How to Tell Your Christian Parents You Don't Believe in God?

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To talk to other people that we have a different opinion or point of view of something is actually easy. But what makes it hard is to make them understand and accept why we are different and why it is still okay even though we are different.

We all have our own problems such as not knowing how to tell your dad you're pregnant at 17 or how to tell your christian parents you don't believe in God. The key is communication and understanding. And here are some hints on what to do for the second problem.

  • Try to put your shoes in their shoes

Your parents love you and that is the truth. They will try as hard as they can to give the best thing for you and to avoid you from any kind of harm. Their action is based on love and the feeling that they are responsible for your well being.

So when you decided to talk to them about something that is completely different from their view, try to put your shoes in theirs. Try to understand their doubt and fear and validate it with logical explanation. By then you won't need the things to say to your mom when she's mad at you.

  • Keep it brief, intense, and full of compassion

Because you want to talk about something serious then you need to mean it. And to not make your parents get overwhelmed by the discussion that you want to talk about with them, then make sure to keep it brief. Keep it brief, intense, and full of compassion.

Keep it brief enough not to overwhelm them. Keep it intense and let them ask question directly to you if they still have some doubts or fears. Keep it full of compassion because communication is two ways. Listen and understand each other.

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What to consider before telling your parents

Before you decided to execute to talk to your parents after knowing how to tell your christian parents you don't believe in God, there is something more that you need to know. Know what to consider before you decided to tell them. Because this news will either shock them or make them happy. Better be prepared for the worst.

  • Are you still living with your parents

If you are not living with your parents, this means your parents already saw you as an independent person. They also trust that you are an adult now, who is mature enough and independent enough to decide things on your own and be responsible for any decision that you take.

Living on your own in a different house and able to say no on how to tell a family member they can't live with you shows that you are independent by living only by yourself.

  • Make sure you are financially independent

Secondly, make sure that you are financially independent. We live in a world where everything requires money. And money is not something that you can depend on other people. Besides that, to make sure your financial condition stable is also important and it can be one of the measurements that you are responsible for your adulthood.

Financial stability also become a factor that your parents consider before they are allowing you to live on your own. This becomes one of the ways to tell your dad you love him, that you can be responsible for your own decision and that he doesn't need to worry about you as much as he did when you were a little.

  • Consult it with professionals

You live with your parents for years, you may say that you know them, but people change. This means, you don't want to draw a conclusion and see the signs a family member doesn't like you simply because you told them that you don't believe in God. Ask for a professional help.

Tell your psychologist on what is the best move or the best way to tell your parents that you don't believe in what they believe. You can also give the information about your parents personality to help the psychologist more on deciding what is best for you. Professional psychologist help a lot of people, and you can really count on their help for this case.

The key when talk to your parents, family, or the one who is close to you about how to tell your christian parents you don't believe in God or other sensitive issues is compassion and understanding.

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