Quickest Ways to Apologize To A Gemini

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Things doesn't always go smooth in a relationship, whether it's with friends or a lover. They often react differently to our words or doing, outside our original intention. And the worst reaction they give is their anger. As you may have done something wrong, you take the blame and of course you have to be the one asking for apology.

This is also applied when you have a rift with a Gemini. Keep him by your side so that the last thing you want to see are the Signs a Gemini Hates You. And if it comes to the point where they already hate you, better find the quick ways to apologize to a Gemini.

Ways To Apologize To A Gemini

1. Make Up Your Mind Right Away

People tend to take time before their mind is opened to ask for apology from others. But when you are doing business with a Gemini, you better make up your quickly. Don't take it too long to deal with your own emotion or everything will become too late.

2. Don't Wait To Apologize

don't wait to apologize

Gemini particularly hates to wait for something, including your apology. That is the reason why you need to quickly make up your mind, so that you can ask for their apology right away. You won't be embarrasses because a Gemini will never turn down your apology. If you have fight with them too often, you may want to check your Zodiac Signs Best Friend Compatibility.

3. Be Patient For Their Forgiveness

Gemini is no different to a little kid who likes to change their mind every ten seconds. So they might play with your apology, keep denying it then accepting it to deny it again later. Deep down in their heart they already forgive you. Just keep up with this side of theirs. They might just play some humor with you!

4. Put Some Humor In Your Sorry

So you know that Geminis love to put laugh in their life. So that if your fault it's not a big deal, send them a playful note contained your apology along with some jokes to relieve the tension. That is also the quickest Ways to Get a Gemini's Attention.

5. Communicate Clearly

Make the most of how a Gemini love to talk. When you are making your apology, make sure you are not leaving anything behind. Put everything in that one moment, including how you are sorry and that you will never doing the same mistake over again. You really need to explain yourself.

6. Make A Call First

It's clear that a Gemini will not make the first move. You have to be the first one to make a call or text them first. They do it even though they know they are wrong. They want to make up with you so much but they just don't want to make the call first. It's somehow cute and become the Reasons Why Geminis are Irresistible.

7. Send A Thoughtful Gift

Asking for apology never goes wrong with a little gift. It's not necessarily there but it shows how much you want to be forgiven. It doesn't have to be expensive, of course, but enough to show your sincerity.

Signs A Gemini Is Mad At You

After knowing the ways to apologize to a Gemini, you might as well know the signs when they mad at you.

  1. They are avoiding you because they don't want a collision.
  2. And they will not speak any single word with you.
  3. They don't want to listen to you as well.
  4. They act like you are some kind of imagination and don't even exist in this world.
  5. They give you deadly stares that haunt you wherever you go.
  6. They won't be hiding the fact that they are angry at you.
  7. And as the result, they may treat you in the most horrible way possible.
  8. They like to talk but not with you. They're clearly angry at you for some reason.
  9. In a short time, everyone around you can tell that a Gemini is angry at you.
  10. They might retaliate if things has gone too far. Just don't let it be.

Things That Make A Gemini Angry

things that make a gemini angry

There are no smoke if there are no fire. A Gemini won't be mad at you and you don't need to do the ways to apologize to a Gemini. All you have to do is avoiding the things that could make them go mad. No more Reasons Why Geminis are Hard to Understand.

  1. "You are talking too much."
  2. "When you will ever be serious."
  3. "You are joking too much."
  4. "You need to pull yourself together."
  5. "I'm not sure you are capable of doing this."
  6. "You change your mind, like, every 10 second."

Characteristic Of A Gemini

To deal with a Gemini the right way and not cause them angry or feeling bad or anything, here are what you should know about their traits and characteristic:

  1. Geminis indeed love to talk and once they start they just never know when to stop.
  2. They are adventurous and know how to enjoy life.
  3. Yes, they change their mind often. Too often in fact.
  4. They are full of energy and hard to stay still.
  5. Gemini is a very great listener.
  6. They think about things in logical way.
  7. They are funny and a little bit sarcastic.

So those are the ways to apologize to a Gemini and you will be guaranteed their forgiveness. A Gemini is very easy to forgive as they are also soft at heart. And it's always worth to have a Gemini as a friend or a lover in your life.

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