Different Ways To Hurt An Aries (11 Mean Ways)

Last updated on July 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you seeking ways to deal with your Aries ex and make one pay for breaking your heart? The answer is simple. Think of everything they hate and can't stand and do those exact things. 

You see, unlike some astrology signs which can get away with hiding their feelings, the expressive nature of an Aries man or woman makes it easy to know when your mischievous deeds have taken effect.

The average Aries human has strong sentiments about what they think and desire in life. In relationships, they are headstrong, jealous, and energetic, which is why once they decide that something is important to them, these fiery beings will go after it with all their might. 

While they can be stubborn, jealous, and tough, they are not immune to getting hurt, especially by a partner. Their inner strength and fiery personality do not protect them from matters of the heart. Therefore, the only way to hurt them is to ignore their external countenance and focus on ways to use their personality weaknesses against them.

In this article, I will share with you 11 tips to hurt an Aries after a breakup.


11 Ways To Hurt An Aries After A Breakup

1. Reject their dominance

No Zodiac loves to be at the top as much as Aries. Perhaps this is why they lead other astrology signs. People born under this zodiac sign have a knack for wanting to be in control at all times. They can't bear the thought of things going against their will and will always push to have dominance over other people or micromanage their loved ones, including their partners.

If you want to disrespect an Aries, take advantage of this weakness and reject their dominance. Emasculate them and make them feel inferior, weak, and passive. This will hurt them because then you'd be forcing them into submission, which they hate.

Furthermore, remember that Aries do not fare well when they have to take orders from other people, so rejecting their dominance and finding ways to micromanage them is an excellent way to torment and hurt them. 

2. Beat them in a competition

The typical Aries attitude is aggressive and competitive. They will always find a way to make even the most mundane activities into a game or a challenge.

For instance, an Aries might spontaneously challenge you to a dressing game when you are preparing to go out for dinner, or they might ask you to accompany them to events where they will get the opportunity to showcase their competitive side.

So, if you want to disrespect an Aries, beat them at something they are skilled at doing. For example, if they are great poets, give yourself enough time to craft a poem that will make you stand out and present it during the next poetry night event. 

They will be upset and jealous of your win because this was supposed to be their field. It hurts them to watch someone beat them in their own game. If you want to make things worse for them, make your win seem like it was an easy one.

3. Ignore them

ignore them

There is a reason why certain people are called leaders; they compel others to pay attention to their ideas, and Aries are natural leaders. 

Aries tend not to care about what other people think or want; they only care about their beliefs and desires, even in the face of criticism. They believe that their thoughts are the only valid ones worth considering, and every other suggestion is inferior to theirs.

Therefore, if you want to hurt Aries after a breakup, act like you aren’t interested in their suggestions, talk over them, and refuse to spend time with them. This will infuriate and hurt them to the core because they are used to people showing interest in them.

To do this effectively, you will need to get rid of your emotions and focus on giving them the silent treatment.

4. Take your time to respond to their messages

Why wait when you can get the ball rolling now? This is precisely how Aries men and women think. They are by far one of the most impatient and impulsive zodiac signs because waiting makes them feel like things are slipping out of their control - and you know how they hate to lose control. They are the kind of people who will throw a fit if they have to wait too long for their food.

So, if you want to make an Aries pay for mistreating you in a relationship, make them wait. For instance, if they message you about a meetup, do not respond immediately. Instead, hold off on your response for an hour or two or even days. The uncertainty and wait will drive him crazy, and if you want to make it worse, send a message afterward saying you can't make it.

5. Seek ways to control him

If you want to hurt an Aries, start by taking charge of your life and situation. You see, Aries is power-hungry and they thrive on exerting control over others and situations, even if it means manipulating them. Take that power away from them by being unfazed by their opinions or words. 

When you do so, they'll be enraged to the point of blowing up your phone to find you and reclaim control of the situation. Don't fall for it. Instead, pull further away, then step back and watch them crumble.

It's like stealing sweets from a baby when you take away an Aries' power and control. They'd be lost, confused, and doubting themselves and their actions.

6. Be mischievous

be mischievous

When it comes to being honest and direct, Aries do not hold back and expect other people to do the same. However, they can also be mischievous and secretive. Take advantage of this if you're looking to hurt them.

During a chat, casually slip a sarcastic comment about your knowledge of their actions. Mention it only in passing. Then hang up as soon as they ask a follow-up inquiry or become mute. Don't respond if they start exploding your phone. Knowing that you have outsmarted them will drive them nuts. 

A pleasant demeanor and even a chuckle when saying it will go a long way to make their reaction even more delightful. Your indifference towards their little secret will spark further outrage within them, and their mind will be left wondering what you’re up to. Remember that a sarcastic, smart-ass demeanor is essential for this look; avoid being arrogant, condescending, or getting into a fight.

