Will Libra Man Come Back After Breakup? (11 Positive Ways To Get Him Back)

Last updated on June 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Have you gone through a painful break-up with a Libra man?

Are you wondering if there’s any chance of him coming back?

This guide will help you calculate the odds of this happening. It explains the scenarios in which a Libra man is most likely to forgive and forget.

But before we begin this guide, it’s important that you digest the following sentences with care.  

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What To Do After Breaking Up With A Libra Man

Many times we let go of relationships for certain reasons without thinking about them in the long run. With time, these decisions either make us sad or happy and free. If the latter happens, we begin to find ways to get our ex-partners back. 

Of course, it’s not an easy task to do especially if you ended the relationship. This happens with every kind of partner, Libra man inclusive. The Libra man is a natural lover and would do anything to make your relationship with them work. They also have flaws but would compromise enough to make sure you’re happy so I can understand it if you regret losing them. 

The Libra man loves attention and romance, but after a breakup, it’s very hard to get him back. That’s because this zodiac sign gives his all into any relationship, so it’s hard for him to come back after a breakup, especially if things ended sourly.

If you’re not together with your Libra man anymore, you may be wondering if there’s any way to make him come back or if there’s any chance you guys will get back together. It may seem hard but trust me, nothing is impossible. Keep reading to know possible ways to rekindle your love and get back together with your Libra man.

11 Ways To Get A Libra Man Back After A Breakup

1. Reach Out

Whenever you miss someone, the normal thing to do is to send a friendly message to check up on them if you haven’t spoken in a while.

Don’t hold it in. Try to reach out to your Libra man to know how he’s doing, but let it be natural. You have nothing to lose. He may react or respond a certain way because he feels it’s strange for you to reach out to them especially if it’s been a minute since the breakup. 

But if you are intent on getting your Libra man back, you have to set pride aside and do the needful. I’ll advise you don’t talk about anything love-related until you’re sure the time is right.

2. Accept Your Faults

accept your faults

One solution to every problem is identifying and accepting it. It’s a remedy to any situation you find yourself in. 

Let your Libra ex-lover know that you know what you did was wrong and hurtful. If it’s fine by him, you may choose to chat, text, or meet physically to talk about it. Create a friendly atmosphere so things don’t get awkward between both of you. 

3. Apologize For Your Mistakes

Apologies go a long way in every form of relationship especially when you mean them. People want to know you are remorseful for hurting them. Plus tendering an apology is one of the purest ways of showing your sorry you are about what caused the breakup in the first place.

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Libras love it when everything is in harmony. Apologize for your past wrongdoings. Give logical reasons why you think your relationship will work if you have another chance. The Libra man wants to know you understand him and he’s safe with you. If you can prove this, they could forget and move on from past conflicts. 

4. Be Supportive And Switch Topics

When you reconcile with friends, family, lovers, or people in general; always try to find out what they’ve been up to and try to help them in any way you can.

So, if you want to get a Libra man back, don’t just jump right in and start talking about the breakup or getting together again. Find out how he’s been coping with life generally and volunteer to help whenever and however you can. 

Bring up topics to talk about; things you know he would love to hear or be interested in. This is not just about getting back together as lovers but coming back strong as friends as well. 

5. Change Your Bad Ways

Libras are very observant. You don’t need to tell them certain things, they watch and study people on their own and come up with their own conclusions.

So, rather than reach out to your Libra man immediately after the breakup, it may be time to work on yourself. It will get better when he sees you’re trying your best to put things in place especially if that particular habit contributed to your separation in the first place. 

He’s silently watching to see if you’ll get better compared to the past. Trust me, he’ll do everything possible to make sure he doesn’t get hurt again.

6. Be Patient And Persistent

be patient and persistent

From my observation, these two qualities make a lot of relationships, businesses, and plans become successful in the long run.

So the best way to get a Libra man back even after the breakup is to be patiently persistent. Libras could sometimes be indecisive but could also succumb to persistence. So take your time with him but at the same time, message as often as necessary and send out positive vibes only. Just be moderate about it so you don’t irritate him.

7. Ask And Accept His Input

Getting back together with your Libra ex-lover is about giving and taking. Ask for his suggestions and thoughts about your plans and how he thinks you should handle them. You may not take his suggestions but it would make the air clearer and also give you an opportunity to subtly let your Libra ex know how you feel about reconnecting with him.

8. Suggest A Physical Meetup

Physical meetups crown it most times. You get to express yourself, see his reaction up-close and your tone would be understood more.

Go to nice places preferably the ones you visited or you both loved when you were in a relationship. You can add some soft flirty gestures but don’t look too desperate. Libras want to see that you’re still composed even when they know you like them. 

9. Reminisce About Good Memories

Talking about positive things or moments in the past means a lot. You could make him smile a few times from remembering the good times you both shared together. Libras love to feel special and they love to know your time together was valuable to you. You can reminisce about the littlest but significant moments you had. It doesn’t have to be something so big. 

10. Leave Old Problems Behind

As much as you talk about the good times you shared, avoid talking about old problems you both had before the breakup. It gives out the wrong vibe.

Don’t remind him of how bad he handled a particular issue, how he stood you up for a date, or how he stopped your conversation to talk to his family. This would just make things worse. It could ruin your possible chances of getting back together with him. So be careful about what you say. 

11. Let Him Know How You Feel

let him know how you feel

Apart from being nice to him, it’s always good to say exactly what you want. You may do all the things I mentioned above and he could think you just want to be nice to correct your past bad actions.

So tell him you would like both of you to give it another chance. Let him know how much you appreciate the time you spent together in your relationship. Tell and show him how ready you are to make things work. Assure him you would do your best to make it right this time. Libras want to know you would compromise and reciprocate their good deeds. It will help build up his trust for you again.


How do I get my Libra man back?

Take initial steps to communicate with him. Be determined but not pushy and let him know your intentions. Also, listen to his expectations and assure him that you’ll try your best to make it work if given a second chance.

Does a Libra man regret losing you?

A Libra man may feel bad losing you if he realizes he didn’t appreciate you as much as he should have. So if he feels he didn’t give so much love and attention in return for your compromises, he would regret losing you

How do you know if a Libra man misses you?

Libra men are open with sharing their feelings if they still like you. They let you know how they feel especially if you’re or were the highlight of their social life. But sometimes, it’s hard for them to open up their feelings especially if they’re not sure how you’ll react.

How do you tell if a Libra man is over you?

He may be a bit quiet or better still ignore you when he’s over you. A Libra man would reduce and filter the information he gives you in relation to his personal life or other activities he’s involved in.

Does Libra man like to be chased?

Libra men love to play games a lot. They could make you feel like you’re in charge when in reality, they are. As much as you want him back, don’t be all up in his face. They would prefer to be the one chasing you. So, I would suggest you give them some time to miss you as well.

On A Final Note

It's not easy to get back with a Libra man but try the possible things I listed above and watch things unfold. One of them will definitely work. I hope you enjoyed this article. If you did, please share it and leave a comment below. 

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