This Is How To Deal With Brother’s Annoying Girlfriend

Last updated on April 5, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Is your brother’s girlfriend annoying? He may not think so but you certainly do. There could be a particular reason, multiple even. But the main thing is that you find her annoying. So get to know how to deal with brother’s annoying girlfriend in these numerous ways.


1. Keep It To Yourself

Sometimes you just have to keep your opinion to yourself. Think about it this way, your brother is the one who is in a relationship with her. Yes, she’s annoying but she makes your brother happy. However, in case things don’t end well for them, still stay quiet about it.

It could be an opportunity for your brother to learn something from it. The best thing you can do is be supportive. Here's an additional information on what to do when you don't like your brother's girlfriend.

2. Avoid Long Conversations

When his girlfriend talks to you, avoid long conversations. Go straight ahead to the point of her questions. You don’t need to ask her anything back. Small talks are fine but keep it short. This will let her know that you’re approachable but don’t want to be bothered. It will discourage her from interacting too much from you. Thus, less annoyance which is a win!

3. Make Your Life Private From Her

make your life private from her

What you can do to deal with brother’s annoying girlfriend is make your life private from her. Sharing a huge part of your life will not be good. She may want to get involved and become more annoying. When she asks you questions, just tell her that they are too personal.

4. Watch Your Body Language

It’s not just words that you have to pay attention to, your body language also matters. As to not cause drama or conflicts, be aware of the way you are acting around her. Don’t roll your eyes, shrug your shoulders or anything else that might be offensive. Your brother's girlfriend may take those as signs a family member doesn't like you. She could make a big deal out of it. You wouldn’t want that to happen.

5. Learn To Control Your Emotions

Learning to control your emotions will help too. Dealing with an annoying person can be irritating. It may also cause other emotions such as anger or resentment. Based on Psychology, controlling your emotions will help you get through a difficult situation. You avoid anger outburst which could make your situation more complicated.

6. Remind Yourself To Be Nice

To deal with brother’s annoying girlfriend, remind yourself to be nice. You don’t want to be seen as the ‘evil’ member of the family. Other than that, being civil will give you an advantage when things go bad. This won’t be an easy task, especially if she’s really annoying. But remind yourself that you are being nice for the sake of your brother. On the other hand, here are things to do when your family doesn't like your boyfriend for no reason

7. Talk To A Friend About It

Let out all those pent up emotions. You can always talk to a friend about your brother’s annoying girlfriend. It's also how to feel less lonely when you're single and have no one who seems to care.

Experts say that having someone to talk to will help you deal with a situation in a more positive way. You shouldn’t let yourself handle this alone. However, make sure that your friend won’t spill the information to someone else. You want a talk that can give you relief, not a gossip that could fall on the wrong ear.

8. Annoy Her Back

When you’re running out of ideas on how to deal with brother’s annoying girlfriend, simply annoy her back. Give her a taste of her own medicine. But remember not to take it too far. Annoy her enough to make her zip her mouth and limit her interactions with you.

9. Call Her Out

This is a great option for those of you who want to be blunt. Just call her out on it. Say that she’s annoying to her face. Don’t be nasty though. Once you do this, you won’t really have to pretend to be nice to her. The two of you can also understand that you are not looking forward to playing all nice with her. In fact, it may push her to change her annoying behavior.

10. Admit It To Your Brother

admit it to your brother

What you can also do is admit it to your brother. No need to lie. He probably knows it already. This may or may not ruin your relationship with your brother. However it may go, at least you try to be honest. It’s better than saying fake things about his girlfriend. You will also give your brother the chance to understand why you behave a certain way towards his girlfriend. 

11. Let Her Win

Sometimes you just need to let your brother’s girlfriend win. It could be about a trivial thing but taking a step back will give you peace. She might start to irritate you further when things become too competitive or they just don’t go her way.

12. Think About Something Else

Whenever she talks to you or close to you, think about something else. Something that makes you happy. It could be something that you’re looking forward. Zone out to your happy place. You don’t have to mind your brother’s girlfriend. What you need to do is block her negative vibe out of your mind.

13. Make Excuses To Stay Away From Her

The last thing that you can do to deal with brother’s annoying girlfriend is making excuses. Got invited to her party? Say you’re busy with work. Got asked to eat lunch with her? Say you already made very important plans. Use other excuses from how to tell a friend you don't want to hang out with them anymore to help you. Making excuses may seem rude and mean. But desperate time calls for desperate measure. In case she becomes super annoying, just stay away from her.

Hopefully, you are able to deal with her using all these tips. Once you find a way that works best for you, you will be able to avoid her annoying personality easier.

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