20 Smart Ways to Know Wife is Cheating

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The most important foundation in a relationship is faith. Without faith, both sides have nothing to hold on. That faith could be broken easily by an affair. Not only for the husband, wife could also cheating. It did hurt for both sides, but if it's true, you have to dig it deeper whether she is cheating or not. How to do it is very easy, and here are the ways to know wife is cheating.

1. Check Her Calls History

Well, call this an invasion to the privacy, but this is the Sneaky Ways to Catch Your Girlfriend Cheating often used by young men. But first you have to really make sure that she will be not around and look for her phone for some time. Scroll down her calls history and see who she called the most. Is there any unfamiliar name she never mentioned to you? It's too earl to become suspicious, but it's a sign after all.

2. She Spends More Time with Female Friends

A woman who has the Wife Material Signs in her loves to spend all of her time with her family rather than going out with friends. That is what she did all these time. But suddenly she going out with her friends a lot, having a series of nonstop reunion. From elementary school to college friends and even her old math club, she seemed to be too active in those events.

3. Suddenly Loves Going to Gym

You wife is not the type to hit the gym a lot, but recently she is very insecure to be in not a good shape. She is very eager and way too enthusiastic to hit the gym regularly. She doesn't ever bother to ask you to go together with her. She is doing very well on her own, and very independent. Just why she loves the gym that much? You must be wondering for whose sake she shape her body while you love her the way she is now.

4. Notice the Difference in Her Perfume

You have to very meticulous to catch on this one fact. Men usually doesn't paying attention to what kind of perfume their wives use. So when there is a difference with her smell, he barely notice. From now on, you have to smell you wife perfume before she's going out, and watch whether she still smell the same when she's home later. If there is any masculine smell on her, well, it's not her perfume. It's his.

5. Make an Eye Contact

Two people who love each other could see their partner's heart through the eyes. Ask her to sit together with you, and seek honesty inside her eyes. Have a deep conversation regarding what you have been feeling lately. You will know whether she's telling the truth or not.

6. Her Behavior on Bed

When a woman is cheating, her sexual behavior changes a lot. It is an undeniable Physical Signs of Wife Having an Affair. She becomes less interested in you. As her interest now is driven somewhere else. You will directly notice this. The reason why she is not interested in you is because she has another fantasy that make her happier and more eager.

7. Check Her Schedule

Whether your wife is working or not, one sure thing is she has a very heavy schedule throughout the weeks. She did busy of course, but not with meeting or reunion as she always said. She is busy making time to meet the other guy. She has no choice but to meet him outside, which make her seems very busy.

8. She Put On More Make Up

Her lipstick color is never this red, and she never bother to put on too much make up when out of home. This may be small and she has a good alibi (to please you, surely) but you can't let go of this one. There must be someone she'd like to get attention from.

9. Count How Often You Fight

When your wife become hot tempered and pick up fights way too often, it's not a good sign for your relationship. Husband and wife should to their best not to fight, but she doesn't seem to try. She start the fight so easily like she has nothing to lose.

10. She Got Her Phone Locked

This one is the most common Signs Your Wife Knows You're Cheating. This is also applicable for her, if her phone is always locked all the time. Moreover, you no longer know the password and practically have no access to the device.

The Behavior Differences When Wife is Cheating

  1. She goes out a lot, things she never did before.
  2. Suddenly she got new languages. Like, "Oh, Gosh!". An expression neither of you ever used.
  3. She becomes independent and love to drive by herself.
  4. She discovers a new interest without telling you.
  5. She doesn't mind when you do your hobbies for hours, e.g. going fishing the whole weekend.
  6. She doesn't ask for your attention anymore.
  7. She suddenly become so nice, like waking up earlier so that she can goes out later.
  8. She becomes curious about your whereabout and calls you like ten times a day.
  9. She often come home late at night
  10. Her weekend is jam packed with schedule.

So those are the ways to know wife is cheating. To forgive and to not forgive is all up to you as her life's partner. But one thing to keep in mind is that nobody in the world is perfect. Every one of us simply making mistakes. If you want to save your marriage, then reconcile and make some advanced agreement to build a better marriage ahead. But if you are not, soon she will notice the Signs He is Falling Out of Love with You.

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