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7. Hold their mood swings and anger against them

Aries are no strangers to mood swings as they get easily irritated, have a fiery temper, and may swing from being pleased and content to being enraged in a matter of seconds. However, while they have a quick temper, they also tend to snap out of it quickly. As a result, he gets a bad rap for being erratic and irritable. 

This also indicates that Aries people are quick to forgive and forget offenses. As such, they prefer to be with people who are also forgiving of their mood swings. This is why holding their fury against him and not letting it go will cause him harm.

Avoid laughing it off or immediately apologizing when your Aries ex yells at you. Instead, make them feel bad for going off on you by turning the tables and making them the aggressor. Make them grovel to regain your favor whenever they lose their cool with you by repeatedly bringing up their anger issues.

8. Make them jealous

Another excellent way to bruise an Aries’ ego is to make them jealous. You can do this by hooking up with someone in their inner circle. You see, Aries are typically self-centered, and they tend to get into a jealous rage with their partners or exes (in this case). This tip will be more efficient if he still has feelings for you because he will feel cheated on and mess with his ego.

You don't have to go the whole nine yards with this new person. It can be something as simple as a kiss or intense PDA with other men at a party where your ex will be around. The idea is to get him jealous and enraged. 

9. Complain about everything they do

complain about everything that they do

Aries view criticism as more than just a source of pain for themselves. Criticism is equated with contempt in the perspective of an Aries woman. As a result, they are highly perceptive and quickly irritated.

Furthermore, these people have incredibly high standards for themselves and can't fathom being lacking in anything. As a result, even constructive criticism hurt their ego, and they take it personally. In other words, they want to be seen as perfect at all times.

So, the best thing to do if you want to provoke an Aries is to complain about everything they do. If possible, refer to things you tolerated in the past and let them know that you were only trying to please their ego and nothing more. This will make them feel hurt and disrespected. 

10. Do not compromise

It's a real challenge to sway an Aries woman's opinion. It's difficult for Aries to accept other people's ideas since they believe they are always correct. It's their ego that feeds this conduct, and they typically have a hard time going back on their public statements, actions, and views.

This is a major turn-off for many people. So if you want to hurt them, be firm on your decisions, talk back at them, and refuse to compromise on anything. For instance, if you have shared custody and they want to bail out on a weekend or opt for a change in schedule, decline and insist on what was previously agreed. 

Nothing wrong here; it's just you giving them a taste of their own medicine.

11. Compare them to other people

They say comparison is a thief of joy, but it is also one of the quickest ways to enrage and make an Aries feel inadequate.

Aries love when people compliment them; it makes them feel special. They enjoy receiving reassuring words, especially about something they feel insecure about. So, if you want to hurt them, make negative comparisons, particularly to other people of their age and social class. 

For instance, if they are insecure about their job, praise another person's career progress or if they constantly worry about their looks, praise another person's handsomeness and beauty. Alternatively, you can reveal to them that your preferences are tall men or ladies, but the only thing that made you stay in the relationship was because you were lonely.

As mean as this seems, it is a great way to make an Aries man or woman spin on her head with rage.


How do you upset an Aries?

Aries are highly temperamental and emotional beings. It can be tough to find a middle ground with these ones because they are either hot or cold, never lukewarm. Therefore, an easy way to upset them is to use the flaws in their characteristics against them. For instance, do not forgive them for their occasional outbursts and desert them when they are hurting or moody.

What sign can break Aries's heart?

Despite the Aries' hard exteriors, they are emotional and warm on the inside. However, because they are always confident of what they want, it can be challenging to be with a fickle partner, like a Gemini.

An Aries and Gemini relationship is a recipe for heartbreak. While the Aries know what they want out of the relationship, a Gemini will struggle with committing because they still want to see how things go.

How do Aries get revenge?

Being a fire sign, Aries tends to be quick-tempered, so you can be sure to expect payback when they are upset with you. Don't worry about watching out for physical revenge, as they prefer to enact emotional and mental harm. They are chief manipulators, after all.

What should you not say to an Aries?

People who try to set the tone in Aries' lives irritate them. Aries despise being bothered. You shouldn't keep calling Aries to remind them of your meeting time and date. Also, don't give them any ultimatums; they will prefer to be the decision-makers. Lastly, do not compare Aries as they will feel insulted and disrespected.

What are Aries's weaknesses?

Like every other person, Aries have their weaknesses. However, the most prominent ones include their stubbornness, erratic, jealousy, and aggressive nature. Also, these people are honest and expressive about their feelings, making them an easy target for people who want to hurt them.

In Conclusion

It hurts to get your heart broken, but avenging your mean Aries ex can make you get over the relationship faster. To do that, you will need to gain a better understanding of their personality. I hope you enjoyed this post and found the tips helpful. If yes, please leave a comment behind and share it with your friends.

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