All the Reasons Why Should You Not Fall in Love with a Pastry Chef

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Occupation makes people. In many cases, someone changes a lot after they choose a profession. The working ethic slowly internalized in their daily life and affects other things in it. Thus, someone’s dating style is highly related with their job. It also happen if you date  a pastry chef. While everyone would be please to date a pastry chef, you must read all the reasons why you should not fall in love with a pastry chef.

All these funny reasons will get you amused and imagine it right away, is it true that a pastry chef is like this while you also feel related with some of it. So here are all the reasons why you should not fall in love with a pastry chef.

  1. They Won’t Let You Diet

Diet is a habit for almost every woman in the world—and some men as well. But if you date a pastry chef, they will never let you go on a diet. Who will taste their newest desert then? Or how could they make you happy if they can’t make you a delicious cake anymore? If you are falling in love to a pastry chef, don’t ever think of going on a diet. It won’t make them happy. But the good thing is, they love you the way you are. Isn’t it nice? See also Reasons Not to Text Your Ex Right After a Breakup

  1. They Make You Fat in a Short Time

Well, this is it. It’s hard to maintain your shape when you date a pastry chef. With all the delicacies they make everyday, are you sure you can really say no? You will no doubt will gain significant weight if you date them. But don’t be afraid that they won’t love you anymore since they are the one who is responsible for that! And they won’t stop feeding you with the newest cake they are trying on.

  1. You’ll Always be Pleased with Sweets

If you are the type who enjoy sweets and dessert, be grateful to be falling in love with a pastry chef. Not only love and passion, you are also be showered with those two. In case you are afraid of gaining weight and getting fat, you can ask them to make a healthy dessert. They’re a pastry chef so it’s impossible they can’t make you one. See also Reasons to Date a Girl with an Eating Disorder

And your opinion matters in this. They will attentively listening to you.

  1. They Know How to Decorate Better Than You

Here comes another reasons why you should not fall in love with a pastry chef, especially when you are woman. They know how to decorate better than you. They may only seem to be good at garnishing the cakes and desserts, but it’s not. They are also good at decorating almost everything since they are get used to it. Don’t be surprised if they know where to place the balloon so that the room looks nicer.

  1. They Love Their Kitchen More Than You

You will be jealous a big time if you date a pastry chef. The thing is, you might be placed second in their list since the first one is their kitchen. When they are trying on a new recipe, they will lock themselves a whole day in the kitchen until they find the perfect ingredients. During the time, it’s impossible to disturb them. You will be neglected for the time being. But don’t worry since they will come back to you once they finish. Just wish it won’t last for a week! See also Things to Know Before You Date A Young Entrepreneur

  1. They are an Extremely Busy People

A pastry chef, whether they are still a beginner or a professional, they are an extremely busy people. At first they were busy trying on new recipes, creating a signature dish as other chefs would. When they are a professional, they have to maintain their top position by creating endless innovation for new recipes.

If you are not ready for this, then you better not falling in love with a pastry chef. They are hard to make time for you. Arranging date with them would be like trying to see a celebrity.

  1. They are Meticulous in Everything

You know how pastry chef weighing every single ingredients until the very last digit to make the desert tastier right? The meticulous nature slowly internalized in them and in a short time they will be a meticulous person. They pay attention to the littlest details and become a perfectionist. See also Reasons Why You Should Never Fall in Love with A Writer

  1. They Will Desert You

As they love to make desserts, they might be desert you in the end. Well, this is a joke but you have to consider this carefully as well. They will desert you if you are not understanding enough of their situation and you demand more than they can give.

A pastry chef need a partner who capable in keeping up with them, especially when they don’t have much time to go on a date with you.

  1. But It’s Hard Not to Fall for Them

Why you shouldn’t fall in love with a pastry chef is because it’s hard not to fall in love with them. Once you got trapped in their charm, it will be impossible to get out. So be careful before you really fall for them. See also Why You Should Fall in Love with an Artist

  1. They are an Expert and Criticizing Other Chefs

This may happen if you take them to eat outside. When the desserts come out, they will make commentary about the decoration. After the first spoon, they will told you how the chef put too many sugars and lack of chocolate. And it happens every time.

All the reasons why you should not fall in love with a pastry chef is ridiculous, isn’t it? Of course you don’t have to take it personally as it’s all jokes. But surely you find part of them are true, since it did happened in your daily life.

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