Why You Should Never Date Pothead - You Deserve Better!

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Smoking marijuana seems to be a new lifestyle for young people nowadays. Thus makes all the reasons why you should never date a pothead considered as old-fashioned. Honestly, dating a pothead do you no good. No matter how good of a person they are, you’d end up in unhappiness. If marijuana is all you initially found out, there are many more to be discovered.

Pothead has a series of unhealthy habits. They are a drunkard, driving with that condition on top of that, using drugs for recreational purpose and so on. You should never date a pothead even though you only want to have fun. They affect you in a very negative you and may leave you traumatized.

Reasons Why You Should Never Date A Pothead

1. Addiction Is Their Priority

Don’t believe when people say marijuana is not addictive. While it creates dependency, people who smoke marijuana becoming addicted as time pass by. And it interferes with daily life negatively, where they can’t do activities properly due to their addiction. And even worse because their addiction is their priority and everything falls back behind it.

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2. Financially Unreliable And Unstable

financially unreliable and unstable

A pothead has to buy marijuana to fulfill their need. Most of their cash spent on it and it put strains on their finances. Even a well-paid person would be financially unstable if they keep buying marijuana. And if you date them, you have to cover for them when they unable to make the end meets.

3. Lowering Your Self-Esteem

As time goes by, you will suffer from a decrease in your self-esteem. You are forced to “accept” their addiction despite your disapproval. You feel like you mean nothing to them as they don’t take your thought into account. 

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4. You Are Competing With Drugs

A relationship broke when someone loves more than two-person. But in this case, a pothead loves marijuana more than you, which similarly causes instability for both of you. It’s the marijuana you are competing with, and you’d likely impossible to win. Clearly, their love for marijuana is bigger than their love for you.

5. Bad Prospect In Fertility And Parenthood

If you are looking for a long term, serious relationship that ended up with marriage, then this is another reason why you should never date a pothead: they have low fertility. Their unhealthy addiction surely take the responsibility for this. Even when you have kids later, would you want your kids exposed to marijuana as soon as they were born? Definitely not a good parent to raise a kid.

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6. They Are Lethargic

Inside the head of a pothead, nothing more important than marijuana. As it becomes their main priority, they make less and less effort in the relationship. They have no desire to make you their priority. In the end, you will be losing it too. Their habit slowly eating them, eating you, and eating the relationship.

7. They Like To Cause A Racket

When a pothead is high, they become too active. It’s very contrast with their usual self, where they always look lethargic and not energized. But their activeness often drives them to cause a racket in the situation they are in. Especially when they are in a forum, they tend to make noise while voicing their thought. 

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8. You Are Afraid Of What May Come Next

Do you know that dating a pothead could make you paranoid? While you know that he has an unusual habit and lifestyle, you start to wonder how it turns out to be and you are afraid of something that uncertain. In the worst case of addiction, someone could suffer from depression, exploitation of other harmful drugs, violation, abusive behavior, and so on.

9. You Forget How To Relax

Everything seems easy when a pothead is high. Even if nothing good they feel happy out of nothing. But it is such a disaster when their addiction appears. They will be hard to please with anything that you feel like you walk on thin ice. In time you forget your own happiness and you don’t how to chill and relax anymore. 

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10. Their Mood Swings Are Severe

their mood swings are severe

As if anything is not bad enough, you have to deal with their mood swings as well. Their moods depend on their condition and you should take it literally. Their mood is high when they are high, and they are extremely low when they are low. They are rarely (and probably never) sober. All of the bad moods and good moods are all related to marijuana.

11. You Might Eat One Of It Accidentally

A pothead usually argues that they use marijuana because it’s healthier than nicotine and alcohol. It is said that marijuana is a non-addictive substance. But it doesn’t mean a pothead is like everybody else who doesn’t use marijuana. There are some side effects, and not only them but you also have to deal with it. Among those effects are a faster aging process, emotional withdrawal, and depression. 

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This must-have come into your mind at least once, right? A pothead could consume marijuana in any form. They even put it into their food. So smoking is not the only way to enjoy it. And you never know when you might accidentally eat one of them. What you think a good chocolate cake turns out to contained marijuana inside it.

12. You Have To Deal With The Side Effect

After reading all the reasons why you should never date a pothead, you realize that they are not someone worth dating at all. If you say that you love them because of who they are, believe that there will be better people out there for you. Better love will come and you will get your genuine happiness.

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