What To Do When A Girl Randomly Stops Texting You (17 things to Do)

Last updated on July 13, 2024 by Michelle Devani

It’s not a new thing that women are quite complicated and hard to deal with. If you’ve dealt with different women, you'll understand how fast they switch their moods and attitudes. You’ll also understand that you need some nice communication skills to have a successful relationship with a woman.

For instance, a woman may decide not to pick up your call, respond to your text, or stop talking to you randomly. Some girls could also switch their moods from jovial to a sad one midway through a conversation, leaving you with different thoughts and mixed feelings.

Sometimes, depending on a woman’s mood, she could make you make rash decisions, do things you wouldn't do on a normal day, or change your mentality and perception about certain things. That’s how deep it can go if you don’t have thick skin or self-control over tough situations.

It's normal to freak out when a girl stops texting. It will leave you confused whether you've done something wrong, she ran into a problem, or she's just proving hard to get. If you're in this situation, there's no point stressing yourself. Here are 17 things to do if a girl stops texting you.


17 Things To Do When A Girl Stops Texting You

1. Don’t bother finding out her reasons

When a lady stops calling or texting you, you would have mixed feelings, unsolved puzzles in your head, and unanswered questions. That’s very normal and can happen to any other guy. But, don’t let the situation bother you, whether she’s acting it, playing hard to get, or uninterested in you.

Act like nothing like it ever happened. Pretend like you never had such a relationship. If you come across her physically, just say hi, smile, and keep going. The only thing is, her guilt could push her to make an explanation or speak more with you. If this happens, give straight answers to avoid getting more hurt.

2. Stop texting her too. Have some self-respect

You don't want to sound desperate because a woman stopped texting you. You want to go out there like a boss and king who has the right to choose the experiences that should affect him. Don’t send too many messages, you may end up irritating her and disrespecting yourself more.

If a woman wants to reach out, reply to your message, or be in a relationship with you, she would do everything to make it possible. So, if she’s not replying to your texts, maybe she’s not interested in talking to you. Give yourself some respect and leave.

3. Give her time to come around

Women have different moods. Some of them are normal, while others are mental disorders, or a result of hormonal imbalance. A woman may have decided to stop responding to you because of a mood swing triggered by a situation or memory. Or, maybe she wants a time out from relating with too many people.

She could also be super busy trying to sort something on her end. So, it’s best to leave to give her some space until she feels the need to reconnect. The more space and time you give to a woman who likes you, the more she misses you. This is what to do when a woman stops responding to your messages.

4. Look for other things to do

If anyone, including a woman, doesn’t reply to your messages, maybe they’re busy doing something else. So, maybe it’s time to also get yourself busy with something fulfilling or exciting. You could see a movie, try some yoga, make a special meal or snacks for yourself, or clean your house.

You could also decide to go out for volunteer work for a few days just to meet and relate with other people. Or, you could go out to say hi to your neighbors. When a lady stops chatting or calling you, look for other things to do for yourself.

5. Move on and text other people

You can’t say they are no other women or people for you to possibly text. Whether they’re your female friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. They don’t even need to be female. They could also be your male pals. Feel free to say “hi” just to check up on them or invite them for some drinks.

You never know, this could be a sign for you to build a better relationship or correct the wrong impressions you have with people. It’s a time for you to open up and expand your circle more. Messaging other people will let you know if the fault is from you. This is what to do when a girl randomly stops texting you.

6. You could give her a call

you could give her a call

If you want to build any form of relationship with a woman, you shouldn’t base it on texts only. A lady could ignore your messages because she’s not a chat person or she’s tired of trying on her phone. So, if you call and she answers with a lively tone, she may have been tired of messaging.

Additionally, something may be wrong with her or her phone could be stolen, she may also have a faulty charger, hence, have a low battery, and can’t charge. If you put a call through and her phone is switched off, then there could be an issue. If her phone rings, she ignores, and doesn’t call back, you should stay away. 

7. Don’t start laying blames on yourself

No matter how you think, don’t see yourself as the problem. That’s because if a lady is interested in keeping any form of relationship with you, she would try to correct your mistakes, or push you towards the right direction before giving up on you. But, if this wasn’t the case and everything went on fine between you two, it wasn’t your fault.

She may have had her reasons for some time before she finally decided to ghost you. Women don’t act or make sudden decisions most times, they plan it over time. So, stay calm, you too, deserve to be healthy. When a woman stops responding to you, don’t blame yourself for it.

8. You don’t need to tell everyone you meet about it

There’s always that urge to complain, vent, and continuously tell people about a problem you’re going through. You don’t need to do this. It’s okay to tell a few trusted people, but don’t make a community topic. Some things are meant to be personally reflected on and this is one of them.

Don’t go into a park and start speaking about it to a little child randomly. Also, try not to bring it up in conversations, especially when it’s not a related topic. It’s not bad to do any of those things, but you’ll sound pathetic when it becomes too much. If you do, think before you speak.

9. Avoid texting her over and over again

Has a woman stopped texting you? That’s not the end of life. You survived before you both started communicating and you’ll still survive now she’s gone. It’s okay to feel weak, sad, frustrated, angry, and disappointed. But, that’s enough reason to try to reach out to her over and over again.

Let things be. No matter the reason, she’ll try her best to reach out to you. Don’t send too many messages. That’s a bad idea. Hanging onto something you have no hope for or control over is pointless and not an experience you want to have. 

