turned out he can't stay any longer and he should be going back to his country, which is far away. If you want to marry them you have to move to their country and leaves your current job Think about the marriage really worth it. Are they a really good person so that you won't regret leaving your country later?

7. Local Food

Food is important. Don't ever think that food is less to consider that culture or language. In fact, some people don't like to eat foreign food. For once when they are on vacation, maybe, but not everyday. They will miss their country's food. Food has a lot to do with your daily expense. If you must cook or buy two different kind of food, it costs more. See also Advantages and Disadvantages of International Marriage

8. "Home Court Advantage"

Living in your own country is always easier. So does your partner. While it's easier for you to find job, meet your family and friends any time, handling problems, and many more. The same thing goes for your partner. They will find it much more easier to live in their own country. Reality is, one of you will always have the "home court advantage". Acknowledge the fact so that you can always change the relationship course depending on where you are.

9. Raising the Children

As if things are not enough yet, another problem may arise once you have a child. As you were raised differently according to your culture, you considered yours as the better way. Raising children cause many problems when you are your partner hasn't come into any agreement on the most idealistic way how to raise them. See also 15Difference Between British and American Guys

10. Compromising to Each Other

When you are married, you will have many disagreement with you partner. Willing to compromise is the best way to overcome it. Set a similar value and goals in life, share the same ideas and ethics so that you know both of you are heading toward the same direction in life.

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11. Nationality Issues

Last but not least is the nationality issues. Converting nationality requires time and cost. If neither of you are converting, you have to pay for a visa. This issue should be taken into account too.

There are indeed many things to know before marrying a foreigner. But it shouldn't change your love to your partner. Difference exist to be overcame, not to be avoid. Getting married with a foreigner provide a new adventure for you. Many things to learn but many things to consider as well.

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