What to Do When A Leo Man Is Mad at You?

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As a fire sign, the Leo can become hurt and angry at even the slightest disrespect. They have a very fragile ego, so they take things personally. This is the dark side of Leo that people may not be aware about, because when they’re angry, they can become one of the most unpleasant people you’ll know.

When handling a Leo man who is mad at you, it’s important to note that whatever you do or say has to be done in a way that won’t fuel even more anger. You need to be empathetic in him and try your best to understand where he’s coming from.

So in order to apologise to a Leo man, what to do when a Leo man is mad at you?

What to Do When a Leo Man Is Mad at You

  1. The Simpler the Better.

    Leo men don’t have time for women who are overly emotional. If you’re someone who’s used to writing a long, detailed letter regarding your apology, then it’s no use. He probably won’t even get past the first few sentences. He doesn’t want to waste time or get tangled up in unnecessary emotions. Simply apologize for what you’ve done. (Also read How to Make Up with A Leo Man After A Fight.)

  2. Show That You’ve Changed.

    The Leo appreciates honesty, so not only apologize to him, but also show that you’re serious about the relationship. Essentially, you’re telling him that you promise you won’t repeat the same mistakes again.

  3. Give Him Space.

    Like any other person, sometimes all it takes for a Leo man is some space. Give him some time to breathe for a few days or maybe a few weeks. If he wants to vent, then let him come to you and when he does, be empathetic. (Also read My Leo Man Needs Space, What Can I Do?)

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Even though you’ve already understood the basics of apologizing to a Leo man who’s mad at you, it doesn’t hurt to know the things you can do the extra mile if you’re still not convinced.

What to Do When a Leo Man Is Mad at You (the Extra Mile)

  1. Adore Them with Flattery.

    Praising and flattering them will definitely appeal to their ego. Remember that you can never flatter a Leo too much, so shower them with compliments that really make their best qualities stand out. (Also read 17 Sweet Things to Say to Drive Your Boyfriend Crazy.)

  2. Give Them an Expensive Gift.

    The Leo loves luxury and everything nice and expensive, so you can always try giving them something that really reflects their personality. This can be something like clothing or taking them out to dinner at an upscale restaurant.

  3. Treat Them Like Royalty.

    The difference between this and just giving them an expensive gift or showering them with compliments is that you should make them feel like they’re the king of their domain. The Leo is the sign of the lion, so be sure to pamper them. (Also read 10 Secret Ways to Make a Leo Man Feel Special.)

Even though the Leo is easily angered, they are quick to forgive as long as you approach them carefully. What matters is that you appeal to their ego and you don’t steal the spotlight from them.