10. Make some imaginary excuses for her in your head

Most guys are quite emotional, especially when it comes to a woman they had a great bond with from just texting. If you’re that emotional and a woman stopped replying or texting you all of sudden, one way you can help yourself is by making imaginary excuses for her.

“Maybe she’s busy, pulling up an act to see how I’ll react to the situation, or she’s on break from social media.” These are the few excuses you can make. It’s not healthy, but it’s a better way to go, especially if you worry too much. 

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11. Ask a friend what they would do if they were in the same situation

If a lady stopped texting you out of the blue and you’re clueless about what to think or believe, you could talk to a close friend or someone you can trust. There’s nothing wrong with confiding in someone. It’s like free mini-therapy and you don’t need to think of how much money you’ll spend.

It will help you vent and get possible answers to your unanswered questions. You should also make sure it’s someone who has had a similar experience or someone who would listen to you and understand how you feel about the situation.

12. Check your attitude

check your attitude

Things don’t just happen to people for no reason. It may not be the lady’s fault. It could be you, especially if it was a sudden act from her. Girls love gentlemen. They love well-groomed guys and if you’re not one, you may be the cause of your problem.

Check yourself, including your past relationships with other women which were similar to this one. Was there any habit or attitude you had that they complained about constantly? What about your relationship with other people? These are some of the things many girls look at which most men don't know.

13. Give the situation some time then try again to reach out to her

Another reason could be that you were getting too close and making her feel uncomfortable. This could sound a bit cliche to you, but it’s a true fact. So, what you could do is give the situation some time, then try to message the lady again to see if she’ll reply.

If you text her after a few weeks and she responds, it could mean she’s ready to chat again. But, if she doesn’t, it’s a sign that she doesn’t want you around her anymore. This is what you could do when a lady stops messaging or responding to your calls and messages.

14. You could say hi to her through her friends or any mutual friend

If a lady suddenly stops responding to you or reaching out, she may not want to have a close relationship with you. There are girls that have this attitude, which is not completely bad. Some of them are introverted, some are anti-social, while some just have a few moments when they want to relate with people. 

That way, you could send regards to her through her friends, once in a while. Don’t make it sound like you’re desperate. It’s a way of checking up on her to know if she’s fine. You could even do it as a one-time thing to settle your curiosity.

15. Try to develop an interest in something else

Are you feeling jobless because a lady stopped texting you? One of the things to do is to stay busy. It doesn’t matter if you decide to relate with other people, start online classes, go out for a walk, go to the park, or do something to keep your mind off it.

You could also start or make plans for a business idea you’ve always dreamed of. Try putting your effort into something more beneficial to your life. Remember, you didn’t lose a lifetime job opportunity or a huge amount of money that should’ve changed your life, a woman only stopped texting.

16. Don’t jump to conclusions

Most guys have the attitude of drawing conclusions to things, especially when those things make them feel insecure. It’s normal to think that she may be tired of you. You should stop thinking that way. Maybe she’s going through pressure from something or someone else and wants some time alone. 

Her old phone may have crashed and she had to get a new phone. She could be sick or may have had an accident. So many things that you’re not aware of, could in a twinkle of an eye. So, when a lady stops texting, don’t jump to conclusions, instead, keep your thoughts positive to stay sane.

17. Do nothing

Life is already stressful for you to bother yourself about certain things. As insensitive as this may sound, a lady not texting you anymore is one of those irrelevant things that should affect you. Even if you’re a single man who’s desperate to get married, you shouldn't bother about this.

She stopped texting you? That’s not a big deal at all. She stopped responding to your text messages? Well, maybe she lost interest. it‘s something that happens to people all the time. So, don’t kill yourself. Make your next move like nothing happened. After all, it’s one of those situations you can’t control.


Why does a girl suddenly stop texting?

A lady may stop texting you if you have an arrogant, dirty, or bad attitude. Girls also don’t like men who are extremists in everything they do. Additionally, if your conversations don’t flow, it may be a reason for her to stop texting or replying to your messages. She may have also changed her phone.

What to text a girl if she stops responding?

There’s no point sounding rude if a lady stops responding to your messages. You could text, “I guess you’re busy. Let me know when you’re okay to talk or chat.” If she cares or has some respect for you, she’ll reply when she can. If not, she may ignore or respond with “okay” as the conclusion.

When should you stop texting a girl?

In every form of relationship, there must be a connection and an understanding. If you feel like you both have little or nothing in common, you’re doing most of the work in reaching out to her, she’s sounding rude to you, or she’s demanding so much money and attention from you, that’s when you should stop texting a lady.

How do you make a girl miss you like crazy?

If you want a woman to miss you like crazy, don’t waste so much time talking to her. Make her wonder about your next move. Don’t be readily available whenever she needs you. Let her know when she does or says something to annoy you.

How do I know if a girl is testing me?

Women are weird. You may feel she’s misbehaving with you when she’s just testing you and vice versa. If a woman is testing you, she would seem far away, but near. She would try to find out things about your life like your relationship with others. She would also display some attitudes to see how you’d react. 

In Conclusion

If a girl randomly stops texting you, move on. There are other girls out there. As much as you may want to relate with this particular girl, you may discover it’s best for you two to stop talking. Feel free to refer to the 17 things I’ve mentioned for guidance. If you liked this article, please drop a comment and share it with others. 

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