What To Do When A Leo Man Is Mad At You? (5 Ways To Calm Down Your Leo Guy)

Last updated on February 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

Are you feeling the wrath of the fiery Leo man? 

A Leo man doesn't tend to be shy about expressing his feelings. So, if you anger him, you're usually going to know about it.

This can be intimidating for a lot of women, who might not know the best way to react. 

Sounds familiar? Then, this guide is going to be very useful for you. 

It features tips for what to do when a Leo man is mad at you. These tips will focus on how to diffuse the situation and regain parity in your relationship with this guy. This isn't about winning, losing, or getting one over on him. 

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Of course, this doesn't answer the question of what to do when a Leo man loses his temper with you, so we'll explore my top tips on responding to that right now.


Getting To Know A Leo

Let me introduce you to the flamboyant, confident, and proud Leo man. This guy bursts onto the scene, flicking his magnificent mane with all guns blazing. This head-turner is admired wherever he goes. Women bask in his sunny gaze and men are happy to follow in his shadow.

But underneath this noble, charismatic beast lies an uneasy crown. For all Leo men have a secret. Their flamboyant nature hides an inner doubt, a sense of insecurity. As a result, Leos seek out flattery and assurances to pamper their fractured egos. 

Their weakness is their vanity because although Leo men project a majestic outward appearance, inside they are searching for validation. No other star sign is as vain as Leo. 

So you will find that for a Leo man, there is nothing worse than ridicule or exposure. If anything is going to upset a Leo man in a relationship it is mocking them or questioning his sense of superiority.

Leo men like to think they are the font of all wisdom. They demand respect and deference. These guys are tricky to understand but if you keep this in mind you will have instant insight into their character. 

It pays to remember that Leo men are in love with themselves. So any affront to their ego will make them mad at you. 

Remember, Leos hate being ridiculed, they will not tolerate any form of disrespect in any of their relationships, and they have false pride in themselves. 

Now you know what makes them mad, what can you do about it? 

What To Do When A Leo Man Is Mad At You? 

1. Give them a chance to cool down

If you prodded a lion and made it mad you wouldn’t go straight back and repeat the same behavior, would you? It is much the same with your Leo man. If you have upset him and you are in the wrong then give him time and space to calm down.

Leos protect their honor and pride above all else. Without pride they are nothing. The problem with Leos is that for such a magnificent creature they have very delicate egos. 

Leos take the slightest personal criticism to heart. In fact, they don’t handle criticism at all. Once they have roared their displeasure at you, beat a hasty retreat and let them nurse their injured pride before you attempt to make up.

2. Offer a sincere apology

offer a sincere apology

Once your Leo man has had a chance to cool down you can safely approach him. Despite their love of flamboyance and magnificent nature, Leos are simple creatures at heart. 

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So an apology from the heart will go a long way to appease them. Make it genuine, address his concerns and listen to his reaction. Listen to the reasons why he got mad at you. 

It will be important for Leo to know that in the future you’ll take steps to avoid this situation occurring again. It is good for you as well. After all, Leo men are not pretty when they display their anger. 

3. Appeal to their sense of vanity

The best way of soothing your agitated Leo is to stroke his massive ego. As they say, flattery will get you everywhere, and this is the one Zodiac sign in astrology where it is true. 

Just picture that magnificent lion, perched atop a hill, surrounded by his pride of adoring lionesses. He is quite literally the king of the mountain. He knows he deserves to be here, now he needs you to know it too. 

You are his audience. Your only role is to feed his massive and unrelenting ego. So praise your Leo man. Become the subservient one in the relationship for the time being. Worship at the altar of Leo if your man is mad at you. 

4. Give him your undivided attention

give him your undivided attention

One of the reasons Leos gets so mad is that they need to feel special and validated. I don’t know how many times I need to say this. One reason your Leo man could be mad at you is that he feels ignored or taken for granted in the relationship. 

Being in the presence of a Leo is like letting the sun into a room and basking in the warmth of it on your face. Leos are a contradiction of character traits. They can be magnetic and charismatic, then, on the other hand, appear snobbish and aloof. 

Does that remind you of something? Domestic cats love comfort and need the warm touch of a human being. Yet they are also selective and independent animals. You have to find this delicate balancing act with your big cat. 

5. Buy him something amazing

All cat people love to be pampered and treated to something special. Leo men are no exception. The shinier, the bigger, the blingier the better. So go the extra mile for your Leo boyfriend.

Don’t forget, this is all about worshipping your big man cat. The more extravagant the gift – the more you love and adore him. Well, that’s how he will see the gesture. 

Treat your Leo man to a meal in a Michelin restaurant, or buy him the best, biggest badass designer watch he always wanted. Whatever it is, make it flashy and showy.


How do you get a Leo to stop being mad at you?

Appeal to their vanity. Leos are proud people but they are also vain and are susceptible to flattery. So, by all means, apologize if you are in the wrong but tell them how wonderful they are, that they are in the right, and then buy them something outrageously expensive. 

How do Leos act when hurt?

A Leo will either explode and roar or become spiteful, catty and sulk. They may need time on their own to calm down if they have had an explosive outburst. Leos like to lick their wounded pride on their own before returning to forgive and forget. 

Why do Leos get so angry?

Leos are incredibly vain and proud people who demand respect. You only have to look at a few famous Leos – Napoleon, Madonna, Bill Clinton, and Mussolini to understand why these Zodiac star signs feel so angry when they are disrespected. 

How do Leos act when they like someone?

Expect to bask in the warm glow of this glorious creature. Leos like to give extravagant gifts. You’ll always get diamonds, never cheap costume jewelry and you’ll dine in the finest restaurants. In other words, this king will treat you like a queen. 

How do you make a Leo man feel sorry?

Leos are capable of the most benevolent kindness and have a huge capacity for forgiveness. But first, you have to get their attention and make them accept responsibility for their actions. Remind them of the seriousness of the occasion and get your message across.

In Conclusion

Leo men are brave, brilliant, magnificent people that light up a room whenever they enter. They also have a tendency to be vain, attention-seeking, and lack modesty. 

If you can learn to balance these character differences, you’ll enjoy an amazing relationship at the throne of the king. 

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