My Girlfriend Doesn't Want Me to Hang Out With My Friends, What Should I Do?

Last updated on June 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Being in a relationship doesn't mean that you have to be together every single time. Both of you also need some times to hang out with another person.

But maybe, some of you find out that it was hard to gain some trust from your girlfriend. It is possible if she shows signs of possessive girl, especially if you told her that you want to hang out with your friends. Those kinds of control may lead to a toxic relationship, although in some case it was just her worries towards you.

Here are some reasons why your girlfriend doesn't want you to hang out with your friends.

  1. She feels insecure in the relationship

This usually happens if she is somehow introvert and shy while you are a social butterfly, and you have so many both men and women friends.

She maybe thought that she wasn't as attractive as your friends, or she was in worry that you will put more interest and attention to your friends. You also have to know ways to get an introvert to open up emotionally.

2. Your friends may lead you to bad things

Girls have strong feelings toward their beloved one. You have to figure out who are your friends, and did they give negative impacts to you. If your friends didn't do bad things to your life, you just to have convinced her and let her know who are you hanging out with.

3. She tried to control you

A healthy relationship wouldn't make someone sacrifice something that you need in your life just for the sake of the relationship itself.

If your girlfriend didn't allow you to gather with your friend with no specific reason that could be understandable, it means there was something wrong with her.

You have to know the difference between protectiveness and possessiveness that will lead to a toxic relationship. Here are signs of an unhealthy relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend:

  • Lack of trust and communication
  • Loads of negative energy
  • Avoidance and disrespect
  • Control issues
  • Dishonesty, uncertainty, and self-betrayal
  • Makes you unhappy and uncomfortable
  • Filled with criticism
  • Lowers your standard
  • Victim-hood and drama
  • Egoistic, all take and no give

The only thing you have to know is the reason why your girlfriend doesn't want you to hang out with your friend. Here are some tips to convince her and make her trust you more.

  1. Evaluate yourself first

Did you ever do a mistake that makes her lose her trust to you? Maybe you have to show her that she can give you a second chance. Show some ways to get a girl back after you cheated.

2. Introduce you friends to her

Maybe she does it because she didn't know your friends well. Try to bring her every time you hang out with your friends. This is the best way to gain trust and vanish her insecurity.

3. Let her know your daily routines

If you want to be trusted, you have to show that you are able to be trusted. It doesn't mean that you are not allowed to have privacy, you just to have to show that you are trustworthy to be believed.

4. Or maybe, this is the time to break up

She already knows your friends, and you let her know your routines every day. But if she keeps controlling your do-and-don'ts, your relationship may lead to a toxic one.

A relationship is about trusting each other. And if you want to be trusted, you have to show that you are reliable. You also have to trust your partner back to gain more trust. Don't worry, because the characteristic of a healthy and unhealthy relationship will be revealed as time passed.

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