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80 Sweet Things to Say to Your Older Brother on His Birthday

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Older brothers are a source of security and fun. They are the ones who teach us how to be adventurous and still keep our responsibility. They are the ones who teach us our best memories. In their birthday we surely have to make him happy.


The things to say to someone on their birthday should be uplifting and encouraging. The same thing goes to your brother’s birthday. So here are the best things to say to your older brother on his birthday:

  1. Happy Birthday Big Bro
  2. May You Lead A Life Of Endless Adventure
  3. I Wish You All The Best In The World
  4. Thankyou For Being My Biggest Inspiration
  5. I Wish You Health And Good Love In Your Life
  6. This Means It’s Another Year Of Explorations
  7. Happy Birthday To The Best Older Brother In The World
  8. In This Birthday I Would Like To Tell You That You Have Been An Amazing Inspiration To Me
  9. This Is Another Year Of Greatness For You
  10. God Blessed You With More Time To Create And Love More
  11. Happy Birthday To My Favorite Brother In The Whole Wide World
  12. Happy Birthday, Keep Being The Person I Look Up To
  13. This Is Another Year For Growing
  14. Forget The Past, Focus On Your Bright Future
  15. Keep Being The Strong Person I Know You Are
  16. Happy Birthday To My Favorite Person In The Whole Wide World
  17. Know That I Will Always Be Here For You
  18. Let’s Use This Day To Celebrate You
  19. Let’s Use This Day To Party
  20. Happy Birthday To The Person That Have Continually Shown Me The Signs That a Man Loves You Unconditionally
  21. I Want To Use This Day To Remind You Why You Matter
  22. I Want To Use This Day To Remind You Of How Great You Are
  23. Years Ago, I Had A Best Friend That Have Been My Biggest Inspiration. Now That Person Is Having A Birthday
  24. It Is Important To Commomerate How Great You Are Today
  25. This Gift Is So Little Compared To My Love For You
  26. I Am Grateful For Your Presence In My Life
  27. Let’s Dedicate This Day To Remember How Amazing You Are As A Person
  28. Life Have Thrown You So Many Different Things. This Day Is A Reminder That You Are Strong And Powerful.
  29. Happy Birthday To My Most Loyal Best Friend
  30. Thank You For My Great Childhood Adventures, Big Brother
  31. Thank You For Protecting Me And Taking Care Of Me
  32. Big Brother, Your Love Have Never Shown The Signs of Conditional Love And I Am Still Amazed By That
  33. Happy Birthday To The One Who Teach Me How To Love Unconditionally
  34. In This Day I Intend To Give Back The Joy You Have Given Me Throughout My Life
  35. No One Is More Proud Of You Than I Am
  36. You Are The Best Brother Anyone Can Ask For
  37. I Am Grateful For Your Knowledge
  38. May Your Life Be Filled With More Compassion
  39. I Am So Amazed By How Good You Are In Being My Sibling
  40. You Have Thaught Me A Lot Of Things That Have Shaped Who I Am Today 
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  41. I Owe You A Lot Because You Gave Me Happiness And Love
  42. You Have Been My Loveliest Big Brother
  43. I Wish That All Of Your Dreams To Come True Because You Deserve It
  44. You Have Been Working So Hard To Protect Me And Nurture Me And I Couldn’t Be More Grateful
  45. I Appreciate You So Much
  46. I Cerish You So Much
  47. I Want To Show You  Ways to Say I Love You without Saying I Love You
  48. Don’t Count The Candles Or The Gifts, Count All The Happy Memories That You Have In Your Life Until Right Now And Know That There Will Be Many More To Come
  49. Your Courage And Persistence Inspire Me
  50. Your Love And Nurturing Nature Makes Me Feel Warm
  51. I Can’t Count How Many Good Memories With You. All I Can Do Is Promise You That We Will Make New Ones
  52. I Am Grateful For Your Candor
  53. May Your Life Be Filled With More Gratitude
  54. Never Have I Ever Met Someone So Awesome In Being A Sibling
  55. You Have Always Found The Way To Cheer Me Up Even In the Roughest Day.You Have Always Known Things to Say to Help Someone Who Is Stressed Out Though I Do Not Have The Gift To Find The Perfect Words, All I Want To Say Is I Cerish You Because Of That. Happy Birthday Dear Big Brother!
  56. You Are Cerished By So Many People And Now They Are Here To Celebrate You, Happy Birthday
  57. God Have Given Me The Best Gift In My Lifetime Which Is Having You As A Big Brother
  58. You Are Strong, Brave, And More. Cheers To My Perfect Big Brother!
  59. I Want You To Know That There Is No Day When I Am Not Grateful For You
  60. I Wouldn’t Trade A Day With You For Anything Else 
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  61. I Never Have The Choice On Who I Could Pick If I Can Pick A Sibling, But I Will Definitely Choose You All Over Again
  62. Never Have I Ever Met Someone So Great
  63. I Want To Thank You For All The Sacrifices You Have Done For Me
  64. The Times You Made Me Smile And Laugh Is Endless Which Is Why I Cerish You So Much
  65. Never Have I Ever Met Someone So Brave
  66. May Your Life Be Filled With More Love
  67. I Am Grateful For Your Kindness
  68. I Am Proud To Call You My Brother, Both Today And Every Other Day
  69. I Would Do Anything For You Big Brother
  70. The Reason Why I Am the Way I Am Is You

The things to say to your older brother on his birthday is endless. That is why we have compiled some of the sweetest words possible to say to your big brother. Say it to him sincerely and he will have the ebst birthday so far.

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