Lessons on How to Go from Wanting Her to Only Being Friends with Her

Last updated on April 3, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Love is a feeling that is great when it is returned. But once you have a feeling that it us only one sided, everything starts to hurt. How do you make the pain go away?

Just because they aren't your lover, it does not mean that they can't be a good friend. But be careful, your love for them might ruin everything. That is why you should do this ways on How to go from wanting her to only being friends with her :

  1. Get The Feelings Out Of Your Chest In Private

The first step is to really get everything out whether by writing, talking, or something else.

  1. Make Someone Become Your Reminder

They should be someone you trust to remind you why you choose to be friends with her instead.

  1. Throw Away Any Romantic Things That You Have With Them

Whether it’s a doll, letter, or something else, this should be kept away or even thrown away to relieve the burden in your heart.

  1. Delete The Chats From Them

The chats you had with her used to be full of hope and it will trap your mind if you continue to latch on to it.

  1. Get To Know Them

This step may be weird but it is really good if you want to be their friends.

  1. Focus On Their Flaws

Because you know them more, you’ll know their flaws and you can use it to cut off the feelings.

  1. Accept The Reality

The reality is that the love you have for her is not going to work. This will help you move on.

  1. Shoo Away Jealous Thoughts

Whenever you start to become jealous, you need to make that thought go away because it will continue if you let it to.

  1. Try Not To Be With Them Too Much

Being with them too much will be just a painful reminder of what you could have but don’t. This is the most simple ways on How to Move On from a Relationship when You are Still in Love

  1. Don't Be Curious About Their Love Life

Asking around about her romantic connection is useless and it is a form of self inflicted pain. Never do this to yourself.

  1. Find Something In Common

A hobby, a movie, or some random interest will make you two closer as friends and this can be the only basis of your friendship if you want it to be.

  1. Never Flirt With Them Again

Using the Ways to Flirt Without Coming On Too Strong to a friend is not normal. That is why you need to completely stop flirting and hoping to get their love.

  1. Find Another Love Interest

If you are already preoccupied with a certain someone, it will be easier to move on from this girl.

  1. Don’t Spend Time Alone With Them Too Much

Spending time alone is a recipe for disaster and this is the most important lesson on how to go from wanting her to only being friends with her.

  1. Have A Group Chat With Them

Group chat saves you from talking alone with them but it still makes you a close friend.

  1. Find Something Else To Be Busy About

Being obsessed with something else works great to divert your mind from the obsession you have towards her.

  1. Be Distant From Them For A While

Distance will make a feeling fade slowly.

  1. Don't Talk About Them Romantically Ever Again

When you talk about them in a romantic tone, it means you are still showing the signs that a boy has a crush on you.

  1. Don't Stalk Them On Social Media

This will just further hurt you.


Tips To Lose Feeling Towards Them Quickly

Falling out of love intentionally is never an easy thing but sometimes it needs to be done for the sake of the connection that you have towards them. Here is how to lose feelings towards them quickly ;

  1. Know The Advantages Of Being Friends With Them

The advantages are you  will be with them way longer and the chance of losing them is really slim. You’ll know based on this Should You Be Friends With Your Ex If You Want Them Back?

  1. Remember The Danger Of Being Their Romantic Partner

Some of it are if you break up, the relationship might be shattered and you might lose her forever.

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  1. Always Refer To Them As Your Friend

Never refer them as your crush or any other romantic calling.

  1. Find A Happy Place In Your Head

If you ever think about your love for her again, quickly go to a happy place in your head as your distraction.

Signs That You Are Ready To Be Their Friend

Letting go of all of your feelings must be hard and the road must’ve seemed endless. You’ll know that you’ve moved on and ready to be their friends when you see these signs ;

  1. You Aren’t Jealous

The good thing is, you don’t show any  signs that he is jealous of you with another guy because you no longer want her to be within your life.

  1. You Aren’t Bothered With The ‘What ifs..’

Pain that comes with the ‘what if’ question doesn’t pop up anymore because you are completely free from that feeling.

  1. Spending Time With Them Doesn’t Make You Hurt

This is because you no longer wish that you have her as your girlfriend.

  1. You Are No Longer Dependent On Their Presence

For you that have moved on, you don’t miss her even when you are seperated from her.

It Is important to be free from what is holding you down and making you stressed out. Most of the time it is your failed love interest. But you don’t have to throw away that precious connection too soon. Instead, what you need to do is these ways on how to go from wanting her to only being friends with her. In the end, you will know why the friendship is much more precious !

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