Good Ways To Get A Guy’s Attention To Get To You

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You must have experienced looking at someone from a distance and wishing so badly to talk to him, but he just does not seem to notice you. All you want is to catch his attention without looking as desperate as you might probably be feeling. Well, the great thing is you can now master these good ways to get a guy's attention, which you must know before worrying about How to Make Him Fall in Love. You will no longer feel invisible and unnoticed in his presence!


Here Are Good Ways To Get A Guy’s Attention

Let's practice the good ways to get a guy's attention here!

1. Dress Up Smart

If you are planning to get a guy’s attention, you have to dress your part. Be feminine but not too overbearing. Learn your body shape and choose outfits that enhance your charm accordingly. Maybe you look good in skinny jeans, flowy dress or a plain t-shirt –only you can know.

2. Flash A Smile

flash a smile

Don’t reserve your beautiful smile for close friends and family, flash it around. The guy you’ve been meaning to talk to for so long is not intentionally ignoring you. He just can’t tell you apart from all the frowning women around you. So, smile!

3. Be Somewhat Clumsy

Don’t be clumsy all the time, just for a bit. “Accidentally” bump into him when you walk past, but be gentle and do not push him down the stairs. As clichéd as this may sound, this trick actually works. You can even drop some stuff so he will pick it up for you, as it will make him feel like a gentleman.

4. Be Around Where He Is Around

When you have the Signs You Are Falling in Love, you might feel desperate, but you can’t expect him to notice you if you keep your distance. Be in a close enough proximity that he can see you clearly, but don’t do anything obvious. Don’t even try to catch his attention, because stay long enough and he’ll inevitably notice you himself.

5. Make Eye Contact

Act like you’re just glancing over the crowd, but hold eye contact when you land in his gaze. Guys are more likely to remember girls whose eyes they stare into for a few seconds, as this makes them feel like they have a connection with each other.

6. Own That Strut

It’s important that your outward impression showcases your confidence. The majority of guys are attracted to girls with a high level of self-esteem. This can be done by developing and practicing a confident walk –own your strut!

7. Compliment Him

Be casual about it. Tell him he has a nice laugh or a cute shirt. A guy always enjoys receiving compliments from others, most of all from girls.

8. Give Him The Chance To Approach You

give him the chance to approach you

When you’re near him, don’t stay with your girlfriends for too much. Guys are less likely to approach a group of girls than one who’s alone. Besides, hanging out by yourself form time to time in a cafe or bar is not a bad thing at all.

9. Tell A (Good) Joke

There’s no better way to catch a guy’s attention that by showing your good sense of humor. Tell a clever joke and get him to laugh, as it’ll surely leave an impression! 

10. Find Out What He’s Into

Try to investigate his passion and interests before striking up a seemingly random conversation with him. Does he hit the gym daily, loves movies or video games? Is he a traveler? An artist? Put some time to learn about his particular interest and throw in references in your conversation. It will make him think that you’re a girl with broad knowledge and interests. While you're at it, you might also want to know these useful Difference Between British and American Guys.

11. Practice Your Wink

Of course, you should not abuse your winking abilities. Reserve it for special occasions and drop a wink or two at the right time. This is a definite sign that you’re interested in him and guys are always drawn to girls with attractive winks.

12. Ask For His Help

It is okay to play damsel in distress, at least a few times in your life. Ask for the guy’s assistance and actually let him help you. This will make him feel like a man who is doing you a favor, and you certainly won’t leave his mind anytime soon.

13. Love And Live Your Life

One of the most effective as well as good ways to get a guy's attention is to just be yourself and life your life. Do the things that make you feel happy and look like a person who genuinely enjoys and feels grateful for her life. Sing in a choir, do charity work and hang out with your best friends.

If he watches you from a far and see just how much fun you are having with your life, he might be interested in joining in and being a part of it.

14. Just Talk To Him

Lastly, there is nothing better you can do except to approach him and just start talking. Most guys admire bold girls who are not afraid of other people’s judgement, and he may even be surprised that someone like you has chosen to talk to him. You never know how things will turn out, unless you try.

Even More Smart Ways To Get A Guy’s Attention

even more smart ways to get a guy's attention

Let's do more good ways to get a guy's attention here!

  1. Be At the Center of the Room
  2. Always Stay and Act Positive
  3. Find a Common Ground
  4. Leave A Good Impression
  5. Never Act Desperate
  6. Interact With Him on Social Media
  7. Participate in Group Conversations
  8. Be Yourself
  9. Flirt With Him

Well, now that you know these effective and good ways to get a guy's attention, what are you waiting for? Stop dreaming about that guy from a safe distance. Take your chance and step out of your comfort zone. Who knows, maybe he might just show all the Husband Material Signs first, before giving you the Signs He is Your Real Soulmate.

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