How Do You Ask a Girl For Her Number On Instagram? (17 Great Tips)

Last updated on April 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you messaging a woman on Instagram and trying to get her phone number?

You’re smart in wanting to do this, as swapping numbers is a step forward in your relationship. Once you have her number, you’ll be seen as a personal contact in her mind, rather than some ‘fan’ who slid in her DMs.

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Then, once you’re familiar with the concept, you can use the tips below to increase the odds of getting that hot Instagram babe’s phone number.


Top Tips for Asking a Girl for Her Number on Instagram

Have you ever asked a girl for her number on Instagram? It can be overwhelming, if not terrifying! If you ask a girl for her number on Instagram, aren’t you being cheesy or acting like a stalker? How can you sound genuine when you ask for her number on Instagram? It’s all so confusing, right? So how do you ask a girl for her number on Instagram?

The best thing you can do is to start by getting to know the girl or woman. Understand what makes her tick, what her favorite things are, and what she loves the most before you ask for her number. You have a better chance of getting a girl’s number if you first understand her and what she loves. Girls will post on Instagram pictures of what they love the most in the world!

So, get to know her before trying to get her number. Then, you can casually bring it up in conversation. You might ask for a girl’s number as you are trying to update your phone numbers. Just casually mention you’d love to add her phone number to your cell. 

For more tips, stay tuned; we’re going to cover how to get her number on Instagram!

1. Like her pictures

While a great way to get a girl to notice you is to like her pictures, you don’t want to look desperate or lonely by liking all of her images. You can like most of them, but I would recommend picking and choosing your favorites. Then, let her know she is lovely or breathtaking in your conversation, and take the time to get to know her better.

2. Ask if you could talk

There’s no way around it; you can just be straightforward and honest with what you want. Maybe say something like, “I’d love to hear your voice. Could we have a phone conversation?” Say, “I bet we would have the best conversation, the kind where you talk for hours and wonder where the time went because it flew right by!”

Before you straight up ask to get her number, take the time to get to know her through direct messages. Make sure she is a girl who you’d like to maybe start dating one day. You’d hate to waste your time with a lengthy phone conversation with a girl or woman who wasn’t right for you - you could have known it if you’d have talked more on DM.

3. See if she will check out your profile

see if she will check out your profile

Getting her number is kind of one of the last steps you’d take to get her to the dating relationship status. First, you need her to take notice of you; you should mention to her that you are eager for her to check out your Instagram profile to see if she’s even interested in getting to know you better via chatting. 

Once she checks out your profile and follows you, you’re in if she’s interested in pursuing the relationship further. It may be easy getting her number if she sees that you have a lot in common or she is very interested in something on your profile. She may just give you her number without you having to ask for it.

4. Get to know her

Now, she’s following you on Instagram and vice versa. It’s time to be a man and really get to know her. Ask her questions and pay attention to her answers. You could always see if she’d be interested in texting at this point to get to know each other better. Maybe send her a direct message giving her your number, welcoming her to hit you up!

5. Give her your number

If you give her your number, you could say something like, “Hey! If you’d like to chat more sometime about this, here’s my number!” Then, she can enter it into her phone and give you a buzz or text whenever she is ready to do that. You’ve now opened up the doors to communication. 

Plus, when girls give you their number, you have it and can save it! I would caution against going crazy with texting when dating, though. You want to leave girls wanting a little more every time you leave them. Make sure you always put your best foot forward, too. Don’t come across as a needy guy or desperate man.

6. Have a meaningful conversation

Show real interest in her so that she will want to chat on the phone even more. If she’s truly passionate about your conversation on whatever topic you’re discussing, there’s a good chance she will want to take up plenty of your time, which is awesome! Try to have real conversations about meaningful subjects to get the best results! 

7. Let her get to know you

While it is important that you get to know her well as you pursue her, it’s equally important that she get to know you. If you are shy, this could be challenging, but you could make a list of questions ahead of time that will give you plenty of things to talk about!

8. Be unique

Be traditional, old-fashioned, different from the other guys out there. Be a class act - someone that makes her take a step back and think, “Whoa! What is going on with this guy? I’d truly like to learn more about him. How interesting!” You want her to be fascinated by you. Don’t make anything up, but show her your colorful side.

9. Wait for the chemistry to be right

wait for the chemistry to be right

I specifically asked around to find the best solution here, and I was told that you need to wait until you’ve had a few nice conversations, the ones where you walk away with a smile on your face and butterflies in your tummy. Then, you’ll know when the chemistry is right because you’ll feel it in your soul. That’s when you ask for her number!

