Fun Ways To Tell Your Brother That You're Pregnant

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Congratulations if you are currently pregnant! It’s a happy moment that you can’t wait to share with your loved ones, especially if you have a brother. Ditch the usual, boring announcements and try out these fun ways to tell your brother that you are pregnant.


Fun Ways To Tell Your Brother That You're Pregnant

We made this list just for you to try. Use them as your inspiration or give your own personal twist to make them even more special.

1. Bake Something In The Oven

The saying may go ‘bun in the oven’ but can always mix it up a little bit. Try baking his favorite food in the oven. You can form a letter announcing you are pregnant with some ingredients or even draw a baby’s face. On a related topic, here are the ways to tell boyfriend you're unexpectedly pregnant.

2. Make A Card

make a card

This is a simple idea but it’s still very memorable. You can get a card and place a picture of your ultrasound inside. See how your brother is going to react. You won’t have to say anything about your pregnancy. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words. This is your answer in case you're also wondering how to tell your mother in law that you are pregnant.

3. Place A Teddy Bear Inside An Oven

You can always place a teddy bear inside your oven. Pretend that you’re cooking something in it and tell your brother to take a look. He will see the teddy bear and try to figure out what you’re trying to tell him. Have fun with this guessing game and celebrate when he gets it right!

4. Have A Baby Chair At Dinner

The first thing that you need to do is go out and buy a baby chair. Invite your brother for a dinner at home. Once everyone is seated, take your baby chair and place it at the table. Your brother will immediately know that you are pregnant.

5. Make A Video Message

One of the most fun ways to tell your brother that you are pregnant is through a video. You now have endless tools to edit and add filters to make it interesting. Have a ton of fun making it and send the video message to his phone.

6. Give A Shirt That Says ‘Uncle’

This might cost you a bit but it’s very worth it! Give him a shirt that has the word ‘uncle’ on it. If you can’t find any that you like, you can always customize it. Wrap it up pretty and give it to him. Your brother will always remember this moment since he can wear the shirt anytime he wants.

7. Make A Playlist

Do you have a music streaming account? Create a playlist based on song titles. Arrange them to form the sentence that will let your brother you are pregnant. What’s so fun about this is that the two of you can blast happy music while celebrating. This is one of the cool ways to tell your best friend you're pregnant.

8. Give A Present With Baby Things Inside

Another fun way to tell your brother that you are pregnant is to give him a present out of the blue. But, here’s the twist: the present is filled with baby things. You can also tell him, “Congratulations! You’re going to be a great uncle to my baby” while he opens your gift.

9. Place Baby Shoes At His Front Door

place baby shoes at his front door

If your brother lives in his own house, place baby shoes at his front door. Call and tell him to come outside. As he opens the door, he will notice the shoes that you placed for him.

10. Play Songs About Having A Baby

When your brother is at home, play out loud songs about having a baby. Put them on repeat. At first he might be annoyed but then he will start questioning your action. You can immediately tell him that you’re pregnant or wait for him to guess.

11. Give A Personalized Mug

This one similar to the shirt idea but it’s still fun. Get your brother a mug with words hinting your pregnancy such as “World’s Best Uncle” or “The Greatest Uncle”. Your brother can keep this mug forever, even after your child is born. It will be very nostalgic when your brother looks at the mug and think back to the moment you gave it to him.

12. Play Pinata With A Message Inside

Place a message that you are pregnant or stuff a pinata with baby things inside. Ask your brother to play and hit the pinata. In this game, everybody can have a lot of fun while also finding out that you are going to have a baby. This is how to tell your mother your girlfriend is pregnant in a very fun way.

13. Give A Bouquet Of Flowers With A Pacifier

Whether your brother is a fan of flowers or not, try this one out! Give him a bouquet of flowers with a pacifier in it. He’s going to ask questions and will find out soon enough that his sister is currently pregnant. Avoid this idea if your brother is allergic to flowers. But you can always replace them with a sweet bouquet of chocolates.

More Fun Ways To Announce Your Pregnancy!

more fun ways to announce your pregnancy

We are not done having fun yet. Here are more ways to announce the good news to your brother.

  1. Set his phone background to a baby picture. Use this as one of your cute ways on how to tell your boyfriend you're pregnant.
  2. Order a cake saying that you’re pregnant and eat it later with your brother.
  3. Take pictures at a photo booth with your brother. This way you can have a record of your brother’s reaction.
  4. Photoshop a family picture to have an additional baby in it.
  5. Fill his room with pink and blue balloons, and attach a card to it.
  6. Give your brother a card telling him that he is promoted to being an uncle.
  7. Order a kid’s menu with your brother and say that his niece/nephew asks for it.
  8. Give your brother a list of baby things to buy.

You can always ask your partner, friends or family members to take part in the surprise. The more, the merrier. These fun ways are going to make your celebration unforgettable.

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