Ways on How Can I Convince My Parents to Let Me Smoke Marijuana

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Families don’t usually keep secret from one another. Every little things are shared, with no particular reasons, just because you are family. Each families also have different values, and every family members are aware of it.

That’s why when you are smoking marijuana, you are kind of afraid to tell them because you know your parents are not fond of it. Also read What Should You Do If You Caught Your Son Smokes Weed

So you come here, wishing to find the answer how can I convince my parents to let me smoke marijuana? This matter is highly important, especially when you are still under your parents’ concern. It may affect your life as a whole, including your social life, so you just can’t keep it a secret from them.

We are going to give you some tips how to tell them and eventually convince them so that they will let you to smoke marijuana. But remember, don’t be so rebellious and listen to your parents.

  1. Lead the Topic

So before you really talk about yourself smoking marijuana, do a water testing first. For example you watch news about marijuana with them, get them comment about it and watch whether it’s positive or negative. Also read Reasons to Date a Girl Who Smokes Weed

You can warm up by asking do any of their friends’ children smokes marijuana or telling a story about a cousin who do it. Or you may bring up a more general topic like, “So marijuana is finally legalized in our country.” Every of their comments matter. It’s a hint of how they might react to you.

  1. Think Your Own Reasoning

So when you ask for your parents’ permission to smoke marijuana, one thing they will ask for sure is “Why do you want to do it? What benefits you gain from it?” And if you don’t have proper answers, it will be the end for you.

Do some research about marijuana and it benefits to the body – anything. Be it lessen stress and anxiety level, optimizing your creativity, as well as eases body pain. Also bring proofs or marijuana has been use for medical purposes and that it’s really safe.

  1. Look Up for the Marijuana Laws in Your Country

Marijuana is still illegal in every country, so unless you don’t want to be accused of doing something illegal, look up the law in country regarding marijuana. In some country, marijuana is legal only for medical use, but in some other marijuana is completely illegal regardless of the purpose.

So if it turns out your state or country doesn’t allow the use of marijuana, you might want to consider to convince your parents. Because you can be charged as criminal when you are caught smoking marijuana. Also read How to Call Your Boyfriend Without Your Parents Knowing

  1. Be Sure About What You’d Like to Gain

If you ask how can I convince my parents to let me smoke marijuana, then you must be seeking for their approval. But why? When you are already a legal adult, you can think and act all you want without permission from your parents.

But why do you want to convince them? Is it because you want their support or because you simply respect them as your parents or you don’t want to keep a secret from them? Defining what you wish to gain from the conversation might help you to convince them.

  1. Talk in the Right Mood

So timing is everything. If you wish a smooth talk when everyone is high-tensioned and busy, you won’t get it. It’s better if the talk is going calm and smoothly, under the right mood. Also read Why You Should Never Date a Pothead

Maybe after dinner or during family gathering on the weekend when everyone is relaxed and not too busy with work. In case the talk is not going well, you have to be prepare for that as well.

  1. Let Them Know You Smoke

Smoking and smoking marijuana is two different things. If your parents never know you smoke, better not to give them a huge blow by telling them about the marijuana. Start by letting them know that you smoke first. Depending on their value, they might either approve or disapprove about you smoking.

Sometime after that, you may tell them that you don’t just smoke. But you are smoking marijuana.

  1. Point Out the Marijuana Benefits for Real

We’re not talking about the research you did previously, but the benefits you gain for real by smoking marijuana. For example if you were an emotional person before, after you smoke it you become calmer and content. Also read How to Tell Your Parents You Broke Something Expensive

So those are everything we’ve got about how can I convince my parents to let me smoke marijuana. May this article hope you find a better solution and if everyone has better suggestions, do share in the comment section below.

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