What To Do When Your Boyfriend Won't Stop Talking To His Ex?

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Every single exes never failed to cause your heart racing faster. Her existence makes you feel uneasy, especially when you find that your boyfriend still contacting her ex, by any means. You can't just let this pass as if it's nothing. At some point, him still in touch with his ex cause a serious problem in your relationship. You start doubting his loyalty, you wonder whether he failed to move on from her ex or he's trying to cheat on you.

Well, it's not wrong at all. You have the full right to be angry and jealous over that. But what's more important is thinking about what to do when your boyfriend won't stop talking to his ex.


What To Do When Your Boyfriend Won't Stop Talking To His Ex

Rather than being emotional, you have to calm yourself down first. He has his own reasons why he can't let go of his ex. It's not always that he still has feelings linger for her. Be smart and be careful. Don't let her put you in an unnecessary fights with your boyfriend.

1. Don't Let Any Emotion Involved

You must have been really surprise knowing that your boyfriend still talking to his ex. But don't let anger occupied you. You have to let go all of those anger first before you decide on what to do.

2. Ask Him Calmly

Of course you have to confirm this to your boyfriend. Don't just stay silent and keep wondering about what could have been going on without really trying to find the truth. But remember to keep your head cool. Don't make any judgement, ask purely because you want to know the truth, and don't act like you have already know the truth.

3. Look Up For More Information

When you believe that there are good Reasons Why You Should Not be Friends with Your Ex, he apparently doesn't think so. Make sure you have gathered enough information before you ask him. Like you have overheard him on the phone with her several times or seeing her message in his cellphone.

4. Don't Be Guilty Over That


You have the right to be angry and get jealous. You are his girlfriend anyway. You don't have to be guilty to confront him and ask him about the truth. Even when you to end up in a heated fight, it's none of your fault. It's just prove that you do care about each other.

5. Believe In What He Says

After you ask him and he gives his explanation, do believe in him. Don't try to fight against his words, insisting that they are not true. Even when you are still suspicious, find out about it further until you have a real proof that he is lying with his words.

6. Come To An Agreement

In every discussion, there should be solutions. For your own goodness, make an agreement with your boyfriend that he will not contact her again or limit the amount of text and calls exchange. For example, ask him to find the Ways to Tell Your Ex to Stop Contacting You.

7. Talk About How You Feel About It

If you can find the Ways to Tell Your Boyfriend That You Feel Unappreciated, you have to tell him about what you feel you. It's important for him to know that you don't like him always contacting his ex and what you wish he'd do instead.

8. Pay Attention To His Behavior

Behavioral check is another important thing. Look at how he behaves when he meets his ex or when he text her back or when he answer her calls. Does he look happy? Does he looks like he's forced to do it? Or he just take it casually like he does to other people?

9. Consider The Time Of The Break Up

For how long has they broke up? If they have broken up like years ago before he met you, they both have been settled their own feeling and now greet each other like an old friend. But if he just broke up a few weeks ago, it could be either he's still trying to move on or that he's unable to move on. How they broke up and what caused the break up is also important.

10. Give Him His Time

Don't you think that he's still trying to find the Ways to Make Him Forgets His Ex? So let him have his time. He's trying to be the best man for you as well.

Why You Don't Have To Worry About Her

why you don't have to worry about her

Maybe it's not that big of a problem like you think. Take it easy because you don't actually have to worry about her.

1. She Is The Past

She is a had been and you are the present now. They probably had some good memories but she is the past. All the memories become memories because they have happened a long time ago. Don't let the past haunted you and for worse, stopping you from moving forward. Not when it's actually nothing.

2. He Has Chosen You

He has chosen you after all. Remember that he always has his choice not to choose you but he did, gladly. So don't you ever doubt about his love for you because it's you that he chose, not her. Return the love by giving him all the Sweetest Things to Text Your Boyfriend That Will Make Him Smile.

3. He Chose To Separate From Her

Again, it's his choice to broke up with her, and there must be good reasons behind. They have separated and now he's with you. Isn't it enough to prove that somehow you are a step ahead of her and, somehow and in some ways, you are better than her.

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