My Girlfriend Wants To Talk On The Phone Every Night, It's Annoying?

Last updated on June 6, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Having a relationship is having a love-hate situation where both parties feel the need of attention at different level and sometimes that where the problem between them lays. If both of them need and provide the same amount of attention, their relationship would be far easier. As an example, when a boyfriend says hello to his lover regularly and it doesn’t annoy her, then the relationship tends to go smoothly.

However, not all couples can give or receive certain amount of attention. That would be a problem if one of them needs more attention than the other while the other couldn’t give the needed attention either. As an example, if the girlfriend texts or calls the boyfriend every single morning before they go to work but the boyfriend are annoyed, then sooner or later their relationship would not go any further.

If you are the boyfriend and you are still confused whether or not your girlfriend is annoying. The answer is depend on you, if you are annoyed and feel the anger everytime you receive her calls, then she is annoying based on you. However, she might not be annoying for somebody else so this is very subjective.

But some girlfriends are indeed annoying for everyone and here the signs if your girlfriend is annoying in general.


1. If She Texts You Very Long Messages If You Don’t Reply Within 5 Minutes Or Less

if she texts you very long messages if you don't reply within 5 minutes or less

She is annoying if she wants you to reply as soon as possible and if you are not reply within five minutes or less she will send more annoying calls and texts.

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2. If She Keeps Calling And Texting You After You Said You Are Working Or Busy

She is annoying if she keeps texting you or calling you on your work hour only to discuss unimportant things even though you have said that you are busy.

3. If She Checks On Your Location Everytime You Both Calling Or Texting, Every Single Time

If she asks your location every single time you call or text and ask for selfies for it, then she is real crazy and of course annoying.

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4. If Your Girlfriend Forbids You Text, Calls, Or Meet Other Women For Work

If your girlfriend starts forbid you to have any friendship with your female friends, you can say almost a hundred percent that she is annoying.

5. If Your Girlfriend Forbids You To Hangout With All Of Your Friends

The most annoying thing for men is when their girlfriends forbid them to hangout with their friends. This limit is nonsense and is annoying.

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6. If She Easily Gets Angry For No Reason

if she easily gets angry for no reason

Another sign that tells your girlfriend is annoying is when she is easily be angry for no reason and she won’t tell anything about things that make her annoyed.

7. If Your Girlfriend Pushes You To Say YES To Everything She Ask

She is very demanding and annoying if she always wants to get everything she wants and will be angry with you if you can’t provide what she wants.

8. If Your Girlfriend Controls Your Schedule

She is really annoying and crazy if she control your schedule based on only her needs, as for example based on her school/work schedule and side your needs off.

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9. If Your Girlfriend Brings Up Your Old Mistakes Every Time You Fight

The most annoying thing to hear is when you have a fight with your girlfriend and she always brings your old mistakes up to win the argument.

10. If Your Girlfriend Have All Of Your Social Media Passwords And Check Them All Regularly

This is very annoying if your girlfriend has all of your social media passwords even the ones you no longer use.

If you experience this with your girlfriend, here are some tips for your better relationship. You can explain and discuss to balance the amount of attention you give and receive on the right time. Usually when you both at home on holidays or at very leisure times.

Both of you can describe things that are annoying to each other. And you can also find best times to text, calls or meet each other and when are not to. The simplest but the hardest thing to do to both of you is to control your anger. If you can control your anger then you can control almost everything calmly.

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