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10. Show you have common interests

Look at her profile and images to see what you could best talk about. What do you have in common with her? What things does this girl love that you also love? Find commonalities so that you will have plenty of stuff to talk about. Even if it’s just that she has a puppy and you love dogs, that’s still a passion you can share!

Your conversations will be lively and exciting because you both get interested, passionate, wound up, and ecstatic about the same things! Take advantage of your common interests, and be sure to point them out when you speak with her. This will lead you much closer to the conversation where you can ask for her number!

11. See if you have mutual friends

This is NOT a bad idea at all! Go see if you have any friends in common. That will give you an edge in with this girl for sure! Give it a shot! What do you have to lose?

12. Be confident

It’s pretty hard to be confident on social media because you aren’t really there in person. You are typing or something like that. People don’t see the personality behind the words. However, you can change that by making videos on social media. Consider creating stories where you have very short videos where you talk confidently about your fav stuff.

Another way you can show confidence is with your tone and representation. If you want to best represent yourself, make your values be known. If you are a workaholic and put your job first, say that in your profile. Then, when you post things, make them specific to your industry to show support toward the things that you hold most dear to your heart.

Also, don’t forget to act like an adult! Online, people can act like real children. They say one thing, and the next day they do the opposite. They aren’t consistent with their values or what they care about. You can also see these people causing lots of drama online when they pick fights with other people on purpose. Stay away from drama!

If you disagree with something this girl says in a conversation, just let her know that you have a different point of view. You can happily share it with her, but let her know you have no desire to start a debate on the subject (unless you actually do and can control your end of the disagreement). This shows maturity and confidence.

13. Act naturally

You don’t want to force anything, or you won’t get the results you were hoping for. I know it’s hard to be natural on Instagram, but you’ll have to try. The best way I know to do this is to pretend as if you two are having a real conversation in person. Just imagine her sitting on your couch carrying on a conversation with you. Be casual just like that.

14. Be specific and personal

So that you don’t come across as a creepy guy who sends the same messages to every girl, make sure that your messages are unique and specific to her. You’ll want to mention specific things about her so that she knows you aren’t sending her some premade message. Be sure you spell her name right, as well! That’s so important!!

15. Stand out from the crowd

You want to be different from the other men who are sending her messages. You can do this by being special and unique. Tell her a fascinating story, something that happened in your life that really stood out. If you have more than one great story, go ahead and share! You want her to know that she can count on you to give her a fun time!

16. Get her to share something with you

get her to share something with you

Maybe tell her you need some specific information off the internet, and see if she will send it to you. Ask her something that only she would know, maybe something that relates to her job. Then, you will have her full focus because she’s gone out of her way to do something for you. She’ll want to follow up with you, so you two will have a bond!

17. Slide into a DM with her

Another way to say this is to find a slick way to carry on a conversation with the girl. Maybe you notice you both have the same unique couch from one of her pics. Just let her know that you love her couch and maybe send a similar pic of you in your living room with the couch in the background. Say, “You’ve got good taste!”


How do you ask a girl for her number on social media?

You can get her number by starting a conversation with her. Get to know her through messages before dating her. She’ll be much more receptive to giving you her phone number if you get to know her first. DM her to see what you have in common.

How do you politely ask a girl for her number?

To get her number politely, you could casually mention that you’d like to chat sometime on the phone. Ask her if she’d give you her phone number so that you can give her individual attention. Let her know you love texting and want to get to know her better.

How can I impress a girl on Instagram chat?

Be confident with yourself. Show pictures that put you in a good light. You are more likely to get the attention of girls if you show nice-looking pictures - ones where you look your best. You can also be confident in messages with your tone, attitude, and words.

How do you tell if a girl likes you?

If a girl likes you, she is likely to give you her phone numbers - work, personal, fax - you name it. She’ll want to stay in touch, so she’ll do her best to give you all of her contact information. She’ll also want to send you many DMs (Direct Messages)!

How do I ask a girl for friendship on chat?

If you want to only be friends, just send her a message saying that you are not pursuing her for dating purposes but really like her and want to be friends. Girls appreciate a guy who is honest about his intentions, even if they are to just be a friend.

To Sum It All Up

What tips do you have for getting a girl’s number on Instagram? How have guys successfully gotten your phone number? When dating a guy, what prompted you to give him your phone number when you met? We’d love to hear all about it - from guys and girls! Please comment below!

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