Will Libra Man Come Back after Breakup? Or Will He Forget Me?

by Michelle Devani

Have you gone through a painful break-up with a Libra man?

Are you wondering if there’s any chance of him coming back?

This guide will help you calculate the odds of this happening. It explains the scenarios in which a Libra man is most likely to forgive and forget.

But before we begin this guide, it’s important that you digest the following sentences with care.  

The truth about whether your man will come back lies mostly in whether he has moved on or not…

And there’s no real way to speculate whether he has if you’re apart from him. 

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Alternatively, you can scroll for more information about when and why a Libra will return to his ex.

A breakup is always tough, especially if it’s one-sided. You still love your Libra man but you don’t know how he feels. Will he come back after a breakup? Maybe he will, maybe he won’t.

Factors That Will Make A Libra Man Wants To Get Back With You

1. The cause of the breakup seems silly

Will Libra man come back after breakup? The chances are high if the cause of the breakup seemed silly. He’s the kind of lover that forgives. Getting upset is normal.

But if the cause of the breakup is nothing serious like cheating then he will want to come back to you. Get to know How to Get Libra Man Come Back after Breakup that truly works.

2. You never stop giving him attention

One of the Libra weaknesses is his ego. You can make him fall for you all over again by never stop giving him attention. So even if the two of you are broken up, keep in touch. Send him texts and call him when possible. Make the effort to make him feel special.

3. He misses you

He misses you

When the Libra man has spent most of his time in a relationship, a breakup will cause a huge hole in his heart. His life feels incomplete. There’s something that just doesn’t feel right. And so he starts to miss you.

He thinks about you and wonders how you’re doing now. Most importantly, if you ever wish to give the relationship another go just like he does.

4. He badly needs someone in his life

Sometimes, the Libra man feels better having someone he can trust in his life. That one person he can rely on. So when that need becomes stronger, he will come crawling back to you. You’re his ex so you know him best. He wouldn’t want to waste too many time to start from scratch with someone else.

5. He notices you've changed for the better

A dating coach says that people like it when they get to see someone bettering themselves.

Despite their shortcomings, it still shows growth and maturity. It’s something that a Libra man also likes. Once he notices that you’ve changed for the better, he’ll go crazy for you. It's also How to Get A Libra Man to Commit to A Relationship

6. He sees you work hard to get him back

Does the question, will Libra man come back after a breakup keeps you up at night?

Sleep like a baby when you know you’ve worked hard to get him back. Your efforts to make him be yours again don’t go unnoticed. It's actually one of the Things A Libra Man Looks for in A Woman. The Libra man pays attention to everything you’ve done for him.

7. He likes your personality

When you’re dating a Libra man, make sure you get him hooked to your personality. Be charming, funny and open. Once a breakup happens, he’s going to get addicted to you. He won’t last too long without you by his side. He’ll be back in your embrace in no time.

8. You seem genuine

Always be genuine with your words and actions around the Libra man. Don’t even think of faking it.

So be very sure that you do love him and you want him to come back to you. Being genuine is a great way to his heart. Know more Ways to Make a Libra Man Fall in Love with You.

9. Life is going pretty well for him

Ever heard that people only come to you when life treats them badly? That’s not the case for the Libra man.  The truth is that he’s going to come back to you when life is going pretty well for him.

He’s in a good mood, everything looks fine and so he just needs someone to complete his life and make it perfect. That’s where you come in.

10. You’re his true love

You’re his true love

Really, will Libra man come back after breakup? If you’re his true love then it’s a definite yes. The Libra man is a romantic, in the sense that he does want to spend the rest of his life with ‘the one’.

Even if you’re an ex, he won’t mind it. Just as long as you’re the woman that he thinks is the right one for him. So here are handy Things You Need to Know Before You Date A Libra to make him realize you're his soulmate.

Michelle Devani
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