Reasons Why You Should Never Date a Bartender

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To be honest, who attract you first the time you enter a bar? It’s undeniably the bartender. You would find the way they make drinks very sexy, and as you get close to them to order your drink, the look incredibly charming. Despite all the charm they have, you should know the reasons why you should never date a bartender. After seeing how charming they are, it must be the second thing coming into your mind.

Bartender indeed have many things to make you fall for them right away. They are skillful, charming, sexy, and smart at the same time. But you should really know what might happen to you if you date a bartender.

  1. Say Goodbye to Weekend Dates

Due to their job, they won’t be available for the weekend, like, ever. If you are a fixed weekdays worker (or even when you are not), a bartender would be the least match. When other couples chill with their lovers beside the lake on the weekends, your loved ones would be working at night and spend the whole day resting. See also Signs of a Man Who is a Player

  1. They Live to Their Last Pennies

Just so you know, most bartenders live with their tips. It means they carry cash almost everywhere and pay the bills with it. They probably make a lot of money in a single night, but they don’t want to make a credit card. They never find it necessary to save your money, since live today with what you earn today is their motto. They’d rather enjoy the money than having stress thinking where to invest.

  1. You Can’t Plan Date in Advance

Even if it’s the most important one. There is really no point planning date in advance since their work schedule usually comes out only 12 hours before it begins. Don’t expect them to celebrate your dating anniversary, attending any invitation, or anything. It’s not their fault and not that they want it that way. See also Spontaneous Things to Do with Your Boyfriend in the Summer

  1. Many, Many Others Hit On Them

A bartender should not have a bf/gf at work. They must be “professionally single” in order to attract more customers. Just like how you always find a bartender charming, it also happens to many others. They will try to hit on the bartenders, doesn’t care if they date someone or not.

  1. Because Flirting is Part of Their Job

And why does many people hit on them? Because flirting is a part of their job. It’s how they sell the drink and make the people revisit the bar over again. You see that dating a bartender is not for everyone. And for people who can’t stand it, it’s a reason why you should never date a bartender. See also If Your Boyfriend Flirts With Another Girl, Is It Cheating?

  1. They Live Almost Like a Vampire

Not like the Edward Cullen vampire (no, they don’t shine on sunlight), but they live at night and sleeping during the day. They don’t know what breakfast is and they never know at what hour the sun is rising. They’d rather spend the whole day sleeping so they can be fit for work at night. It has become their life cycle.

  1. Your Mother Won’t Be Pleased

Do you think she will? Even when they have a perfect GPA, the first impression they give your mother is not positive. She will likely going against the relationship, and it makes things even harder. You can’t really do things without your mom’s blessing, can you? See also Ways to Get Close to Your Boyfriend's Mother and Win Her Heart

  1. As Well As Your Friends

You might think your mom would be too old to know the perks of dating a bartender, but you will know she was right once you meet your friends. Their forehead will be frowned to find out that you date a bartender. Instead of congratulating you, they will suggest you to rethink of your decision. Are you really sure?

  1. They’re Such an Expert Critics in a Bar

A bartender couldn’t keep their mouth shut when they visit a bar. They will throw a lot of critics, from the drink list down to the bartender’s performance. And if they find something really off, it could affects their mood and they won’t enjoy the date anymore. Poor you. See also Reasons Why Should You Not Fall in Love with a Pastry Chef

  1. You Will Have to Learn About Their “World”

Dating a person from a particular background means you have to compromise. To make each other closer, you have to learn about their world no matter what. So that you have something to talk and discuss and not losing in your thought wondering about what they talk about. They want you to at least understand everything about cocktails and wine.

  1. They Might Have a Bad Performance on Bed

People said that a bartender doesn’t have a good performance on a bed due to their job. For years they have to deal with carrying heavy objects, not to mention the poor lifting technique they use. And their unhealthy lifestyle (eating pizzas for years, another fast food, and lack of a good night’s sleep) plays the biggest part. What are the Right Things to Text a Guy After a Hookup for the First Time?

  1. They Prevent You from a Good Night’s Sleep Sometimes

If you are dating a bartender, not only them but you will be affected by their lifestyle as well. As his work ended at 4 or 5 in the morning, they will disturb you peaceful sleep with a knock at the door (even if you’re not living together).

  1. Their Job Makes Them a Heavy Drunker

A bartender makes a lot. The money they earn in a night probably more than what you earn in a week, but it will be gone in a blow. They like to spend (almost) all of their money on drinks. Well, since they work as a bartender, you can’t innocently wish they would stay away from drinks. It’s what they do on a day off.

Okay, based only on all the reasons why you should never date a bartender you have just read above, you should not make a quick judgment in every single bartender you meet. Who knows you would meet that one of kind bartender that could be your perfect match.

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