38 Things Your Boyfriend Secretly Wants from You But Never Tell

Last updated on June 30, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Men always said that women are hard to handle because the barely speak up their mind. They wished their men know what they want without any single word spoken. The stereotype has going over a centuries and likely hard to change. However, women are not like that forever.

Never think that because women barely said what they want means men say it well. No, it's not because there are many things your boyfriend secretly wants from you but he never tell you about it. You know there are many Things Your Boyfriend Pretends to Hate But Secretly Loves or the Things Your Boyfriend is Thinking But Won't Tell You. It's just the same. What actually in the world are the things your boyfriend secretly wants from you? You really need to check them out:


1. Stop Taking Selfies

stop taking selfies

For him, you're the prettiest being ever. But he wished you stop taking selfies whenever you're together or when you're alone. It's okay to take picture but it's not okay to take about a thousand shot if what you gonna do is deleting 999 of them. Just stop it.

2. Don't Go on a Random Trip

Spontaneity is a good thing and that what's make your boyfriend always excited in the relationship. But you should know his limits. He doesn't want you to take him on a random trip to a place you never know before. He agreed to only because he loves you. No other reason.

3. Don't Cake Up Yourself

Is that a face or is that a cake? You think that being dolled up with make up is the Ways to Make Him Go Crazy Over You then you're wrong. He likes your natural appearance more anything and he wants you to stop using too thick of make up.

4. Know What You Want

Nobody think indecisive is cute. When he ask you what you want to eat for dinner, you keep saying you don't know but you decline all his offers. It put him into such dilemma and making him at loss of what to do. He doesn't know what you want and your indecisiveness stress him out.

5. Please Throw Some Joke

please throw some joke

Acting pretty all the time sucks. It's a fact. He indeed likes it when you look pretty and classy, but please let yourself go at least when you're only with him. Throw some jokes for him to laugh it off. It's the best Ways to Make Your Boyfriend Fall in Love with You Again.

6. Take Off That Heels

He loves you the way you are and he wants you to be comfortable at all times. You don't have to wear you killer heels when you're with him. It's okay if you look short. He'll love you the same. He prefers seeing you running in your flip flops rather than seeing you tripping over that heels.

7. Live Your Own Life

You want to be together with him all the time because you love him so much. But he doesn't want you to follow him around everywhere. He wants you to get busy and living your own life. He really doesn't want to be the center of your universe.

8. Pursue Your Dreams

A woman with passion is always interesting for man. It's what he wants to see from you. When your eyes are glazing with passion while talking about your dreams. He knows he's dating the right woman. If you know how challenging life is, you have many Things to Say to Boost Your Boyfriend Confidence.

9. Don't Gossip Around

don't gossip around

Your boyfriend never know the fun of talking about your somebody you never know. While you enjoy gossiping around, he wants you to stop. It's actually not a bad thing since you can get into trouble from it.

10. Enough with Drama

No boys are into drama. It's tiring and exhausting. Just be straight with whatever you want and he will cope up with it. Be considerate to him and stop playing too many dramas in your relationship. It's unnecessary anyway.

More Things He Secretly Wants

Boys never look as simple as they are on the outside. They are more complicated being than you could ever think and there are even more things has he wants from you secretly.

  1. Just tell me what you want. I'm not a mind reader.
  2. I want you to be more romantic to me.
  3. Give me some surprises too.
  4. You already watch The Notebook for the 100th time. I'm sick of it.
  5. I like you eating that ice cream with passion.
  6. Please exercise a little.
  7. I hate you getting fat.
  8. Flirt with me.
  9. Don't dry your hair too quickly after shower.
  10. Let me watch my favorite football match in peace.
  11. I want you to allow me spending night out with my bros.
  12. I want you to know what I like.
  13. Pay attention to me when I talk.
  14. Stop meeting all those noisy girls.
  15. Don't flirt with other guys. It's annoying.
  16. Your male best friend actually likes you.
  17. Make me a coffee in the morning.
  18. Give me my own space.
  19. I need some time alone and you should know that.
  20. Don't forget to shave your legs regularly.

Even More Things He Secretly Wants

You wish the list will end but it's not...

  1. Make the first move, it's doesn't have to be always me.
  2. Drive for me.
  3. Help me fold and iron my clothes.
  4. I don't want to meet your parents like, nope.
  5. Tell me what's wrong.
  6. I hate you make me clean the dishes.
  7. I don't want to hang out with your friends.
  8. Call me if you miss me.

See how many things your boyfriend secretly wants from you but never tell? Now it's time for you to compromise with him and doing things that he actually wants.

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