What To Do When You Accidentally Unfollow Someone On Instagram

Last updated on July 10, 2024 by Michelle Devani

We don’t know since when, but Instagram has set its own rule regarding how peoples’ relationships are, judging (sometimes) solely by whether they follow each other or not. The issue of somebody unfollows somebody can be blew bigger than it should be.

So when somebody unfollowed you, you can’t help but thinking is there anything wrong with me? Why did they unfollow me? Now what if we turn the situation around. You are the one who unfollow other person. Do you know what to do when you accidentally unfollow someone on Instagram?

Are you going to overthink it too or stay cool instead? Well, how to handle the situation is apparently depend on who you accidentally unfollow. You know some people can be too sensitive they can’t take things like this lightly?


1. DM Them And Follow Again

dm them and follow again

Everything is easy if you are close to the person you unfollow. Be it your friend or your close friend with whom you never had problem with, all you should do is sending them DMs. Maybe something like “Hey, so I’m going through my following list just now and when I scrolled the screen I accidentally hit the unfollow button. I didn’t mean to. Please accept my follow request.”

But if their account is not set to private, you can automatically re-follow them. But if their Instagram account is private, be sincere on your message.

2. Be Thankful For It

There might be a lot of, more than you think, toxic persons you’ve been following all along. Just because they’re high school friends, college friends, ex-coworker, etc. you feel like it doesn’t feel right to unfollow them even though you know their feed brings no good to you.

That’s why you need to be thankful that you hit the unfollow button accidentally. You’ve been hesitating all along but looks like nature has its own way. Hey, they won’t notice you unfollow them, though since they don’t care about you either.

3. Calm Down, No Need To Feel Guilty

Instagram unfollowing things somehow become bigger as people take it seriously. The rule is: if you unfollow me, then you don’t like me. It’s not written but everybody agree of it. You don’t need to feel guilty just because you unfollow them – either accidentally or not.

As a social media user, you have to be intelligent. Even though people are kind of agree that unfollowing is not a good thing, don’t feel guilty as long as it didn’t harm you in any way.

4. Unfollow Other Toxic People As Well

Social media is full of toxic people. Erasing them from your life only do you good. So here is another way about what to do when you accidentally unfollow someone on Instagram: be thankful.

When the toxic person is close to you, you must feel troublesome to unfollow them. Thank God your thumb did the magic. You really need to eliminate these persons because no matter how close you are to them, they don’t bring any positive influence in your life. For the sake of yourself, be happy for unfollowing them. So welcome to a healthier life!

5. Keep Smile When You Meet Them

As said above, you don’t need to feel guilty for unfollowing someone on Instagram, so there are no reasons not to smile when you meet them in real life. Well, as it was accidental, act like nothing happened.

If you bump into them at the office, the mall, or on the street, throw your sweetest smile possible. It shows that you don’t have any hard feeling to them and the unfollowing thing is not a big deal at all.

6. Try Not To Make A Big Deal Out Of It

This is it. If you are an adult, you know that unfollowing someone is not a big deal and you don’t have to make it so. The quality of a real interaction can never be replaced by how many hours you have spent online – even though you exchange messages everyday it can never be the same.

Many people are going through social media diet now since it has become toxic. If you don’t feel like you need it, probably you just haven’t realize it yet. And you do after the accidental following.

7. Let’s Say… Your Account Got Hacked?

let's say your account got hacked

Now if the person you unfollow demands why did do that to them, make up some ridiculous reason like your account got hacked. To make it more convincing, unfollow some other people too.

So those are everything we got about what to do when you accidentally unfollow someone on Instagram. Your response to that person depends on your relationship with them.

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