7 Signs It's Time To Let Go Of Someone You Love

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

In a relationship, especially a romantic one, a couple cannot always have sweet and fun days in their relationship. Of course there are always ups and downs in their journey of love. Many of them tend to hide what really happened in their relationship, including the fact that they have to let their lover go.

There are some questions that often arise like, "Should I let him go because, let's say, I don't know what to do when my boyfriend takes me for granted? Or, "Should I let her go because she has betrayed me?"

Someone might even think "I don't feel any excitement when I'm with my boyfriend anymore, but I don't feel like letting him go" or "I'm not happy with my relationship with her, but how do I stop it?", and many other thoughts and questions that often arise from someone's relationship.

In fact, if you feel that your relationship is going nowhere or it makes you struggle alone, that thing could be a sign for you to stop and to let it go. There are even some other signs that can help you to decide whether you should carry on your relationship or end it right away. If you decide to let your lover go, you need not to worry because there are some best ways to forget your ex that you can try.

But there are not many people who know exactly when it is time to let go of someone they love. For that reason, this article will discuss about some signs it’s time to let go of someone you love.


1. When Your Lover's Expectations Don't Match Your Personality

when your lovers expectations don't match your personality

In establishing a relationship, expectations often arise about what kind of continuation of the relationship you are living.

If you are in the stage of letting her/him go, you will realize that what your lover expects is very different from your personality.

Your lover seems to behave like controlling the personality as your lover imagined but does not provide good feedback for your relationship with your lover.

2. When Your Lover Shows Inconsistency To You

If you feel that your lover is not consistent with what she/he said to you, maybe you should let her/him go.

Such inconsistencies can be a sign that your lover is starting to look for loopholes to avoid you, because her/his inconsistencies can often be a cause of conflicts in your relationship.

3. When Your Lover Always Destroys The Trust You Give

In a relationship, trust is an important key. But if the trust you give is continually destroyed by your lover, this is not the time for you to forgive her/him.

This time you have to let it go. A relationship like this can be a toxic relationship and it is not good for you and your happiness.

4. When Your Lover Never Appreciates You

What do you expect from someone who never appreciates all things you have done? It will just continually hurt you.

This thing can be a sign for you to let go of your relationship. You certainly want to appreciate and be appreciated, right?

5. When You Always Have To Sacrifice Your Happiness

Never sacrifice your happiness to someone who is selfish towards you. Just like your lover, you also have a right to be happy in your relationship. That is because you really deserve to be happy.

If you cannot get that happiness from your lover, then it is time to say goodbye to her/him. Someone who really loves you is supposed to make you happy, right?

6. When You Never Have A Chance To Talk

when you never have the chance to talk

Every time you are arguing with your lover, do you get a chance to talk and explain everything? If not, then this could be a perfect time to let go of your relationship.

You do not need to feel sorry about your decision because of this reason. Your lover deserves it, and you deserve a better lover.

7. When Your Relationship Exhausts You

Sometimes you are in a tired point in your relationship. If you feel this continuously, maybe this is indeed your time to stop and let it go. There is no reason for you to continue your relationship with your toxic lover.

Those are some signs it’s time to let go of someone you love that you should know.

If you have to break up with your lover, you still have people who really love you, like your family or your best friends. Enjoy your time with them since that is one of easy ways to make yourself happy after a break up. Cheer up!

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