My Boyfriend Is Ignoring Me, What Should I Do To Handle This?

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“My boyfriend is ignoring me, what should I do to handle this?” That question will pop up in your mind when you feel like your boyfriend is walking away. Just on Earth, why? Women usually the one who holds the power in a relationship, so when they’re kind of losing, they will panicked.

Calm down, Ladies. You may gain your power back. Only if you know how to handle it rightly, everything will be back normal soon. But remember not to misuse the power because it could lead you to an extremely unhealthy relationship. Also read What to Do When Your Boyfriend Ignores You for 3 Days

So we have some useful tips on what should you do when your boyfriend is ignoring you. Let’s check them out.

  1. Reflect On Your Behavior

There is an old saying that goes, before you blame on others, blame yourself first. So before you think that something is wrong with your boyfriend, maybe it all started from you. Try to recall whether you have ever made him feel overwhelmed.

Maybe he is not ignoring you, but he retreats from your restraining action. Maybe you call him too often, you never let him out with his friends, or you’re too demanding as a girlfriend. Everything is possible.

  1. Stand On His Shoes

If you look on from your perspective, it would look like he’s a very bad boyfriend. Consider that he also has his own reasons. Try to see things from his perspective. It could be that he’s busy with his work that he barely have time to call you.

Or for worse, he turns out to be sick for days but he didn’t want to be your burden. Don’t be quick on making judgement. If he really loves you, he will never ignore you on purpose.

  1. Give It A Break

Maybe all he needs (or probably both of you need) is a break. When he ignores you, it doesn’t always mean he lost his affection for you. He could be too tired to deal with your antiques and he just needs his space. Also read Tips to Keep Your Man Happy in A Relationship

If this is the case, don’t call him too often, especially about pointless things. However, you should keep in contact with him so that you won’t drifted apart from each other. A good morning text and once again at night would be enough to show him that you still care.

  1. Take It Slowly

It’s mostly a woman’s nature to let bad things into her head. You easily get emotional over the fact that your boyfriend is ignoring you while in fact it’s not a big of a deal. You will eventually find a way out, so relax.

Show him that you still live just fine and, in fact, you’re happy. When he sees you happy, he’d want to be the one who cause you to smile. Guaranteed!

  1. Ask Him About It

Seems like the best answer to your “My boyfriend is ignoring me, what should I do to handle this?” question is by asking about it to him. What’s actually bugging him? You must figure things out to make everything clear.

If he asks something that still make sense – such as needing some space for a while, see if you can deal with it. Once he gives you the answer, it will be easier for you to resolve everything. Also read Signs That He is Falling Out of Love With You

  1. Reach To His Level

Well, if usually your boyfriend is willing to do anything to make you happy, now it’s your turn to do so. As we have talked earlier about him having his own reasons, maybe he thinks that you didn’t consider him as important. You never talk about things he said, you were always care only about yourself.

Now put your selfishness aside and start to talk everything about him. Talk about his passions – even better if you join him. Ask him a lot of questions, things that make him feels excited. Never ever cut his monologue and never look bored in front of him. You must be sincere in listening when he talks.

  1. Set Up A Date

Make him feel loved once again by treating him just like a prince. Tell him you want to go on a date and all he needs to do is getting ready. You set the date, place, and time, as well as the activities. Also read Cool Ways to Enjoy Valentine's Day Date without Spending Too Much

Pick him up from his place and treat him nicely. Oh, don’t forget to wear your best dress and look prettiest. Tell him you want to reconnect again through the date, fix everything in the past, and start things over again. Make a point that you don’t want to lose him.

  1. Demand Him To Respect You

If the guy really loves you and he ignores you because he wanted you to get better, after everything you do both of you will be able to reconcile again. But if he is such a bad guy who only play with you, nothing will change.

This is the limit. Enough trying to win him back, demand him to respect you instead. Don’t be afraid that he’s not a worthy guy and you will never regret leaving him. Don’t believe him if he change too fast. Nothing instant is ever good.

  1. Make Him Jealous

So he still ignores you? Then get a life. Let him know that you’re perfectly happy without him. Go for a night out along with you male friends so that he knows you’re still popular. If he still cares about you, he will come and get you. He doesn’t want any other guy to be with you.

But if he doesn’t do anything, ask yourself if he is the guy you want to be with. Also read How to Make Your Boyfriend Jealous and Want You More

  1. End It

Here come the worst reason: he’s cheating. Well, seems like you have no choice. End it. No place for a cheater. But before going extreme, make sure that it’s a fact and you have a proof of him cheating.

So those are the answer to your “My boyfriend is ignoring me, what should I do to handle this?” questions. Hopefully it will be helpful enough for you. Got another tip? Let everyone know through the comment section below!

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