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Ruled by certain stars and planets, we can find out How Zodiac Signs Act in a Relationship, including Libra and Scorpio. When both are in a relationship, they can create a passionate and satisfying one. The mysterious Scorpio who is famous for being hard to get is a match for Libra, who are hard to put their trust to others.


How To Make A Libra-Scorpio Relationship Work

Scorpio are always burning with emotion and very passionate. The calm and easy Libra could balance their fiery personality well. However they have some grounded difference that may cause a rift in the relationship. So how to make a Libra-Scorpio relationship work? Check them out below:

1. Understand Each Other Well

If there is someone who Scorpio find it hard to put their trust on, it would Libra. As a highly sociable being, Libra are often misunderstood as being overly flirtatious. For a naturally suspicious Scorpio, this is not right. It's important for a Libra to understand Scorpio's possessiveness as love, not a limitation to their broad social life.

2. Hold On Their Ego

Putting common interest for the sake of the relationship is more important than let their ego winning. Both must know what each other's need and want so that the relationship can keep going. If both are very selfish. then it's like the horrible Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

3. Keep Calm While Fighting

One of the Reasons Why Scorpios are Hard to Understand is their burning emotion. It is said that when Libra and Scorpio are fighting, their emotion may burn the house down. As damaging as it could be both of them--especially Libra-- have to remain calm. This is actually the specialty of a Libra to keep it cool in the middle of chaos.

4. Learn To Have A Calm And Tender Love

learn to have a calm and tender love

The next way on how to make a Libra-Scorpio relationship work is by learning to have a tender and calm love. Since Scorpio is very passionate, they always high and speed up. While Libra dream of a rather peaceful love, sitting next to each other by the end of day. If both are not capable to create such love, then it's not love but merely physical attraction.

5. Respect Each Other's Way Of Life

Even though they commonly believe in consistency and commitment, they have the rest differently. Their behavior are on the opposite sides. For instance, Libra is fair and cannot stand any indecent things in life. But their Scorpio lover is the center of the indecent itself: they have indecent friends around and totally fine with that. Rather than causing endless fight, it's better for Libra to respect  Scorpio's unusual way of life and even though Libra seems to be ordinary, the most important thing is love between them.

6. Heat It Up On The Bed

With all of the hard work and difference, there's certainly one thing that connect Libra and Scorpio: sex. The only way to solve their differences is making it up on the bed. But be careful, if sex is the only thing that put them together, it could be not love.

Libra Personality In Love

The logical and just Libra behave in some certain ways when they are in a relationship. Here are some of them:

1. Easy To Forgive, But Not To Forget

Holding grudges is not a Libra style. When they are bothered by somebody who screwed them up, they will forgive right away, even giving them a second chance. But it's not the end of story. They may let it go but they never forget. Libras are smart not to fall in the same trap twice.

2. Prefer A Deep, Long Term Relationship

As Libra value commitment highly, they never play with love. Their wish is to have a happily ever after love story. They look for a serious partner and ready to make commitment. Don't try to do the Ways to Get a Libra Jealous or else they will think you're just playing games.

3. They Hate Selfish People

Libra is the ultimate selfless people out of all signs. They put everyone else before them. Listening to what other's say, seeing everything from other's point of view, and giving their best not to let others down. This is why they hate selfish people more than anything.

Scorpio Personality In Love

scorpio personality in love

Our Scorpion also has certain behavior when they are in a relationship. What make them so irresistible for a lover? Here are some of Scorpio personality in love.

1. Intense And Full Of Passion

Nobody is more passionate and intense than a Scorpio. Their full energy is the Reasons Why You Need a Scorpio in Your Life. Life would be never bored with them and their aura will make you never stop admiring them. Being with them makes anyone feel like this live is worth living, since Scorpio never know how to give up.

2. Mysterious And Secretive

It's hard for a Scorpio to open up. They are on the mysterious side. Other people see Scorpio as a cool person. But their guard makes them hard to approach and understood. They are very secretive, including about their feeling.

3. Naturally Suspicious

Scorpio always suspicious to literally anything. They don't easily trust others and this often caused fight in a Scorpio's relationship. This suspicious nature is the main reason why Scorpio is such a big jealous bloke who is can't bear to watch their lover smiling to other people.

Doesn't matter what star signs and planet you are ruled, every relationship needs effort in order to go well. Even when the stars said two people are match made in heaven, but if they don't put any effort to keep the relationship strong, they eventually lose each other.

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