How to Tell Your Parents You Got Kicked Out of College -What Should You Do Now?

Last updated on June 13, 2022 by Michelle Devani

College kicked you out. Now you have to deal with your parents. That can be really difficult. Fear not, here are some great ways how to tell your parents you got kicked out of college:

1. Plan What You Want to Say

It can be easy to forget what you want to say when you’re nervous. Plan out the important parts that your parents must know. This will help you avoid mumbling. Apply some tips and trick from How to Tell Your Parents You Got Kicked Out of School.

2. Practice in Front of a Mirror

It’s a good idea to practice in front of a mirror. It lessens any anxiety you have. You’ll feel calmer when you approach your parents.

3. Keep Yourself Calm

Always try to keep yourself calm. Think happy thoughts and breathe deeply. Staying calm will help the conversation flow smoothly.

4. Expect the Worst

It’s okay to expect the worst from your parents. You’ll be prepared for any reactions they might have. Think how you’re going to respond to their possible reactions.

5. Be Serious

This is not the right time to throw jokes. Be serious in your tone. Making jokes would make you're parents think that you don’t care about it.

6. Break the News Gently

Break the news gently to your parents. Especially if getting kicked out of college is not something that would ever happen to you.

You can say, “Mom, dad, this is going to be tough but I need you to listen and understand what I’m going to tell you”.

7. Speak Honestly

Never let your parents doubt you. Speak honestly about what really happened. No need to hide anything because it might make things worse.

8. Choose Your Words Carefully

You want your parents to understand your situation. It also helps to make them feel a bit sympathetic. Choose your words carefully.

9. Say the Reason Why

Be specific with your reasoning. Instead of saying, “I got kicked out ‘cause I kept skipping classes”, you can tell them “I got kicked out because I lost interest in my major and felt no motivation to attend my classes”. Also here's Why You Should Never Date Your Professor that might be helpful.

10. Answer Every Question They Have

Here’s also how to tell your parents you got kicked out of college. You must answer every question they have. Remember that you also have to be honest.

11. Avoid Going into Arguments

Don’t stir the conversation into an argument. In case your parents show any anger, you can just stay quiet to keep things under control.

12. Give Some Quiet Time

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Let there be silence or some quiet time in the conversation. Your parents will need to process the situation. This is also what you need to do on How to Tell Your Parents You Got in Trouble with The Police .

13. Control Your Temper

Be in control of your temper. It’s tempting to get really emotional and upset with how your parents might react. But, keeping your emotions on hold will get you through the conversation easier.

14. Respect Their Opinion

Respect any opinions that your parents might give you. For now, let things slide and accept any words they tell you.

15. Give Them the Proof

In case the college already gave you an official letter, give it to your parents. It makes things feel real and final. You’re not making things up and they have to accept reality.

What Should You Do Now?

What should you do now that you’re out of college. There’s a long road ahead and we’ll help you get through this tough time:

1. Sort Out Everything Related to College

Is there any administration issue that you have to handle? Have you packed your belongings yet?

Sort out everything related to your past college life. The sooner you do this, the sooner you get to move on to other things.

2. Reflect on What Had Happened

Take some time to reflect on what had happened. Take in any lessons you’ve learned. Promise to improve yourself for a better future. Avoid repeating the same mistake.

3. Learn Your Options

What are your options now? Learn them all. It could be trying to get into another college or jump right into work. Here's How to Get Colleges to Notice You for Swimming for sure.

4. Figure Out What You Want

But keep this mind, figure out what you really want. Truly listen to your heart so you can make the right decision. Also this is How to Get Colleges Notice You for Volleyball  if it's something that you want.

5. Make a Goal and a Plan

Don’t lose track. Make a goal and a plan to pave your future. You can break your main goal into smaller, achievable ones.

You must feel better now that you know how to tell your parents you got kicked out of college. For every closed door, there’s an another one waiting to be opened.

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