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Aquarius man has water element which is cold. When you are currently close to an Aquarius guy and notice that he has a crush on you, keep reading this article to an end.

Just like his element, an Aquarius water shows different signal right away. This water guy element usually shows a communication form which shows his true inner self. He loves to communicate, and when he puts interest on you, you can talk about everything with him.

He will listen and give well respond. Aquarius man is able to speak well and will use this ability to attract you, he will use excellent words which make you admire his knowledge. His great ability to communicate with others make him appear as friendly, attentive, easily showing respect, giving compliment and flirt with beautiful words easily.

However, this Aquarius man habit might make you confuse as he can communicate and use excellent words choice to everybody. To know more about this, here are 7 signals and what to expect when you surely notice that an Aquarius man has a crush on you.

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1. The Commitment-Phobic

the commitment-phobic

According to horoscope reading, Aquarius man has big problem of being committed to someone. It is very hard for him to be committed with his lover in a relationship because he can quickly look out for new faces once he gets bored or loses his interest.

Although it is not always the case for all Aquarius man, but most women who are close to Aquarius man will be forever in a roller – coaster ride which experience thrilling adventures, huge social circle, up and down emotion.

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It is not only about how quick he might lose his interest in you, but his mood swings also play a role. That is why, he is called the commitment – phobic. However, once you really can take his down and win his heart completely, he will be the right guy for you. He will be a loyal, supportive and faithful partner in a relationship.

2. Might Never Hear “I Love You”

Aquarius man might communicate easily and even flirt with you with beautiful words. But he can’t express his deepest feeling to you easily. That is why you might never hear a love cupid word such as “I love you” from him. Instead he will express in different way such as taking you to a trip or spend more time with you.

3. Will Talk And Spend More Time With You

It is normal for a guy to spend more time with a girl he has a crush with, it is no exception with Aquarius man. Aquarius guy will spend more time with you mostly by talk about everything with you.

It is even easier for Aquarius to do it as he is very good at communicating his feeling. He will present an intellectual talk, fun and witty humor and information which will make your day brighter. With him, you will never get bored to talk with, especially when you secretly has a crush on him to. That is because he will talk to you almost about anything.

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4. Will Plan Fun And Adventurous Trip With You

will plan fun and adventurous trip with you

An Aquarius guy is a fun (close) friend. Although he is good at communicating, he seems not good at expressing his feeling through ‘cupid’ words like ‘I love you’.

He might also not take you to a romantic movie or candlelit dinner to propose his love, but he will take you to a fun and adventurous trip which will be hard for you to forget. For him, being in love with you means having fun with you. An Aquarius man can be your best friend and lover at the same time but without drama added.

5. Will Show His Vulnerable Side

Aquarius man might always seem strong and happy whenever he is around other people. But once he show his interest in you or even fall in love with you, he will show his vulnerable side too, to show you that he is a normal human too.

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6. Will Open Up His Thoughts To You

Aquarius man might be a good friend to talk to. He will listen and give good advice and opinion as a feedback. However, if he has a crush on you he will not only listen to your story and problems you own, but he will open up to you as well. He will start sharing, even to his deepest thought.

This is not easy to do by an Aquarius man or he might never have done it before. If both of you are really close, and even already in a relationship, he will not hesitate to cry in front of you to show his truest feeling. Once Aquarius guy shows this side, it is not a doubt that he is really in love with you.

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