Hurtful Signs I'm Wasting My Time With Her

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I fell in love with this girl and I am going out with her. I give my best effort to make the relationship work, but she is not the same. I have to accept a sad truth that she can't meet the level of care, warmth, and love that I wish for. I notice too many Signs She's Not Worth Your Time but I hold on in the name of love. Some woman are tactful enough to be straightforward and telling you that she can't where the relationship going and better to end things right there and then.

But she doesn't care about me that much and letting me to be the one who end up getting hurt. I realize that it's me who can save my own life and I must put an act. My friends told me that they notice too many signs I'm wasting my time with her and say that it's time to cut things over. Here what I have been through in my relationship that makes my friends take it as the signs I'm wasting my time with her:


1. There Is Too Many Silence Around Us

Silence is peace, everyone knows that. I appreciate silence myself but I don't know that I'd be so silent with my girlfriend. We never have much to say to each other and I know that for woman, it's one of the Signs of an Unhealthy Relationship with Boyfriend.

2. She Is Hard To Please

she is hard to please

I know I'm not the romantic type who knows many Lovely Things to Say to Your Girlfriend in the Morning but I always try my best to make her happy. I asked her for dinner, going to theme park, had an short escape together but none of it seems to be enough for her. She always demand more.

3. We Don't Have Common Interests

People say that things drew people closer is when they share similar interest. It doesn't happen to me and her anyway. I pretend to like what she likes and so does she. We never enjoy every activities we do together and we always feel like making a sacrifice.

4. She No Longer Take Care Of Her Look

I remember the early days when we just start dating, she leave in awe with her beauty. She dressed herself properly and look decent every time. But she doesn't do that anymore now. Not that I'm falling out of love with her, but men are visual being. They got attracted of what they see and I'm indifferent.

5. We Keep Fighting Over The Same Thing

I know I need to get things over and finding the Ways to Move on After a Bad Relationship when we keep fighting over the same thing. That one problem never seem to find a resolution. The fact that we can't communicate our feeling and thoughts prove that the relationship is bad, right?

More Signs Of Me Wasting My Time

Here are more signs that proved I have wasting my time for her...

  1. She talks about her future but I'm not the part of it.
  2. She never ask me about my future plans.
  3. I haven't met her family yet and so hasn't she.
  4. I don't share the similar values with her. We have a different religion.
  5. I no longer feel any intimacy in our relationship.

I Know I Must Let Her Go When...

i know i must let her go when

As I love her that much, it's not easy to decide that I must let her go. No matter how much I love her, I can't myself to be involved with an unhealthy relationship even further I have to move on. After realizing all the signs I'm wasting my time with her, I know I have to let her go when...

  1. My communication with her is getting less and less. Not just we are silent but we don't have anything to share. The uncomfortable feeling getting intense.
  2. She told me she wasn't ready for a relationship. She has too many things to pursue and she want to make her dream comes true.
  3. I'm not the part of her future plans. She has so many things she want to do in life and I'm in none of it.
  4. She is always on the phone when she meets me like she's living inside her own world. No consideration for me at all.
  5. But strangely it takes her too long to reply my texts and she missed my calls all the time.
  6. She told me she needs space for her own.
  7. She told me she wants to focus on other things.
  8. My intuition told me that she wants to going away.

Why Should I Let Her Go

My relationship is very unhealthy and I can't see the Wife Material Signs in her. So I choose to save myself and letting her go. Here are why I must let her go:

  1. Instead of her, I choose to respect myself more.
  2. I can't be in a relationship where I feel insecure all the time.
  3. I know I deserve someone else better than her to love.
  4. I don't have to stay with a girl who shows the Signs She is Not Interested in You anymore.
  5. She hold me back to find another women.
  6. I feel like sacrificing myself to her.
  7. I can't living in fear anymore.
  8. That kind of woman is not worth it at all.

There is no regret in me because all the signs I'm wasting my time with her do no good to me. It's better for me to move on and finding someone who deserve my love better than she did. It gonna be hurt at first, but just like other things, this too will pass. In the future I know I'll thanked myself form getting out of a situation like this.

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