How To Ask Your Crush Out Without Embarrassing You - 20 Classy Ways

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After realizing that you are falling in love to someone, you start having a crush on them. It's one heart fluttering moment for everyone when they see their crush. All they want is them to realize about the feeling. But the real question pop out next: how could they know you have feeling for them?

One of the best way is to ask them out. You may feel shy about this but have to do this. Here are the ways how to ask your crush out without embarrassing you:


1. Prepare Yourself

You may not sure whether they like you or not and feeling afraid that they are not worth the effort. Even though you have seen the Signs a Shy Guy Likes Ypu But is Trying Not to Show, you will be even more hesitated.

2. Talk To Your Friend

talk to your friend

As you really worried and not sure whether to ask them out or not, talk about it to your friends. Share your concerns and what makes you actually hesitating. They will give you the best advice and encourage you to ask your crush out.

3. Don't Think About What Others Think

You feel really embarrassed and shy because you're worrying too much about what may others think of you. All people have their own different view in all matters, and it's okay to be that way. If you're sure that you see the Signs an Inroverted Girl Likes You, do what you want to do and think of nothing else.

4. Think Whether You'll be Regretting This Or Not

It takes much courage than anyone could ever think to ask the crush out. Things will be okay if they just say yes. But what if they don't? This may takes up your concern, s you need to be careful before really asking them out.

5. Start Being Friends With Them

If your crush is someone that you never know before. It did seems weird if you straightly ask them out. Start off with being his friend and everything will be flowing naturally. Things will be easy if you attend the same class or working in the same office.

6. Talk To Them Naturally

Another step before asking them out even if you sure she has the Signs of a Shy Girl Crush On You. This will make you less hesitate and a good chance to know your crush better. So you can be reassured whether you really like them or not.

7. Don't Beat Around The Bush

Don't just stalk through your crush's social media to find out more about him. Just be sure and clear about what you want. If you want to know what will they do over the weekend, ask them. If you want to know their number, ask them. It makes you look a lot cooler in front of them.

8. Do It Directly

Never, ever ask your crush out over the phone or text. They need to see the sincerity in your eyes so the won't be rejecting your offer. Asking them through the phone or even text makes you sound insincere. Even handwritten letter is better than those two.

9. Make It As Natural As Possible

Don't appear too nervous in front of your crush so that you won't be feeling embarrassed. Ask them out in a casual way as you're planning to play with him. Casually asks, "What about a movie on Sunday?" and even they said, "Sorry, I have something else to do," you won't be feeling the embarrassment.

10. Talk To Them Alone

Okay, so you planned to ask them out? One important rule you have to follow is never do it in front of their friends. They're the reason you feel embarrassed, right? Do it when they are alone so your talk could be more private, and you won't be that embarrassed if they reject you.

Why You Don't Need To Wait To Ask Them Out Anymore

why you don't need to wait to ask them out anymore

You are always hesitating every time the defining moment has come. You feel like it hasn't the right time yet to ask your crush out and you end up never asking them forever. Here are the reasons why you don't need to wait to ask her out

  1. Your feeling for them is already become the public's secret so you don't have to act like you're not into them.
  2. Or because they're into you, too. Now what's the need to wait to ask them out?
  3. You need to stop wondering whether they like yo back or not. Until when you'll be asking whether they will say yes or no.
  4. Do it before they see someone else. You even don't stand a chance to ask them out. You even need to find the Ways to Get Your Crush to Breakup with His Girlfriend.
  5. You deserve to be happy. Stop overthinking and just do what you want to do.
  6. You have nothing to lose. Would they say yes or no, all you get is clear answer from them.
  7. Who knows that asking them out will be the best decision you ever make? Since it turns out they like you too! It's the best Ways to Get Closer to Your Crush.
  8. You will be experienced whether they're rejecting you or stay with you forever.
  9. Someday, you will be thankful you have try to ask them out. Even though they said no.
  10. It's not really that hard to ask them out. Why do you make it like the hardest thing in the world?

So those are the ways how to ask your crush out without embarrassing you. Every good things take risk, so does when you want your crush to notice your feeling. First steps are always the hardest, but once you take it, the rest will be a lot easier. Find some courage and make the move.

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