This Is What To Do When He Takes You For Granted And Nagging Doesn't Work

Last updated on July 9, 2024 by Michelle Devani

You should never be in a relationship where you are taken for granted. In this kind of relationship, even if you already know your value and you have a sky high confidence, having someone doubting you can decrease all that self love.

But maybe, you don’t want to ditch the relationship and you still want to fight for the relationship. What you need to do is to tell him to wake up and realize your worth.

Well, here are what to do when he takes you for granted and nagging doesn't work:


1. Take Some Time For Yourself To Ponder Things

take some time for yourself to ponder things

Once you realize that he has been taking you for granted, have some time for yourself to regroup your thoughts and go into the relationship with a clear mind.

2. Ask For The Support Of Friends Or Close Person To Back You Up

Emotional support is really important, especially with something this hurtful.

3. Slowly Decrease The Amount Of Time You Text Him

What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days or More is to ignore him back. Gradually stop texting him and see if he looks for you. If he doesn’t, you know what that means.

4. Say Up Front You Don’t Like It When He Takes You For Granted

When you sense that he is taking you for granted, confront him calmly and seriously to make sure that your point gets across well.

5. Treat Him How You Would Want To Be Loved

Show him what love means. This is to show that you have the Wife Material Signs he is looking for.

6. Try Not To Be Passive Aggressive

Sulking and being passive aggressive just makes you seem like a child which gives him more reason to underestimate you.

7. Spend Some Time Alone

spend some time alone

There are plenty Reasons Why Single is Better You Have to Know so don’t be afraid to do it to refresh your mental state.

8. Don’t Get Him Jealous

Playing games is definitely not the way to make him show Signs A Man Loves You Secretly. Instead, show how mature you are in handling your feelings and the relationship.

9. Spend Time To Make Your Life Flourish

Invest in your life. This will increase your confidence and grab his attention. In the end, he will know that you are everything he has ever wished for.

10. Do Not Be Desperate For His Attention

Nagging doesn’t work so neither does being desperate.

11. Try To Dress Better

This is a small tips on what to do when he takes you for granted and nagging doesn't work. He might just look at you with a fresh eye!

12. Show Confidence In Every Area Of Your Life

Confidence is the real men-magnet. To have confidence you need to do the Ways to Love Yourself and Be Happy with The World.

13. Ask Him The Reason Why

Ask him why he takes you for granted and don’t let him make excuses. You need to know the truth.

14. Tell Him How You Want To Be Treated

This might not be common in a relationship but in this case it is absolutely essential.

15. Make An Ultimatum, And Keep Your Words

make an ultimatum and keep your words

Say “if you don’t stop this, i’ll leave” and actually keep your words. If you don’t he’ll keep toying with you.

How To Know When You Need To Leave The Relationship

Still not sure if you’re too sensitive or if you really are receiving so much signs that you need to end the relationship? Here are the sure signs that you need to leave:

1. He Still Doesn’t Take You Seriously

If after all that you have done, he haven’t shown the Husband Material Signs then you need to look away and search for someone more worthy.

2. The Relationship Is On And Off Again

He thinks that you are so easy and that he can always come back to you no matter how bad you mess up. You need to stop this disrespect.

3. He Is Playing The Heart Of Another Girl

Is It Okay for My Boyfriend to Hang Out With Another Girl Alone? The answer is no. If he does this and shows romantic attention towards this girl, it is time for you to leave.

What to do when he takes you for granted and nagging doesn't work depends on you. Remember, always choose someone that is good for your mental health.

There are times when you can work through a problem and times where you just need to leave.

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