30 Unfortunate Signs Your Boyfriend's Family Doesn’t Like You

Last updated on June 6, 2022 by Michelle Devani

The first sign of getting serious in a relationship is meeting their family. You need to impress them to truly get their approval to strengthen your relationship. Are you getting the sign that it will not happen?

Being disliked by the family is a common thing that happen. But sometimes we are so blinded by our ego that we don’t see it happening which makes the matters even worse. Here are the real signs your boyfriend family doesn’t like you;


1. He Is Getting More Distant Towards You

Because of the bad response from the family, your boyfriend might start being distant from you.

2. His Family Never Greets You With Warmth

No early hugging, no warm hello. This is all because they really don’t like you and doesn’t bother faking it.

3. His Family Never Says Yes To An Invite From You

Whenever you suggest a hang out to get to know them, you are always rejected by their fake ‘busy moments’.

4. A Family outing Is Still Done Without You

Many family outings is done without you even if the you think your boyfriend already shows the Signs He is Your Real Soulmate

5. His Family Doesn’t Want To Meet Your Family

Meeting your family is the thing that they despise the most since they don’t like you in the first place.

6. They Look At You Angrily

Looking at you disapprovingly is something they will do often and it will start to intimidate you after it is done long enough.

7. They Talk About You Badly Behind Your Back

they talk about you badly behind your back

Talking bad things about you behind your back will be done a lot since they can’t utter their disappointment blatantly.

8. His Family Doesn’t Want To Keep Physical Closeness With You

Sitting close to you, hugging you, embracing you will not be done since they are just so repulsed by you.

9. Always Doubting Your Every Move

Whenever you do something, they doubt it because they don’t believe in you.

10. Judgement Always Comes Towards Your Action

There is a never ending critic to what you do. 

11. Disapproving Of Almost All The Things You Say

Even if what you say was true, they will find a way to disapprove it simply because they don’t like you.

12. Rarely Laughing At Your Joke

Either they don’t find you funny or their hatred just blocks the happiness that is coming from you.

13. Leaving You Out From A Conversation

They can even leave you out from the conversation on purpose just to make you feel alienated.

14. Forgetting Your Existence

The most outrageous signs your boyfriend family doesn’t like you is that they forgot you exist.

15. Hooking Up Their Son With Someone Else

His family will hate you so much that they think that there are other people that shows more Signs She is A Wife Material than you.

16. Often Doubting The Relationship

They doubt if your relationship is really worth it.

17. Rarely Praising The Relationship

There will be no time when they praise how beautiful and great your relationship with him is now. This is because they want you out of the picture. 

18. Never Imagining A Future Together

They don’t imagine a future with you and advise your boyfriend to not show the Signs He's Thinking of A Future With You

19. Making A Big Deal Out Of The Mistake You Made

Every little mistake you make will be an ongoing drama.

20. Comparing You To Other Girls

Out of hatred, they start comparing you to other girls and always finding you as the weaker one.

21. Not Liking It When Seeing You Two Close Together

not liking it when seeing you two close together

Making you be apart will be done when they see you together.

22. Rarely Making Warm Eye Contact With You

They can’t even manage to look at you without hating you.

More Ways To Know That You Are Being Disapproved By His Family

The devastating thing is when the relationship is going so well but his family disapproves of everything, especially the relationship. Here is the devastating ways to know that the disapproval is happening;

1. Often Laughing At What You Do

The laugh is not a warm one but a demeaning one where you feel ashamed afterwards.

2. Criticizing Your Looks

They start to really criticise your appearance.

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3. Belittling You By Comparing You With His Exes

It seems that his exes will always be someone that is better than you.

4. Never Seems To Remember A Thing About You

Details about you will not be remembered because they are blinded by their hatred.

5. Blatantly Calling You With Hideous Nicknames

Be patient when they call you with bad nicknames.

6. The Conversations Are Short With Them

There is no long conversation because talking to you makes them spin.

7. Rarely Ask How You Are Doing

To be frank, they don’t care about how you are doing. 

Ways On How To Deal With The Bad Response From The Family

If you are confused and desperate on what to do when you got all that bad responses, don’t worry. Here are the real ways on how to deal with such bad things;

1. Don’t Fight Back

Even if they have treated you so badly, do not sink to their level and show the Ways to Get Revenge on Someone You Hate because it will only make their hatred justified.

2. Be True About Who You Are

Simply have confidence and be true about who you are. Don’t care about them too much.

3. Continue To Show Your Kindness

Show your kindness even in this trying time.

4. Be Strong

Strenth will make you admirable.

Finding that the ones that is most important to the relationship shows the signs your boyfriend family doesn’t like you must be hard. It can make you feel down and even weaken the relationship. But you need to believe that the love is stronger and start to do the peaceful ways on how to deal with it.

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