How Do You Get Involved With A Girl Who Recently Broke Up With Her Boyfriend?

Last updated on May 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It must be hard to see the girl that you love and adore be held by another arm. But, now that her lover is out of sight, your love for her erupts again inside your heart. The question remains, how do you get this girl?

With a girl that is fresh out of a break up, you need to be careful. Her heart might not be stable. No worries, all you need to do is to know how do you get involved with a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend:

  1. Accompany Her in Her Sad Times

This is a time where she will cry and mope for a long time. The best thing you can do is to be there for her to show that you have the signs he's boyfriend material.

  1. Be Her Shoulder To Cry On

When she have some tears to shed, convince her that you have a shoulder to cry on.

  1. Listen To Her Stories Even Though It Might Hurt You

If she ever talks about her boyfriend, don’t judge. Just listen. From these stories you will know what she wants and hates in a boyfriend.

  1. Validate Her Emotions

Allow her to feel hurt, betrayed, and all the negative emotions that accompany a break up. Tell her it’s okay to be sad for now.

  1. Be Her Biggest Fan

Cheer her up and believe in her ability to heal from the storm she is going through. This is how you show the signs that a man loves you unconditionally.

  1. Do Little Kind Things For Her

Little things like bringing her favorite snacks, being there for her, smiling for her, is really all she needs to make her show you the  Signs a Girl Likes You 

  1. Check Up On Her

Send a simple text like “are you okay?” or “do you need anything?”. Little things will go a long way.

  1. Make Her Laugh

Try to make her forget her sadness by sending her the Things To Say to A Girl Over Text to Make Her Smile

  1. Know What She Likes And Don’t Like

While trying to make her smile, also spend time to get to know her. This will make her feel seen and understood.

  1. Spend Some Quality Time With Her

Hang out with her to distract her from the sadness that gnaws on her heart.

  1. Be Yourself

How do you get involved with a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend is to be you.It’s okay to try to be the best version you can be to win this girl’s heart but don’t lose yourself in the process.

  1. Be Patient With The Progress

Moving on is a slow process. But, as long as you put in steady progress, you will see the signs she likes you but is shy.

  1. Show Interest To Her Only

Now is not the time to play games with other girl’s heart. You need to focus on her so she can trust you more. This will make her yours even faster.

Signs That She Is Ready To Move On

You’ve done your share of effort. All you need to know now is whether she is interested in you or not because if not, there’s no point in moving forward.

Here are the signs that the images of the ex is long gone from her heart and mind :

  1. She Allows You To Be Closer To Her

A girl who is ready doesn’t flinch when you try to hold her hand or to make her open up to you. She will even do it willingly because she is already smitten by you.

  1. She Talks About Her Ex Less

Gone are the talks about her ex. Now, she is completely present in the moment and enjoying every second with you.

  1. Doesn’t Cry As Often

Although the sadness is not erased completely, you can see that she starts to cry less and smile more.

  1. Initiates Hang Outs With You

You’ve made enough first moves. You know she is interested in you when she is not afraid to text first and initiate a quality time together.

  1. Curious About You And Your Life

Now that her eyes is on you, she wants to know all about you.

The key to how do you get involved with a girl who recently broke up with her boyfriend is to take it slow and steady. Show your pure intention and your love. Girls will always fall for honest guys. Good luck!

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