Ugly Truths on Why You Should Never Fall in Love with a Married Man

Last updated on February 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Well, we don’t get to choose to whom we’ll be falling in love. It’s a truth and it’s hurt sometime when we did fall in love with a wrong person. We can’t do anything about it. There are many women who find themselves trapped in a situation where she is involved to a married man. Whether they don’t know the man has already married or it sounds challenging to love a married man, both are wrong.

No matter what your reasoning are, falling in love with a married man is unacceptable. There are just too many reasons why you should never fall in love with a married man, and most will be in your disadvantage even when you win his love in the end.

Check out the list to make it clear.

  1. You Will Gain Criticism

Once you fall in love with a married man, all you get is judgment and criticism here and there. It happens all the time, even when you have—say it—breakup with him. The third wheel image never leave you forever as people see you as someone who “wreck other people’s house”. As a mistress, you have to deal with something like this. See also Signs Your Husband is Cheating with Your Friend

  1. He Might Never Leave His Wife

So you think that he’s yours? In fact, you never belong to each other. He belongs to his wife so he never belong to you. Your gut feeling will tell you that he will never be in your side forever, especially when he has kids behind him. His love for his wife may fade away but he’ll never sacrifice his children’s happiness.

  1. Get Ready to Hide Forever

Be prepared to live in secrecy, especially for things that related to relationship. You can never reveal to others with whom you date, you can never take him to meet your friends and family. You have to hide forever. You have to make sure that no one is watching when you meet and the worry is too real to be true. See also Insult Messages for Mistress

  1. There’s No Future for You

One of the biggest reason why you should never fall in love with married man is because he can’t give you a future. Your relationship is going nowhere. You don’t know if his wife will ever found out, you don’t know how this will end up, etc. There are no bright future for you. Even after he get divorced, you still have the judgment with you.

  1. Everything is Gonna be On Your Side

And it’s literally everything. Maybe your own family will against this. Not to mention the law as well. If you are breaking the law of adultery, you might go to jail along with your partner. This kind of relationship is too risky here and there. See also What to Do When You Fall in Love with a Married Man

  1. You are Never His Priority

You can’t expect to be his number one when you’re only a mistress. He has to be ready 24/7 for his family. So that sudden cancellation of a date is served to you almost everyday. He’d rather take his wife and children for a short getaway than spending the weekend with you. You are not in the list of his priority. As you have no legal bond with him, he doesn’t feel any sense of responsibility towards you.

  1. He Might Cheat on You Too

Okay, this is the ugly truth you must admit. Thinking that the married man you are in love with is the best man you have ever met or that he is a faithful guy is too bullshit. Fact is, he is cheating on his wife with you. How could you expect him not to get involved with another infidelity later? Chances are, he might cheat on you too if he finds a someone more attractive than you. See also Signs of a Cheating Partner in a Relationship

  1. It’s Unfortunate for Your Child

You get yourself in a bigger trouble if you are having child with him. Imagine how many disadvantage your child has to live with. They don’t have a legal status as you’re not legally married with him. A child who is born from an affair is an illegitimate one. You can’t register them under their father’s name and they might grow up without knowing who their biological father is.

  1. All You Get is Pain

An affair with a married man is full of uncertainty. It’s a temporary lust that will make you regret for the rest of your life. It seems tempting and interesting at first, but the longer you have it, the more painful it is for you. When you get caught in the end, the chance of him leaving his family for you is almost zero. In the end, you’re the one who is lonely and broken. He’ll always have his family to come back, but you have to live with people judgment forever. See also Signs Your Best Friend is Cheating With Your Husband

  1. You Deserve Better

Here comes the best reason: you deserve someone better. Nobody told you to love with risk uncertainty. Love should be a beautiful thing that makes you happy, not feeling uncomfortable as you have to hide wherever you go. Don’t let yourself get trapped in a forbidden love with a marriage man. There are many gentlemen out there who wish for your love. Love rightly and find your own eternal happiness.

After reading all the reasons why you should never fall in love with a married man, you may want to think twice before you get involved further. As a fellow woman, try to stand of his wife’s shoes. What if the same thing happen to you? As if there’s no other man in this world. It’s always better love freely and being loved openly. Beside, don’t you want to share your loved one to your Instagram? It’s never going to happen if you date a married man though.

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