How to Deal with A Girl That Wants to Take It Slow? Man, Do This!

Last updated on April 7, 2024 by Michelle Devani

I personally think that people nowadays are having the tendency to do something quick. People want to have a quick process and a quick result. Having this characteristic can be good since we will have the tendency to do something.

This kind of habit and character somehow affect a lot of things in life. Including, someone's love life. Know the difference. You can take a good advantages of this characteristic or you simply can destroy something is you are misusing this kind of character.

And one of the way on how to deal with a girl that wants to take it slow, is that you will need to know how to use this characteristic properly. More importantly, you need to understand her.

Since, you have the intention to get to know her better. So, here are some tips on deal with the situation as the ways on how to solve misunderstanding between boyfriend girlfriend.

  • Make most of the time

What you need to know at first when it comes to how to deal with a girl that wants to take it slow is to make the most of the time. In a relationship you surely know that there is the how long should you know someone before dating them, to get to know the person better.

While waiting for her decision, you can get this chance to get to know her better. There are a lot of consideration that you can dig more information by knowing her more. Who knows, in the middle of the road when you are trying to get to know her better you find some incompatibility.

Nowadays, there are a lot of relationship that isn't working because couples jump into the relationship too fast. They jump into the relationship based on a temporary feelings without the intention to get to know their partner better. And if you are focusing and concerning on a serious relationship, of course you don't mind to spend sometime to get to know her better.

  • Know the reasons why

What you will need to know more about her decision to take it slow is to know the reason. You need to know the reason why she decided to take it slow before she goes into a relationship with you.

Was it because of the past relationship trauma? Or was it because she has trust issues and introvert? No matter what is her reason you will need to know it. Make sure that you don't hurt her with the same thing or treatment that hurt her before. Do not repeat the same mistake twice, especially when it comes to awaken the personal trauma.

You need to know what she is afraid of in a relationship. This is important, so you can make sure that she doesn't have any trust issues with you. So that, you can build more trust into the relationship with her. Maybe, due to her personal experience, she is waiting to see the signs a man is emotionally connected to you, from you.

  • Respect her

As long as you live, you will need to respect other people, including your loved ones. Because, being in love does not mean that you have the power to change someone into something that you wanted her to be.

Without respect, you will only prioritize your ego since you won't listen to your partner. So what's the point? It is not a relationship but slavery. 

A relationship will require people who wants to try at their best for their partner and most importantly for themselves. Relationship should be open to new opinion and work their best to work it out.

Love is acceptance, so we should be able to accept our partner for who they are and not changing them into something that we wanted them to be. Of course you don't want to see the signs your girlfriend doesnt respect you enough and what to do happen to yourself in the future, right?

There is nothing wrong to agree to take it slow as a response on how to deal with a girl that wants to take it slow. It will surely take sometime to get to know someone better, and it is not wrong, it is totally okay.

Of course we will need to prepare ourselves better before we decided to have a serious relationship with someone. There are a lot of things that you can learn and improve to prepare yourself better in a relationship such as by knowing the things you should know before dating a med student.

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