Ways On How To Get Your Older Brother To Do What You Want

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Our older brother is known to be stubborn, cold, and the one in power. They are the ones that usually tells us what to do. Being the younger sibling, we have no choice but to do it. But can you get it the other way around?

It’s weird to think that we can tell our older brother what to do but it is very possible. A few fun tips and tricks are needed to get to your brother. But it is not a hard one to do. Here are the astonishing ways on how to get your older brother to do what you want;


1. Understanding Who He Is

understanding who he is

He acts because of a couple of hidden things that make him who he is. In order to make him do what you want, you have to really get to know him so that you can expect and overcome his possible attitudes towards your plan.

2. Play The Pity Card

Brothers also have a heart. So one thing you can use to make him do what you want is to make him pity you. Tell him that you are in a bad state of mind and siblings will usually do what they can to cheer you up. You may also love to hear about 28 Sweet Things to Say to Dad on His Birthday (Best Wishes).

3. Remind Him Of Your Good Deed

A good way to get him moving is to make him feel in debt towards you. Remind him what you have done for him and ways that you have lift him up. This will make them feel in debt and want to do something in return.

4. Listen To Him

Big brothers don’t speak much, but they like to be listened to. Genuinely listen to what he have to say. That way, he will develop a soft spot for you and start doing what he can to make you happy in return. This is one of the key ways on how to get your older brother to do what you want.

5. Surprise Him With Kindness

Be kind to him by suddenly bringing him a snack or helping him with something he is struggling with. He will feel surprised but soon he will do the same thing for you as a silent gratitude for what you have done for him.

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6. Do Fun Things With Him

Do the things he likes for once in a while and really be invested in it. He will see that you put your heart in. This will make him feel bonded towards you more and can actually make him want to do things for you.

7. Help Him

Offering help once in a while will mean a lot to your big brother. Even if his answer is no, he will remember that you are a kind and helpful kid. Therefore he will try to do the same for you.

8. Be Completely Calm

Of course it will get frustrating when you are trying to make him do what you want. But being negative, which means yelling, shouting, or doing physical harm, to your boyfriend will actually burn the bridge between you and your brother. You do not want this so stay calm and composed. You may also love to know about 23 Relieving Ways to Get over Your Parent’s Divorce.

More Tips To Get Your Older Brother Do What You Want

more tips to get your older brother do what you want

It’s hard to get into your big brother’s heart and actually make him do something for you. If the ways above does not do the trick, try these tips on how to get your older brother to do what you want;

1. Ask For Help 

Sometimes the simple tricks do work. If your big brother is in a good mood, he will do whatever you told him to do.

2. Show Gratefulness 

If he have done something for you show how grateful you are by thanking him or complimenting his deeds. This will make him feel positive and it is likely that he will help you again to regain that feeling. show that you don't have the Signs of Conditional Love.

3. Make Him Know Why 

Once he fully get the reason why you want him to do it, because he is mature, he might want to be a kind person and help you out.

4. Use A Nice Tone Of Voice 

Using a specific tone of voice that is nice, soothing and persuasive might get him to do something for you. 

This Is What Older Brother Suppose To Be

The signs that all of the hardships, tips, and ways have worked in your favor!

1. He Supports You 

he supports you

He will suddenly be your mental support. He will do little things to cheer you up and to make you stay happy.

2. He Understands You 

Because he loves you, your brother will understand who you are and will fully accept you based on who you are.

3. Your Big Brother Will Offer Help 

Without you asking, your big brother will offer you help anywhere if you ever need it. He will be casual about it but deep down he can’t wait to help you.

4. He Do The Little Things 

He do the little things that makes you happy like buying you ice cream or helping you tidy up the room. In this state, he is completely ready to do absolutely anything for you.

5. He Is Quick On His Feet 

Your brother always comes running whenever you ask for help. This is because he is fully committed in helping you out.

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The ways on how to get your older brother to do what you want are tricky and it will probably need a long time to execute. With your big brother, you need to be patient and kind so that he will eventually do what you want. Soon he will be so kind and helpful to you!

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