How to Tell if Your Parents Favor Your Sibling - Get Fair Treatment!

Last updated on April 11, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s annoying to see that your parents treat your sibling differently. They get all the attention while you’re all alone.

How to Tell if Your Parents Favor Your Sibling

Here’s how to tell if your parents favour your sibling for sure so you know what to do next:

1. Your Parents are More Patient with Them

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You see that your parents are more patient and willing to listen to what your sibling has to say. It’s a complete opposite with you.

2. They Receive Nicer Things

Parents tend to give nicer things to a child they like more. It’s natural.

Take a look at your belongings. Are they as nice as the ones that your sibling have?

3. Your Parents Doubt Them Less

How to tell if your parents favor your sibling? Here’s also another sign that your parents favor your sibling. They doubt your sibling less than you.

If it were you, they would think that you’re making an excuse or lying. But once it comes to your sibling, there are no questions. Just acceptance.

4. You Don’t Feel Loved

Listen to your feelings. And your gut. There’s a big chance that you don’t feel loved right now.Maybe you do but it hurts knowing that your parents love your sibling more.

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5. Your Sibling Gets Away with Things

This is the ultimate hint on how to tell if your parents favor your sibling. They get away with things so easily.

You? Not so much. Your parents are tougher on you.

6. Your Parents are Stricter with You

Somehow your parents are more lenient towards your sibling. They act softer around your sibling in any given situation.

On the other hand, you get the hard side of things. Your parents are stricter with everything you do. Speaking of strict, here's How to Tell Your Parents You Broke Something Expensive.

7. They Rarely Brag About You

Everywhere your parents go, they’d brag about your sibling. Even about the smallest thing.

But they don’t do the same for you. Your parents rarely talk about you to other people. You even start to feel small because of that.

8. They Often Forget Special Occasions

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Another sign to look out for is when your parents forget special occasions. Events that mean a lot to you! Yeah, they remember your birthday.

But did they forget to come to your school show? That piano recital? The soccer match that you’ve told them weeks before? It sucks when they do. Yet they would always attend your sibling’s events.

9. Your Opinions are Ignored

So your sibling and you are in the middle of a discussion…or an argument. Your parents are listening so attentively when your sibling is talking.

Now it’s your turn, but they’re turning their faces away. They seem bored and interested. You’re basically ignored.

10. Your Sibling Told You So

Siblings can say the darnest things. But once they say, “Mom and dad love me more than you” then it’s probably true. They’re the favorite sibling in the family.

Get Fair Treatment from Your Parents

You can’t stand it anymore. Figuring out how to tell if your parents favour your sibling is starting to annoy you. So if you’re thinking of getting fair treatment, this is how to do it:

1. Demand to be Heard

Your parents need to know how you feel. Let them know that they seem to favor your sibling too often.

But you want that same attention for yourself. It’s not fair that your sibling gets it all.

2. Make Rules

You can come up with some rules that will also work in your favor. Say, you can ask your parents to treat the two of you equally. Give a good reason for it so they’re willing to pay more attention to you.

3. Treat Everyone Nicely

Maybe you haven’t been so nice to your parents or your sibling. It’s time to change then. Treat everyone nicely, in the same way that you would like to be treated. So here's How Do You Make Your Sister Shut Up in A Polite Way.

4. Be in Your Best Behavior

Whether you’re at home, in school or in a public place, be in your best behavior. This will please your parents.

5. Get Your Sibling to Help

Convince your sibling to help you. Since your parents favor them more then they’re also willing to listen to them. Your sibling can also play a part in How to Tell Your Parents You Got Kicked Out of School.

Don’t get so stressed out about how to tell if your parents favour your sibling. Maybe it’s just a phase that will pass.

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