How To Make A Gemini Woman Fall In Love With A Virgo Man

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Are you a hopeless romantic Virgo man whose currently having a Gemini woman as a crush? Constantly thinking on how to make her fall for you? Or would like to make your Gemini woman fall for you even more? Here are 8 ways on how to make a Gemini woman fall in love with a Virgo man.


1. Virgo Man Can Be A Decisive One

Gemini can be overwhelmed when it comes to being the sole decision-maker. Meanwhile, the Virgo man is skilled at making decision. Showing this reliable side of Virgo can attract a Gemini woman, making them know they find someone they can rely on.

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2. Virgo Man Can Be Dependable

virgo man can be dependable

Gemini is a sign that tends to be wild and constantly curious, as well as easily distracted. A Virgo man can be the stability that she might needs sometimes. Virgo man can also provide direction for the sometimes free-spirited Gemini. With minor little things that Gemini often forget about, Virgo man will be there to take care of it and making sure everything goes smoothly.

3. Virgo Man Can Be Observant

While Gemini is a sign that constantly needs attention, a Virgo man is very observant and able to remember little details about their loved ones. They can give Gemini woman the attention that she needs, and making her the center of the relationship. Virgo are also known to be generous, so there is a huge possibility that Virgo can remember what his Gemini woman wants and give it to her. 

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4. Virgo Man Can Help Gemini To Be Better

virgo man can help gemini to be better

Gemini tends to try their best on creating the best version of themselves each and every day. They strive for self-growth, and Virgo usually strive for perfection. Virgo, being the critical sign that he is, may give constructive criticism and help Gemini to be a better individual. 

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Compared to the nature of Gemini who can seems a little childlike, Virgo tend to be more mature and wise. On the contrary, Virgo man also needs Gemini to remind him to relax, and help him to chill. This enables Gemini woman to take control at times and feel important.

5. Virgo Man Can Be A Good Listener

Though Virgo would usually prefer to be quiet and silently observing things, Gemini are a good conversationalist and tend to be chatty. Be it in listening to her expressing her emotion or listening to her daily life stories, Virgo can be a home for Gemini who have a lot on her mind. Virgo who are quiet and shy, are actually good with words. This provides Virgo man with an ability to give a good advice to a Gemini in times of trouble. 

6. Virgo Man Is Not Overly Emotional

Gemini tend to be a chill, rational sign. They might have multiple layers of personalities, but they are not one who drown in emotional problems for a long time. A Virgo is a suitable match, as they can be rational and intellectual as well. Though Virgo can get insecure at times, but Virgo is also smart enough to separate mind and feelings. 

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7. Virgo Man Have A Unique Sense Of Humor

virgo man have a unique sense of humor

Another way on how to make a Gemini woman fall in love with a Virgo man is through his sense of humor. Although it can be dark, dry and sarcastic jokes at times, but Gemini woman would be able to connect and this can even result in a flirty banter. Gemini woman is also able to be spontaneous and ridiculous at times, and though she might question whether his Virgo man is joking or being serious, when he does laugh she will be happy upon seeing his smile.

8. Virgo Man Can Compromise

Virgo are usually persistent, idealistic, and can be a little stubborn. But when they fell in love, they are willing to do anything for their lover. They can be very thoughtful and helpful, and Virgo kindness includes compromising, and constantly prioritising his Gemini woman. As Gemini loves attention and extra-care, Virgo man can provide those.

Those are 8 ways on how to make a Gemini woman fall in love with a Virgo man. Gemini woman and Virgo man might seems like they have a contradicting personality, but this does not mean such relationship is impossible as opposites attract and can complete one another.

If you're a Virgo man currently chasing a Gemini woman, take notes of these points above and get to know your Gemini woman more. Try to give her what she wants, adapt to adjust her personality, and compromise to keep your relationship going.

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