Terrible Reasons Why You Should Never Date Your Professor

Last updated on May 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you heard that smart is the new sexy? And if you are agree with this, it’s easy for you to develop a crush to your professor. The way how they master the subject, solving every problem and giving explanation in a new topics is charming for you. It’s a common thing to have a crush on your own professor—especially when they are still young and hot. But things get unusual when you take your feeling seriously.

Having a relationship with your professor wouldn’t be easy since not everyone will welcome it. There are too many reasons why you should never date your professor. Things only get complicated if they are already married. Being a professor, they must be on their mid-thirties and usually married.

Here are more reasons to find out.

  1. You Have to Keep It a Secret

The first thing coming into your mind when you have just started dating your professor is you want to keep it a secret. From this alone you know that the thing you do is unusual and it may affect both of you negatively. You have to face your friends’ and other students’ judgment, while your professor isn’t ready yet to tell their colleagues. It’s already complicated right from the start. Also read Signs You Are Falling in Love with Someone

  1. Too Much Distraction in Classes

When you don’t date your professor or, say, you hate the professor, you find yourself hard to concentrate. And if you date him, say goodbye to stay focus during the class as the distraction is too big. On top of that, you will find it hard to look them in the eye. How could you do that when both of you have just spend the night together?

  1. You’ll be Given Unfair Privilege

You get the best grade in their lesson. Do you think it’s purely your achievement? Maybe they give you a high mark because of their feeling to you. This kind of privilege is definitely unfair. Worse when other student find out about it. They won’t believe it even though you get the marks truly for your hard work. Also read Signs That Your Best Friend Hates You

  1. It Can Ruin Your Credibility

Any student must have credibility in front of their professor. They should make the professor believe of their capabilities, hard work, and so on. What do you think will happen if other professors find you are dating your own? You lose all the credibility you have built and many judgments come along. Not only hard for you, it’s the same for him too.

  1. They Have Probably Married

The unmarried professor is quite rare, if the one you talk about is the hunky and hot. Or at least they are seeing someone. If it’s the case, then dating them is wrong. You are dating other people’s man and it only add more negativity to yourself if someday someone will ever find out. Also read Why You Should Never Fall in Love with a Married Man

  1. The Reality You Must Face

Dating a professor is not that easy. It’s why you should never date your own professor. If they are unmarried, you are in a relationship with a highly accomplished person and respected. While you haven’t graduated yet. In case they are married, things only gotten worse as you will receive double negative judgment.

  1. Other Students Won’t Welcome You

Do not wish to date happily and peacefully if the one you are in a relationship with is your professor. First, other students won’t welcome you. Your best friends may be shock at first, but later on they will be supportive. But you live in a large society where you and your best friends are not the only residence. Once the others know about it, thing only go wild. Also read Useful College Dating Advice for Freshman

  1. Bad Rumors About You Will Start

Go wild means, all sorts of rumors will appear out of nowhere. Many people start curious when did it all starts? How could you two end up together? What’s putting you together? And if they are the star professor, many made up rumors will spread and your image is ruined in a swoop. All of those will affect you college life and you may have to stay away from campus for some times. You are the one who is disadvantaged right?

  1. People Might Falsely Accuse You

There is no way people would think positively about you when they find out you are dating your own professor. Instead, most people are falsely accusing you. Since many campus has its own rules—whether it’s written or not—about student and professor relationship, it’s only normal when others say you are only taking advantage out of this. And if you get a good grade at the end of the term, they don’t even care whether it’s your own effort or not. Also read How Long Should You Know Someone Before Dating Them?

  1. It Just… Awkward

It just doesn’t look right, right? Imagine two people who should have a formal relationship turns out to be dating. Not only for the people who watch it, but both of you may feel the awkwardness yourself. You will need some time to adapt to this new status.

  1. They Don’t Love You for Real

Have you ever thought that your professor doesn’t love you for real? If they date you, either they are lonely or they want to have fun or you’re just too hot to resist. Whatever it is, there is no genuine love from them. Especially if they married already, they definitely not falling in love with you.

Everything is fair in love and war. Nobody could really control their feeling, that’s why they can fall in love with everyone. But seeing that there are many reasons you should never date your professor, you might want to rethink about it. Things might be different if your professor is single and you have graduated already. If you want to date peacefully and comfortably, you better not take the risk.

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