The Worst Ways to Hurt An Aries So Badly After A Breakup

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Breakup does hurt everybody who pass through it. There are so many action that people can do after a disappointment of breakup with their previous partner. Some people will feel glad and move on, trying to build their life better. But, some people get hurt and just want to hurt their ex. If you are this type of person who get hurt and want to do a kind of revenge, here are some ways to hurt an Aries.

How To Hurt An Aries

You can try some of this ways to hurt an Aries, if you really have an intention to do so.

1. Be One Step Ahead From Him

be one step ahead from him

Aries is known as one of his traits which is a natural born leader. With this trait, it means Aries loves to lead other people and be in charge of leadership. So in order to hurt him you need to be one step ahead of him in terms of intelligent and leadership. This will hurt Aries so badly and this is the things only Aries can understand and feel.

2. Limiting His Movement

As a human we love our freedom. We have the freedom of doing the things that we like, deciding the decision that we are going to take, etc. And an Aries will hate it so much when their movement is being limited by something.

3. Demand Him To Do More Things

Just because someone loves to be in a leadership position this does not mean that they like to have so many things to do. Most leader become a leader because they hate to be under an order. So just burden him with so many responsibilities where he can't lead. By get to know what he dislikes you will understand the reasons why Aries are hard to understand, and you can demand him more to do the things he hate.

4. Leave Them Alone With Sadness

Next thing you can do is by not be by his side when he is sad. Just leave him with the sadness that he feels. No one like it, and so do him. He will hate it. And don't worry, it will surely hurt him so much knowing that you do not even care about him or look after him again just like what you used to be. Hope is lost.

5. Act Like He Depends On You

As a natural born leader, Aries is a strong and independent person. He will try to do many things to get what he wants and he will work so hard for it. Because he is so independent, he will also expect other people can be an independent person. This also means that he will hate himself knowing that he is vulnerable and dependent on someone else. But remember, to do this you need to know the ways to get revenge on someone you hate as well to make it better.

Things That Aries Dislikes

So, you already know on how to hurt an Aries. You can try to apply it and see whether those tips works or not. Here are some more information about the things that Aries dislikes. 

1. Make Him Waiting For Something

make him waiting for something

Make him wait. No one like to wait for an uncertainty for a long time. To make the wait become worse you can actually not showing up or just don't give the things you have promised him.

2. Someone Who Disappoint Him

He might be a friendly person and loves to help other people but still, he is a human. He has feelings to. When someone disappoint him, he will feel bad and sad too.

3. Ignoring Him

A leader is someone who has the power to be listened. That is why a leader called as a leader. And when it comes to the time when no one want to listen to him or ignoring his order, he will feel bad and frustrated. If you want to do this, you need to erase all the ways to ignore someone without hurting their feelings from your thoughts. Because if you want to hurt someone so bad, then you need to step aside your feelings.

So those are the things I can share you with about the ways to hurt an Aries. But, remember that hurting someone will not solve whatever happened in the past. It will only show that you are as bad as the person who hurt you. Thank you for the time given to us. And please find out more interesting article on our website such as things you didn't know about Aries woman.

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