20 Dangers of a Long Term Relationship #1 Unhealthy

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Being in a relationship with someone you love is a wonderful thing. Who wouldn’t want to have a successful long term relationship with someone who might be your soulmate? But is it really as good as it sounds?

Dangers of a Long Term Relationship

Apparently, there are some risks that you should know about a long term relationship. Here are the dangers that you have to know before you make up your mind:

1. Limiting Your Social Circles

One of the dangers of a long term relationship is its potential of limiting the amount of friends that you have. Your time is spent most on your boyfriend or girlfriend. You won’t realise it right away but you’re actually spending less and less time to mingle with other people. Even the people that you’re close with, such as your friends or family, can’t even have your full attention.

You’ll become so dependable to your partner that you’ll forget how to be on your own two feet. You might even end up losing your best friends when it’s so important to keep them in your life. Why? Because your best friends would not leave you. After you break up with your partner and you won’t see them anymore. But best friends, they stick with you through the thick and the thin.

2. Consumptive Lifestyle

Maintaining a relationship is not cheap. You might have to spend a lot of money for the person that you love. Although that’s not exactly an ideal relationship, you might feel the need to spend more to make them stay in your life. Other than that, you may not even realise that you haven’t been good with your money.

This consumptive and wasteful behaviour is often related to the notion of sacrificing yourself for the person that you love. It could be in the form of buying them presents, taking them out to dinner or throwing a surprise party. You are allowed to do those things but you should limit yourself so you won’t run into money trouble later. You must know Signs that He is Dead Serious about You before sacrificing everything.

3. Less Productive

This could happen to any couples who have dated for a long time. Young couples may prefer to stay in with each other instead of expanding on their jobs or hobbies. Quality time is important for couples but it should not be too frequent.

You’re young and there’s a lot of opportunities out there. Instead of being to content with your relationship, make a promise to grow together. Couples who are too focused on each other will become less productive. Later, they may regret this which will lead into a huge argument.

4. High Amount of Stress

Some couples rarely fight in a relationship while some do. Those who do fight often may end up with a lot of stress that might harm them. The fights could be about job problems or conflicting opinions. But they all lead to stress. It’s definitely not a good thing and long term couples should talk about it with one another. If they refuse to open up then the stress could be disastrous. 

5. Violence in the Relationship

Violence is a serious threat in the dangers of a long term relationship. The stress that we just said before could even lead up to violence. There has been a lot of cases for all kinds of abuses from couples. This is a major concern for students who might be risking their future.

It’s also a concern for families with kids as innocent lives might be harmed. Violence is a serious danger for that everyone should be careful with. These Ways to Leave an Emotionally Abusive Relationship are very important to know.

6. Lowered Concentration

This one is related to the issue of being less productive. Couples may find it hard to concentrate on their own abilities as they are so consumed with thoughts about each other. This will definitely cause a damage in their school or work performance. Couples will miss out on a lot of things that could make them successful in the future. All their passions and all their creativities will be gone, especially if they’re involved in an abusive long term relationship.

7. Too Caught Up in Fantasies

There’s a lot to think about when you’re in long term relationship. You think about what the future holds for you. Perhaps you’re planning a little family with some children? Or spending the rest of your life with your loved one somewhere far out of the country?

But if you don’t have a concrete plan with your partner then all those are just fantasies. You’re only going to be caught up in thoughts that will never happen. It’s not unusual for a long term relationship to break suddenly. Thinking about the future is okay as long as you don’t get too carried away. Learn these Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend You Want to Get Married.

8. Chances of Cheating

One of the biggest dangers of a long term relationship is cheating. Married couples face it so there’s no guarantee that an unmarried couple won’t have to go through it. There’s many reasons for affairs but it is still one of the most brutal form of betrayal.

The chances for it to happen will increase with fights, arguments and all sorts of disagreements. Long term couples really need to be open with each other if they want to avoid this. Get to know the Signs that She Doesn't Want to Marry You.

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Watch Out for These Dangers Too

Don’t leave out these dangers in a long term relationship that are important as well.

  1. Getting too bored.
  2. Too many uncertainties.
  3. Committing sins if you’re a religious person.
  4. Missing out important family occasions.
  5. Turning down great job offers.
  6. Unable to make up your own mind.
  7. Losing yourself or your personality before the relationship happen.

Do these Ways to Break Up in a Long Term Relationship if it doesn't feel right anymore.

A long term relationship takes a lot of commitment. Never jump right into it if you don’t feel mature enough to go through with one. Make sure that you are picking out the right person for you. You might spend the rest of your life with them.

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