Why Does My Boyfriend Only Want To See Me Once A Week?

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Every relationship is different and unique from one couple to another couple. You will never be able and not supposed to compared your relationship to other people's relationship. This is because we are all different and unique in our own way. The way someone express their feelings and their love to their loved ones are also different.

Especially for those who currently in a long distance relationship. But, no matter how hard we try to think positively, we cannot denied that sometimes the bad thoughts come into our mind and ruin everything. Maybe it's because we tend or often seeing other people posts about relationship goals that affect the way we think of a perfect relationship.

The way an extrovert and introvert person to show their love to their loved ones are different. Even the ways to make an extrovert feel loved, and the ways that you need to do to make an introvert feel loved are also different.

So, here are some helps for you to make you feel better when you feel bad about why does my boyfriend only want to see me once a week.


1. Introvert


The first reason is because your boyfriend is an introvert. Before you decided to be with him, obviously you are aware of this condition. Just in case if you miss few important points, there are things you need to know before dating the outgoing introvert.

It is normal if the first few weeks or months you still can bear with your boyfriend introvert condition. But, if you are that extrovert type of girlfriend, by the time goes by, you will feel uncomfortable. You will start to wonder why your boyfriend does not want to see you more than once a week.

And if you were thinking this thoughts, you need to try to get to know some ways to get an introvert to open up emotionally, to help you fix your communication problem with your introvert boyfriend. It is not wrong to let him know about what you feel about him, and vice versa.

2. Long Distance

Another reason on why does my boyfriend only want to see me once a week is because currently you are in a long distance relationship with him. When you are in a long distance relationship, even though you and him are only separated by cities, it is still a distance anyway.

Aside from your personal thoughts such as on how to make him miss you in long distance relationship, you need to be grateful. Because, even though the distance that he needs to travel the distance to see you.

However, you can try some ways on how to tell your long distance relationship boyfriend you need more attention. Just because you are asking more attention this does not mean that he needs to see you more often. There are more ways that can be done in this modern era to give your loved ones more attention. Such as, voice call or video call. Able to see your loved ones through your phone can help you to feel happier when you miss him.

3. He Is Working

he is working

If you have a boyfriend who works, then you will need to understand that he can only see you once a week. Let's imagine it together, your boyfriend will need to work from Monday to Friday for 8 hours long. Of course as a human being, he will need to take some rest in Saturday or Sunday.

If he has chosen to see you on Saturday, it means he wants to take break, having his "me time" on Sunday while preparing some stuffs to get back to work on Monday.

You may also need to know the fact behind man's thought of my girlfriend wants to talk on the phone every night, it's annoying. Because as a person who is working, of course he has a lot of things to do or to prepare for his work in the next day. Moreover, if your boyfriend already shows the signs a man is emotionally connected to you, you don't need to worry to much about it.

Rather than keep asking the question of why does my boyfriend only want to see me once a week, it will be better for us to train the trust that we have in a relationship.

We will also need to train other traits that can help us to maintain a good relationship with our partner. One of the traits that we can train is the communication way on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend.

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