What To Say When Your Boyfriend's Grandma Passed Away - And What You Shouldn't Say

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Everyone would be in a deep grief when they lost someone they loved. So when your boyfriend’s grandma died, you have to be there to support him. Just like every grandchildren would, he must have bunch of good memories with her which makes it even harder to let go.

However, life goes on and he has to move on. As a good girlfriend you have to be there with him helping him getting through these hard times.

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The only problem is you don’t know what to say when your boyfriend’s grandma passed away to comfort him. First of all, don’t think he is strong that he doesn’t feel the pain.

He is indeed grieving, but every people has their own way to grief. So here are the comforting ways to say to your boyfriend and what you can do help him.

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1. “I’m Here For You.”

i'm here for you

Strong but impactful. By saying those four words you tell him that you will never left him during this hard moment. As you said, be there with him as much as you can. Stay with him until the funeral and after, even if you spend the whole moment in silence. He will talk to you when he wants to.

2. “She Was Such A Lovely Person.”

Every grandmother is a lovely person. She used to knit sweater for us, baking the most delicious cookies, and defended us whenever our mom mad at us. Your boyfriend is surely reliving those memories when his grandma died.

If you happen to know her, state how lovely she was. If he’s been silent those worse trigger him to talk about his sadness.

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3. “You May Cry If You Want.”

Seeing your loved one crying is heart-breaking, but crying helps to loosen his grief. Some guys tend to hide their crying in front of others – for their respective reasons – but this time you must tell him it’s okay for him to cry.

Let him know it’s okay to cry in front of you because no matter what you will always be there. Crying is a manifestation of emotions that crumbling inside his heart at the moment.

4. “Fancy For A Walk?”

If you don’t know what to say when your boyfriend’s grandma passed away, ask him for a walk. Giving him a clean air to breathe is a good idea. You shouldn’t have to go far, just walk around the nearest park will do.

A good air makes him think clearer and may help easing his pain somehow. Even if you have to spend the whole moment in silence, the fact that he wants to go for a walk with you means he’s appreciating what you do.

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5. “Let Me Know If You Need Anything.”

That is the best you can say when you don’t know what to say. Everyone deal with grief in their own way, so no one really knows what they need. Instead of guessing, offering help sounds more honest than anything.

6. “Do You Want To Talk?”

Maybe he does and maybe he doesn’t. If he is not ready to recall the memories yet or talk about his grief, then don’t force him. Makes sure he knows that you will be listening anytime he wants to talk. And when he keeps repeating the same thing, don’t get bored over it.

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7. Stay Silent

If your boyfriend seems like he doesn’t want to talk, then don’t start a conversation. Sometimes silence isn’t need to be filled, and this is one of them. Just by staying there with him is more than enough.

Things You Shouldn’t Say

things you shouldn't say

When your boyfriend – and other people in general – is grieving, you should know that there are certain things forbidden to be said. Here are some of them.

1. “Hey, It’s Okay.”

No, it’s not okay. At least at the moment.

2. “She’s In A Better Place.”

You don’t really know about that.

3. “God Works In Mysterious Ways.”

But his grandma’s death is real and he doesn’t want to deal with anything mysterious.

4. “When My Grandma Died, I … “

Well, everyone deal with loss differently so don’t even compare.

5. “Everything Happens For A Reason.”

While you don’t know what the reason is. All that matters for him is that his grandma died and he doesn’t care about anything.

So those are our tips about what to say when your boyfriend’s grandma passed away. If you have some better things to say or had experience this thing, kindly share with others through the comment section below.

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