What To Do When A Capricorn Woman Pulls Away Without Obvious Reasons?

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When a woman gets angry or mad at you, it might give you headache, trying to figure out the reason why and how to soothe her. You might spend a lot of time, figuring out what to do when a Virgo woman is mad at you, probably even what to do when an Aquarius woman is mad at you.

But you need to realize that when a woman pulls away, it'll get a lot more confusing and probably, frustrating too.

Why an Aquarius woman pulls away? You might find it hard enough understanding the reasons. But, then, what to do when a Capricorn woman pulls away? It's not easy to figure out how when you really don't realize what you've done so wrong to her.


What To Do When A Capricorn Woman Pulls Away Without Obvious Reasons

Here are few tips that you could try to get your Capricorn woman back in your arms:

1. Be Trustworthy

be trustworthy

Many Capricorn woman find it hard to trust someone fully as soon as they know that person. She needs process, and sometimes she'll tend to take steps back, pulling herself away as she's having problem trusting you. When this happens, show her that she can trust you with no problems.

Show her that you're trustworthy that she has nothing to worry about. You can do this by keeping your words, showing her that you're a man of your words. Don't flirt too much with other woman, for this will make her process of trusting you get slower.

2. Try To Reach Her

Even if she's pulling away, don't leave her be. Of course this doesn't mean you have to chase her off and annoy her. You should at least try to get a hold of her, through chats, calls, or coming in person.

Don't be a pushover, but don't let a week pass by without you contacting her. She needs to know that you're still concerned. You're thinking about her, and trying to get her back even when she try to push you away. She wants to know that you're serious about liking her, that when she pulls away, you still try your best.

3. Ask Her

Capricorn woman tends to appear serious by nature. When she pulls away, you can have all the guessing about why would she do that, but you should never skip asking. You need to ask her, the reasons why she pulled away. What to do when a Capricorn woman pulls away?

Communicate with her. She might tell you why, but she might also keep quiet. No matter how she would respond, at least you're tried to understand her. This will help you a lot to know what should you do and resolve next.

4. Don't Push Her Away

What's the meaning of pushing her away here? Doing ridiculous things that she hates, blaming her, telling her off, and acting cold to her. These things could definitely chase her off. You might never get a chance to get back with her if you did those things when she pulls away.

You might feel upset and pissed off, but don't turn your back on her if you know you love her seriously. Put down your ego and refrain from being cold to her. It might please your ego, but it won't give any help to your damaged relationship.

Just like how you and your ego might feel like finding how to beat your girlfriend in an argument, but you know well that this will contribute nothing to your relationship. Girls, when your guy have tried hard to let their ego down to soothe you, don't be busy how to make your boyfriend chase you after a fight. Instead, be ready to forgive him and find a way to fix your relationship again.

5. Understand And Move

understand and move

When a Capricorn woman told you the reasons why she pulls away, then you have to try understanding what she's going through. No matter what could the reason be, you gotta put yourself in her shoes.

When you understand her, you'll know what to do. If there's anything you've done wrong that hurt her, you know you should apologize and fix that mistake. Whatever the reasons could be, you can find the solution when you understand her.

What to do when a Capricorn woman pulls away? Most guy would get emotional. They couldn't seem to get why would she pull away, and it could pissed them off. Then they'll guard their ego so hard that they didn't realize how cold or harsh were they on her.

When both parties pull away, then nothing is there to keep the relationship going, right? Try to do those tips that could help you to get your woman's heart back in a smooth way.

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