How to Tell Your Mom You Want to Use Tampons

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For a girl who just had their first menstruation or still getting a grip of the new phase in life, everything about it is just embarrassing. She doesn't know how to talk or ask around about it. Nor does she know how to use tampons. If this happen to you, it's perfectly normal. But at least you should be more open to your mom, since she has far more experience in this field.

If you are going through an early phase of menstruation, you might as well asking permission from your mom to use tampons. It's not something simple so you must let her know. And when she says "No!" you better not going against her since she knows what's better.

You don't know how to tell your mom you want to use tampons? Don't worry because these tricks will help you.

1. Have a Conversation Regarding the Matters

The moment you want to start using tampons, the first one you should tell is your mom. She is the one who provide the feminine products and she is responsible for your life. First, you should have an intimate conversation with her regarding the matters. It's not a taboo for a mother and daughter to talk about such things anyway. See also Signs You'll Marry Your High School Sweetheart

2. Write a Letter

If you are too shy to talk in person, you can write her a letter and she will understand. You can also stated how weird it is to write her something about this but your mom will never looking you down. Instead, she will appreciating that you have such courage to tell her.

3. Ask Advice from Others

Talk to other adults you trust when you haven't found the courage yet to tell your mom. It's better for you to tell your teacher. They will give you some useful advice about how should you talk about the desire of using tampons to your mom. You can share your fears and why it's difficult for you to tell her. See also How to Get Closer to Your Crush in School and Fall for You

4. Be Prepared for the Denial

When you are going to ask for a permission, then you should be ready for denial as well. Your mom might think that you are too young to use tampons and that tampons are not safe for you. You have to trust her because she knows better about this. But you can also politely ask why did she deny it.

5. Tell Her What You Want

After you have gathered your courage, don't be hesitating to tell your mom that you want to use tampons. Do it clearly and cleanly, don't beat around the bush. "Mom, I've been thinking about it and I think I want to use tampons. Don't forget to tell her your reasons as well. See also Reasons Why Your Best Friend is Your Soul Sister

6. Give a Logical Explanation

The first things your mom ask will be, "Why do you want to use tampons?". It's the opportunity for you to explain. But then again, timing matters. Pick the right timing where your mom is relaxed or when her mood is up. It will affect her decision whether to let you use tampons or not. She won't be denying it if you give her logical explanation like you have to use tampons since you have to do sports or your only use it when you have to go to ballet training.

7. Be Polite While Asking

Mind your manner while talking to your mom. You must be kind and polite since you are asking or her permission. It's how to tell your mom you want to use tampons. Don't be defensive with the words you choose. Instead of, "Mom, I want to use tampons right now", you better say "Mom, I think I should use tampons". That way you are involving her to make decision. See also Sweet Things to Say to A Best Friend on Their Birthday to Make Them Happy

8. Don't Whine Upon the Denial

No need to throw a fit when she deny your permission. Don't start a fight either because it means she thinks you're not mature enough to use tampons, along with the responsibilities. And in case you have an older sibling, don't tattle on her because she is allowed to use tampons.

9. Get Over Her Fears

It's only acceptable that your mom has her own fears about you wearing tampons. She probably thinks that it's not safe for you. But if you want to use tampons that bad (due to your situation), you need to get over her fear first. She might be worried you can't use it properly and you will be hurt instead and whether you will get sick. Assure them that you have know all of those and you're ready to use tampons. See also How to Get Your Crush to Notice You at School and Fall for You

10. Do a Research and Show Her

Another ways to convince her that you're ready is by giving her a print of how to use tampons properly. She'll know that you have been studying about it. Don't forget to tell her that tampons is actually safe and will not harming your vagina.

11. Share Stories About Your Friends

Tell your mom the stories about your friends that use tampons because of their situations (playing sports, ballet, etc) and how they are fine with it. Also when you are bullied because you don't wear tampons or you are being left out because of it, you have to tell your parents about it. It will be more that just wearing tampons, but bullying involved.

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12. Explain Your Situation

Tampons is for active woman. Not everyone use it out of fun. Explain the situation in which you need to ear tampons to your parents. If your explanation is acceptable (such as you are joining a swimming competition or in a ballet team), she won't be denying it.

Never use tampons without telling your mom about it first. Since you are young and inexperienced, you will need her advice. Also, when something bad is happening to you, she is the one who holds all the responsibilities.

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